Typical CPU Usage for a 30 person server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Zachar543, Aug 31, 2011.

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    I have been wondering, what is the range of CPU usage a mostly full 30 slot server would see in a normal day? Please include percent used and total GHz for the core Minecaft is running on. I am trying to get a feel for what hardware might be needed to host a 15-40 slot server.
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    There's no way to answer your question, other than wild guesstimates. CPU usage not only depends on how many players are on at the same time, but also on what they are doing, where they are, and what plugins are run.

    You can easily hit 100% CPU with 15 players, and still have no lag with 30 online. The same configuration might run at 40% CPU if those 15 players are doing, well, other stuff. And then there are plugins that are quite CPU intensive, while others run almost for 'free'.
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    You're looking at 4GB and upwards RAM, I have 4gb laptop ram and my server is about 30% with nobody in, 55+ plugins. Not the best connection either xP
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    What are some plugins to "stay away from" when it comes to CPU and Memory usage?

    What is the speed of your connection?
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    1.5mbps down, 0.2mbps up :p

    As for staying away from plugins, a lot is common sense really. Just think is it too bulky, too heavyweight...? Essentially RAM and connection speed are the two key factors in a minecraft server....
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    How are you running 30 players on 0.2Mb/s? Are all of your users standing still?
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    Do not use any plugin that uses onMovement checks unless its an absolute must. Some things just check far too often and it will cripple your server.
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    If you have plaugins that use SQL databases, you'll get better performance. As far as %CPU usage, Everyone here is right about 'it depends'. From my experience when I first played with my own server, the most basic server using permissions, essentials, worldguard and worldedit could handle 34 players easy on a 2.8Ghz.
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    lol 'name the amount of Ghz and the core'

    You know that says absolutely nothing, right?

    You should at least ask what processor it is. Since the architecture of the processor makes a huge difference. I used to run 11-12 players on a pentium dual core D 925, which ran at 3.0 Ghz and then the CPU was maxed out. With about 40 plugins. Now I run the same server on a i5 2500k, which runs at 3.7 Ghz stock. But because it hasn't got anything to do, it clocks it self back to 1.6 Ghz to save power. When it is clocked back to 1.6 Ghz it uses like 30-40% CPU usage with that many players online.

    It all depends on how new the processor is. An old processor with more Ghz can easily perform much shittier then a newer processor with less Ghz. It depends a lot on the architecture as well.
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    With @Raphfrk 's Craftproxy, or using Spout & Spoutcraft (which has Craftproxy built in), you can get away with 10kb/s for each player.
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    Well upload and download isn't really limited on my server. The biggest issue is the world file is INSANE (over 3Gb) and there are abou 30+ people scattered everywhere, I think my bottleneck lies in the speed of the harddrive (everytime i fly around I notice these 'noise' chunks that slowly generate with blocks of dirt, but never the entire chunk). How do you guys cope with that? Ramdisk?
  13. Xeon 2.00GHz with 4Gb runs smoothly with 30 players atm
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    Xeon Core 2.6ghz 8 cores 16GB 60 players
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    This is strange... I have one core of a AMD Opteron 6136 (2.4 GHz) with minimal plugins and It seems to be capping the CPU (75% of the time) with 5-6 people (sometimes around 8 players)...
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    16 players online with icore 2600k with average 4% usage :)
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