Trying to get a killers uuid

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by 5scb8, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Alright im doing a thing on witch the players killer gets 10 gems (also im useing my friends custom api for mysql connecting) now there seems to be a problem e.getEntity().getKiller().getUniqueId() is not returning the killers uuid so when i kill a player the player that was killed gets the gems not the killer (also this api works off of uuids)
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    5scb8 paste the code. Your story is a bit contradicting.
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    You get the Killer as a Player, get its UUID, then perform an impossible cast back to Player, then get its UUID again.
    Then, when sending the message, you send the player's killer's killer (which might not even be anyone) a message saying they killed the first killer who hasn't died yet. Try simplifying your code: You should really only need to call getKiller() once and getUniqueId() once.
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    5scb8 you are casting an UUID to Player... Moreover, you don't check if getKiller() returns null (which happens when the Player died due to natural causes / mobs)
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    What you want to do is
    Player killer = (Player) e.getEntity().getKiller();
    if(killer!=null) {
    UUID killers = killer.getUniqueId();
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    Thank you it works now XD
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