Two Servers...IN ONE! *GASP*

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Chrisdamonster, Sep 6, 2014.

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    So, after visiting many different popular servers, I have noticed a trend, people having multiple servers off of their hub. Now, I know how to setup another server with a different port, I was just wondering how I would teleport a player from one server to the other.

    At first I thought these were worlds in the server, but when I realized that the chat was traveling through the worlds, I knew I was wrong.

    Any help would be awesome!
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    Bukkit doesn't support a hub-like system to which you can teleport between servers.

    You can try Bungeecord, but it is not supported here.
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    Gater12 Then how do other servers do it?
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    Chrisdamonster Or simply a world-based chat, perhaps? Why the complex thoughts all of the sudden.
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    lol... Two servers in one.... Gasp..... Just use bungeecord. Search up how to setup bungeecord on google Chrisdamonster
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    This requires a proxy system that reroutes connections from clients to the servers. BungeeCord is the most common solution for this, but there are other proxies too, including some that support the servers being in online mode which makes security a whole lot easier.

    Any way you decide, you won't be getting any support here because this forum is for CraftBukkit only. If you're interested in BungeeCord head on over to the Spigot forums.
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