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    I was wondering if anyone hast looked into the possibility of being able to fell trees. I know in hmod there was a mod that would give you all the wood and saplings out of a tree if you disconnected it from the ground. However I think it would be better if it would instead lay out all the wood from the tree on the ground and drop the saplings.
    Just something i thought would be a good addition the minecraft, did do a search and didn't find anything that really matched what I was thinking.
    I am open to any other input anyone has to add.
    I will be looking into it a little myself tonight with my friend who knows how to write up programs much better than myself.

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    i think its possible, but i wouldnt know where to start with java :D.

    so the idea would be to...
    cut down the bottom part of the tree. it falls over. gives you saplings but keeps the trunk together... then what would you do with cut down trees? you couldnt move them. theres no oxen. well if you could go log on a mountain and make them fall into a man made stream on the side of the hill, they float down. then float down into a logging camp. get cut up....
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    Wow guys :D

    But the idea is doable, you check if you removed a log under another log, then remove all leaves, drop saplings and lay the trunk on the side.
    It would look bad because the logs will be re-cut if you get my meaning.
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    Was thinking just put the logs in a strait row pointing "south" so you can cut up the wood easier, apposed to having to climb up into the tree.
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    Yeah it is possible and not to difficult. I am not going to do it because i have my hands full but... i suggest you also make it so the tree can fall in different directions. or the opposite direction of where you cut it down from.

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    Make sure you test if it has grass blocks connected to it at all - otherwise you'll affect wooden structures too. Good luck!
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    so... if a tree falls in Minecraft... does it make a sound?

    Sorry i had to....
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    enkryptor you should read threw that link you posted his idea is to just delete the tree, i would like to just relocate the wood blocks on the ground.
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    Bump as a there is a need for a way to stop the floating tree tops with out rewarding players for being lazy.
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    AJohn, right, my mistake.
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    Could I request that you change the title to "[Request] Falling trees" or "[Request] Trees falling"?
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    if anyone implements this, I want to see houses being crushed by falling trees.

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