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What do you use to let your players join your server?

  1. Hamachi

  2. Port-Forwarding

  3. LAN Play

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  1. Help!! I followed the insturctions but nobody can join my server.
    Please help me
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    I have a bukkit server and it works wery nice but I wonder if i can have it open 24/7 and without hamachi?
    If u know how, so please help me :D <3
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    Hey so I used your automatic installer for my server and I've port forwarded my router. But I can't connect to it. No one else has tried to connect to my server yet.
    Here are all the different server addresses I've tried:
    Sorry they take up so much space I will change it too links if needed.

    Also here are my server properties and server start up pictures. Having online mode set to true/flase makes no differneces on whether I can connect.

    Finally I'm sure I've port forwarded correctly as i used a guide specifically for my router, but I can't unload a picture and I can't reconnect to it at the moment. But I'll get a picture as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance
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    After you made a server is it possible to move this server to a other computer?
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    you only use "localhost" or "localhost:25565 to connect

    leave your pc on 24/7 or get it hosted online.

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    THanks :D IT works really well!
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    Ok I set up a hamachi server on my friends computer and it worked fine, but when I try to make one on my computer it doesn't work. People try joining but it just says unable to connect.
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    I use Hamachi because not only is it easier, but it is a lot safer too.
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    Thats helpful how?
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    hey im having a hard time port forwarding. I have verizon. But some reason when i type in the password every time i press 1 letter it counts as three letters in the box. im really confused could you plz help me.
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    it will count as three letters, but just type your password in as normal. The extra letters are to confuse any program thats trying to read your password. That is, its encryoting it as you type it.
    For example:
    If your password was "password"
    as you type it in, it would change to a random combination of letters and numbers.
    Obviously not exactly, but something like that :p
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    The people trying to connect MUST also be running Hamachi.

    And since that solution applies to a lot of posts, I'll make it in big letters again:
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    thx i finally got it working and also i had a question so my bukkit server runs on about 10G. So whenever I go to a certain point in my world it just totally cuts of and there is a endless void and block lag. It was working fine when i first started it but now it keeps doing this. There is usually 1-10 players on my server. So if you could help me in some way i would really appreciate that!:D
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    How do I add a custom service? I can't find a button anywhere.
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    Ok... I have tried understanding this but.. I use Bigpond Broadband and so none of these options are there. Does anyone else have this problem and have solved it? The gateway address is: gateway.2wire.net
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    If you can't get port forwarding to work, use Hamachi.
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    I Have Hamachi And the problem is that i am limited to 5 people in the group Only! I am confident with Hamachi and run the server with only a few people who play on it. I want to go public since i now have a capable computer but the trouble of connecting by hamachi is too much.
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    Then port forward your router?

    Consult your router's manual/manufacturer's website.
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    I realize this we both do, we made one on his computer and I could join, but when I made one on mine he couldn't join.
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    if you are running a bukkit server then hamachi wont work right now. Believe me i have already tried and gave up and went to port-forwarding.
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    you can just use I Can Haz My IP to see your IP. It`s display only your WAN IP, not any image and other text etc...
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    Just thought I'd ask here in the hope someone knows what I'm getting wrong, I'm using a netgear DGN3500 router, after following the instructions here and on the portforward site, I still cant connect to the darn thing using my external IP address, every time I start minecraft it just "polls" the address for about 10 seconds and then stops, and on the server end it just lists my IP, a somewhat random port and then says "connection lost". The main thing is that port forwarding for some other games i host now and then seem to work fine, it's only the minecraft one that seems to fall flat on it's face.

    Any ideas?
    (pics of the server after I've tried to connect to it, and the page on my router for the minecraft port forward rule)

    edit : Okay, nevermind, i cant connect with my own external IP like I used to be everyone else can connect fine.
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    I was running the server that came with Minecraft fine with Hamachi yesterday.

    Then I installed bukkit and now nobody can log into my server, but its still visible in the list of available servers (at least from the test I made using my other computer).
    Now I get the "Took too long to log in" error.

    I don't understand why is Bukkit not working with Hamachi???
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    try changing your port. Sometimes (no idea why) Minecraft Vanilla keeps the default port and when you try to connect with bukkit it doesnt allow access
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    I seem to have my own problem with bukkit, when i run the server in online mode i get the "failed to verify username internal error java.net.socketexception permission denied connect" message. It of course runs fine on offline mode but i have a legit account so i dont need that. Also to clarify i can connect to other people's bukkit server and when i run a vanilla server it works fine in online mode. Please help me i have been looking around for awhile.
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    what are you using to connect to your own server? you should be using localhost OR localhost:25565 OR
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    well first off i have been using my computers ip to connect, and secondly when i use localhost, localhost25565, or it gives me "failed to connect to server connection refused:connect "
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    How can i change the IP adress people use to log on to my server? when i go into the server properties and change the ip there the server wont even work. help?
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    localhost:25565 should work, unless you've changed the port. Check in server.properties as to what the port is, then use that

    If you're running the server on your home computer, leave the IP BLANK. The IP of your computer changes every day or so, because most house work on what's called a "dynamic ip" system. This means that your ISP has a small range of ip's but you get whichever one is free when you connect to the internet. You can use no-ip.com to give you a nice, word ip, (like my own, fatefulserver.servegame.com) which updates for you whenever your ip changes.

    So you should leave the ip slot in server.properties blank.

    As always, pm me if you need me to help set it up over teamviewer

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    Nice tutorial guy.
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