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    I've searched every where for a simple trade between players plugin but have found nothing.

    Yes, I know theres plugins such as chestshop but what if your far away from a chestshop or just don't want to take the time to setup one?

    What I would like to see is a plugin that allows players to trade with each anywhere in the world, so if your down at the bottom of a mine and you see that another player is selling torches you can buy his torches.

    It would be a very universal plugin to show what everyone is selling or buying but also a private 1 on 1 trading plugin. So one player can invite another player to a "trade". Both players must then accept both offers of the trade for it to go through.

    No no no I hate client mods. Yes this is exactly what I mean. Would it be possible to configure with iConomy? Because Im not a huge fan for block to block trading.

    Could there also a tax and shipping fees for sellers and buyers? So when someone buys something they have to pay a shipping fee (3%?) and then wait 5 minutes for their item to come to them. Just a thought though...

    Sounds great! Thanks!

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    It's somewhat close to what im looking because it's missing a few things but I do like the colors and the creation wizard for dumb people xD
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    Yeah, I plan to add a way to trade soon-ish. While I didn't have something 'cross-the-map' trade in mind, I might include it as an option. In either case, should it not be what you're searching for, it looks like @SiKLON3 has it covered :)
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    Wow! Don't go to crazy. If you need me to test anything I would be happy to.

    Keep up the good work :)

    Well, if you ever get bored I have more awesome requests xD

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    Once I'm done with Zombie-pocalypse L4D themed plugin, I'd be glad to hear some of your ideas. :p
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    That sounds like a cool plugin. Do the zombies take over the world?
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    Figuratively speaking, yes :p
    Trying to keep it under wraps for now, since I want it to be pretty impressive when I throw it into WIP. Just finished adding 'special' zombie types.
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    Hows the plugin coming?
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    Anymore news?
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    Hows the plugin coming along? I really want to know aswell because it would be really useful on my server.

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