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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by JavaGuava, May 4, 2014.

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    Could someone make a plugin which forces players to plant 1 sapling per tree they chop down? It would greatly help me reduce the tree deficit on my server :)

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    1. How can you force a player to plant a sapling?
    I can only think of you manually controlling the player with

    2. Follow this format please
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    jwa1 BetrayedQU
    Hi! I would like to keep my server as vanilla as possible and so I would prefer if the trees did not auto-replant.

    Instead, I was thinking that a plugin could keep track of how many trees a player has chopped down and how many saplings they have planted. When the number of trees a player has chopped down is 5 more than the number of sapling they have planted then the plugin would deny a player from chopping any further trees until they plant more saplings. If possible, it would be cool if the checks were "tree type specific" so that the player couldn't plant lots of birch tree saplings whilst chopping down spruce trees. One final thing, I can foresee players rapidly placing and breaking saplings on the ground in order to increase their "saplings planted" count. Therefore, it may be necessary to keep track of them breaking saplings too.

    Thanks again :)
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