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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Alexerwana, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Hey guys my name is Alex and i have recently set up a Linux CentOS vps with bukkit and took me ages to get it working; a day and a half to be exact. So i though I would make this guide in case anyone is planning on doing the same as me. If you have any questions please read the whole thread first and use www.google.com, then ask me. I am not good with linux as i am an average joe so don't expect of techno language.

    1 .Getting started

    First of all yot you exactly 26 american dollars, but 13 if you enter the "MC" Discount code (you can only use this once). This is under the XEN section of photonVPS if anyone is going to follow me exactly. Once you have bought it you will have to wait 24 hours, this is common at most places. Regarding such addon's as Cpanel they are not really needed unless you wan't to waste 10$ for the sake of 10-20 mins.u are going to wan't to buy a Virtual private server or a VPS, these can be found all over the internet. If i was you i would go somewhere that is very well know. Personally I used photonVPS, they are cheap patient customer service and overall much easier than a fully mainstream business would have been. If you wan't a decent VPS you will wan't 1gb of ram, this will cos

    Clarification of step 1
    Buy a CentOS VPS, try to get at least 1gb ram or if it is for 1 or 2 people then 500mb.

    2.What you need

    Okay, so now that you have your VPS you will need the following, i would ask for these while you are waiting for you VPS:

    FTP detials (host, username and password)
    VNC detials (not critial, but useful in future.)
    SHH detials (IP, Username and password)

    To get this information go onto your providers support desk and ask for all of this detials, they will probably ask you if you give validation that they can install VNC, they should do this so just say yes... You will get some of this info in an email but i would ask for it all anyway.

    Clarification step 2
    Get all of the information from the step above from your VPS provider.

    Installing Programs

    So the first thing you are going to want to do is install the following :

    UltraVNC Viewer

    Winscp is used to add files to the vps/move them around
    Putty is very important and mostly what you will be using, its a command line.
    UltraVNC is so that you can view your vps as a screen, this can be good for manually moving stuff.

    Installing java

    Java is what minecraft is ran on, so you are going to want to do the following steps

    1. Open up putty and stay on the first screen.
    2. Enter your servers IP address and port, this is the same as the VNC viewer IP and port.
    3. Once you have a black screen it will say username: Or enter the username from your information, if you didn't get one type in root, and then your VPS password, this should be the same for almost everything.


    4. (This step is only if you don't have a username that isn't root) Once your logged in as root type in the following In this case my username is alex and my password is tutorial.

    useradd Alex
    passwd Tutorial

    Now close putty

    5. Okay, so you have your putty username, mine is Alex, and you password, tutorial. When putty loads up type in your ip... Your username... And then paste in your password.

    Do the commands abote and then continue

    6. You now should be logged in. Type

    yum install java-1.6.0-openjdk

    This will install java. To check this type

    which java

    You should get a load of java stuff up, yes i know descriptive but its kind of clear if it has worked or not.

    7. Hooray your Vps is now ready! Well now you need bukkit... To get this download bukkit on YOUR computer, you can do this through the command line but im old fashion and its simple my way.

    8. Okay now you should have bukkit.snapshot or something like that, now re-name it to craftbukkit.jar . Then open up WinSCP

    9. Log into WinSCP with the following info :

    You host name = your server IP address
    Your username is the same as your putty username
    your password is the same as your putty password.

    10. Okay so now you are logged in you should be under /home/(your username) in my case /home/Alex

    With nothing, if there is stuff in it leave it unless it is minecraft related, if so delete it.

    Simply drag craftbukkit.jar across onto the WinVPS (Right side) So that it copys onto it, now the /home/username should contain craftbukkit.jar

    11. Close WinVPS you don't need to save anything, go onto putty (if closed re-open and enter user and pass) and type the following AFTER CHANGING IT A LITTLE BIT (READ BELOW IT)

    java -Xms512M -Xmx512M -jar craftbukkit.jar nogui

    So the Xms512m - Xmx512m means that you will be using up 512mb-512mb of ram, if you have a 5gb vps then you could to Xms3000m - Xmx4500m (i never go up to the full number, don't kn
    ow why, just keeping it safe from overloading.

    Once you paste that in bukkit should start to load, generate world and wala! You now have bukkit installed, if you have a port error restart you vps from the control panel info ( this WILL be in the email no matter what)

    12. Now to keep bukkit running on your server all the time, type the following otherwise when you close putty your sever will stop

    screen -dmS minecraft

    screen -r minecraft

    To stop it from running all the time after use :

    Ctrl + A + D at once and it will go back, you can then type the commands again to get it runnning.

    13. Congratz you now have a server, your server is your VPS ip, and to reload your server type

    /reload into minecraft

    "reload" into putty, without the ""

    Or just to reload plugins type

    /reload plugins into minecraft

    "reload plugins" into putty without the ""

    Well thats it! You server is now up and running and you should know the very basics, well this is basically all I know about linux If you have any questions please feel free to ask but read what i said at the start. If anyone out there thinks this is utter rubbish feel free to think what you wan't, or suggest what i can add, mods feel free to change ect..

    Good luck!
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    Could you post some trusted VPS hosters?
    And also what VPS hoster is it that offers the "MC" discount? [​IMG]
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    Photon vps offers the one off 1/2 discount using MC

    Its kind of general looking for a host, anyone will do really. Look for ones with decent reviews.

    If you do choose photonVPS please use this code http://www.photonvps.com/billing/aff.php?aff=1454 , yes i do get moneys ;p.
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    Phantom Index

    Is there a guide on how to uninstall java and reisntall?
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    How would i stop/reset?
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    My VPS has no "screen" command. It keeps saying bash error evertime i type it.

    Edit: I figured it out and i downloaded the screen command, however the screen -dmS minecraft and screen -r minecraft arn't giving me any help
    it says after typing screen -r minecraft : suddenly the dungeon collapses - you die.
    WTF? That's my only response.

    Edit again:
    Well I solved everything and it had to do with permissions. It was so extensive I don't want to get into it. Sorry to have flooded your post with excessive chatter about really nothing in the end.

    By the way your entire topic has helped me out immensely. thank you.
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    when i type in the screen commands it says unknown console command type "help" for help.
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    where can i download this screen program? @TnT
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    thanks it works :)
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    Thank You!!!!!! You Really Helped Me.
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    in a pickle I need to reload my server, but I cannot access the server screen again, I can reload putty but everytime I try and run the server it says cannot bind to port (now thats obvious as the server is still up, how do I get to the server console again to reload/stop my server ? Thanks
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    Bump! Really usefull for new servers!
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    I installed the screen program, however I still get stuck in the minecraft console. Any help would be appreciated please.
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    Sousatom, read this

    Sousatom, while I know this won't help you any by now, I figured I'd still post it for anyone else with this problem.
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