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    The idea of this plugin is take off the advantage of teleporting anytime you want, but still have a fast way to go to town and friends' house.

    Every player has the right to create one teleport. They are made with one obsidian and four cobblestone slabs around it, like this:


    - To turn it on, the player must stand in the obsidian and type something like "/createteleport <teleport name>".
    - You can travel to any other travel pad by standing in one and typping "/teleportto <teleport name". You can go to ANY teleport, so building one inside your house is not recommended.
    - Having a Enderman Pearl in your inventary is necessary. This makes the player explore the area a bit before go teleporting to a lot of places.
    - Activated teleports cannot be destroyed or have blocks placed on it.
    - You can see the teleport name by standing on it.
    - Players can disable their own teleport by standing on them and typping a command, so they can recreate it in other place.

    I hope it's not too complicated to make. Tell me what you think :)
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    Is there any time restriction on this? Because I would love to try this, but have no idea how long it would take as I am still in the later stages of learning Java.

    Edit: Should players only be allowed to create one pad?

    Edit2: I've already started! :D
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    Oh, thank you ;)

    Only one pad, or it would have teleports everywhere. But for example, if one player create one in a town, all others can keep they to use in another place.
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    I don't think i'm going to finish this anytime soon. If anyone else wants to take this project on feel free.
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    I'll give it a shot
    Let me do a bit of work and get back to you

    I've started to do some work, and made some progress.
    Portal creation is finished, to a certain extent.
    When I have some more features I'll let you know, development is here:

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    It's looking great. Thanks for taking the work.

    I've noticed that you have to pay an enderman pearl when you teleport. My intention was just having it on the inventary, but some people might prefer you way. Can you make this customizable?
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    Sure, I'll make that customize-able.
    Also, I'm about 99% done at this point, all I have to do is work out some glitches and bugs, and also add a couple more things.

    I have released this project :D
    If you have any other requests or suggestions please leave them here or on bukkitdev

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    I have 1 helix :)
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    it would be even cooler if you only can travel to travelpads you already have discovered. kinda like in FallOut or Skyrim.

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