Solved Trying to disable gamemode with vanilla permissions

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by asuperpower, May 14, 2012.

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    I've searched (what seems like) everywhere and have been trying to fix it for the last few days. I need to stop everyone except 2 people (someone else and I) from changing to creative mode. I'm trying to turn off gamemode but it doesn't work. Here's my (really bad :p) coding:

    EDIT: BTW, I'm using the permissions file that was preinstalled with bukkit. My guess is that I did some sort of really stupid mistake. :p
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    Uh, don't you use a other - to negative a permission?
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    What do you mean by negative a permission and use a other? Should I be setting it to true?


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    In permissions files you don't traditionally use <something> = false to remove the permission

    the correct syntax for just the default permissions.yml (ie, no actual permission plugin running) is

    bukkit.command.gamemode: false
    But, you would be better off creating another group for just the two of you, and adding a positive permission to that group. Or even better running a proper permission plugin
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    PEX/other lovely plugins:
    Odd plugins:
    bukkit.command.gamemode: false
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    So this what I did, it still doesn't work. I tried using PermissionsEx and it does not work. Thank you for the responses. ;)

    So this is my code for PEX. I've added a few 3rd party plugins.

    Whenever I install PEX and put the code in, I get an internal server error.
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    As andrewpo said, when using a real permission plugin that's not how you format the permissions.

    To make what you posted work remove all the lines with false next to them, and remove the ": true" parts of every other line.

    With real permission plugins, the simple fact they you have listed them means you are granting that permission. Anything not listed isn't granted. Something like this (warning, completely untested as I don't use PEX)
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    hello there,

    I'm Ashley from Bukkit Assistance and I'm here to help you out
    You can solve this problem by downloading this plugin
    Download the OP version
    and put the /gamemode in the disable file
    now only you and other ops can use this code
    Hope this Helped
    add me on Skype or come to my live support chat(private) to get Assistance
    Skype: Ashley Daninck
    Live Support: -> Latest News -> Chat button
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    Both, thank you. ;)

    Wendo: However, even when using your exact code, it didn't work. So I removed some code and it still didn't work - I'm still getting an internal server error. Here is the shortened code that I used:

    ashley: I want to learn how to use permission properly and I also want some people to be able to access commands (for example, I want to be able to use /gamemode but I don't want others to.)
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    - bukkit.command.gamemode
    - - bukkit.command.gamemode
    to cancel out the permission
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    Thank you so much everyone, it now works! :)
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

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