Turn on & turn off mob spawners with buttons or switches.

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by strunberg, Mar 12, 2018.

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    Plugin category:Mechanics

    Minecraft version: 1.12

    Suggested name: Mob Control, Switched

    What I want: To be able to turn off, and turn on a mob spawner with redstone.
    For instance you could build a mob grinder and directly control what mobs that you want to harvest with a switch,or create booby traps.

    Ideas for commands: Allow server admins to enable or disable redstone activated mob spawners server wide

    Ideas for permissions: Intregation into factions. Enable Allied or Neutral factions to use a grinder,or set what rank you must be in a faction to use a grinder.
    It would be a cool Idea, but not something that I'm looking for at the moment.
  2. I'm going to tackle this one. Probably will take a bit as I have to relearn the bukkit/spigot API.
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    Thank you!
  4. @strunberg
    I got the plugin working, kindof. The largest caveat is that it is toggling all of the mob spawners in the given world.
    I'm off work tomorrow so I'll be finishing it up.
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    Thank you!

    Is there a way you can disable the ability to change a spawner?

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  6. Disable what aspect? As in not toggle the spawning state or the ability to change the mob?
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    The ability to change a mob.
  8. If they don't have rsms.setmob they shouldn't be able to change the mob type.
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