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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Puggles, Oct 29, 2012.

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    First thing I would do is to make sure the router is set to give the server a static IP address if you haven't already. Many Qwest routers have a menu that lists all currently active computers and has a button that will reserve the current IP for the system you choose. Otherwise at some point your IP address will shift and the port forward will stop working.

    While you can set Windows to a static IP address most routers don't realise this has been done and will still hand out the same address and you can guess how well that goes down. The only disadvantage is that if you ever replace your network card you have to reset which MAC address gets the IP address but who replaces their network card often? There are other ways of preventing IP conflicts but this is easy and simple.

    If you do set the router up to handle your IP address (which is what I prefer) make sure to set windows back to obtaining the IP automatically.

    After setting the router up make sure to refresh the IP address, if you aren't sure how, rebooting the computer is a simple non techy way.


    The IP address in should be either blank or i don't have my server in front of me to check.



    Make sure the port number in is the same as the port that is being forwarded. Also if it is not the default port the game uses you will need to add that in the client server list to the address with a colon separating them like so, 123.456.789.012:65000 , where port 65000 is the port.



    Unless you pay extra for a static IP address from your internet provider you probably don't have one. At least once a week you can expect your external IP to change. To get around this use a service like No-IP to get you a redirect. They have a free service you just have to hit a button on an email once a month to use so they know you still use it. Most of these services have you install a program on your system to keep the external IP address current. You will choose an address for people to connect to and from then on instead of giving them an IP address to connect to you'll give them something like (include the port number if non default). This way you wont have to keep giving out the new address when it changes.

    While this part is optional it gets rid of a lot of annoyances as people say "i cant get on again, whats the new address".


    5. Make sure Windows firewall isnt blocking the port you are using. In my case i just shut the whole windows firewall off on my gaming systems as it affects too many games.


    6. If you are using any internet security suite or firewall software ditch it if you are able. I fix computers for a living and you'd be surprised how many of these programs screw up things. Especially Mcaffee. There are plenty of free Antivirus programs out there that don't have a firewall, Avast, AVG, Avira heck even Clam if you want to be weird.


    One of these should fix the problem, One trick I use as well is my client has both the local network name of the server as an entry and my No-IP name as a 2nd so if there is a problem I can diagnose it easier. If only the network named one is available I know there is a problem with the internet but if its both the server is generally down.
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    Swang for step 2 the ip in should be blank. ;)
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    1. How do I do that?
    2. Yeah ive figured that out
    3. It is.
    4. I don't think that will be necessary, only me and 3 friends will be on it.
    5.How do I know if its blocking it?
    6. Actually, Im not sure how but I had Mcaffe installed on my computer for some reason. I have no idea why. I got rid of a bunch of those programs this morning though.. Could one of those have been blocking it?
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    1. Have you logged into the router before?

    2. Cool

    3. Good

    4. As I said its optional, just a reduction in trouble, if you only have a few buddies it wont be a big deal.

    5. We can assume it is. In Windows 7 you can shut off the firewall by;
    Open the control panel
    Open the Security Section
    Choose Turn Firewall On or Off
    Choose the radio button for off.

    (instructions are from vista but should be close enough)

    6. Mcafee sneaks in everywhere, I brought it up for a reason, its surprisingly common. It is possible it was blocking it. What Antivirus program remains on the system now?
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    Awesome, there should be a way to edit the thread icon to say solved if you haven't done so already. Have fun.
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    it works for me
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    It works, but it's not the direct reason why your server works. In fact, it can be dangerous, I highly suggest you don't forward your router IP, just forward the TCP port 25565 to the local machine that runs CraftBukkit.
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