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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Technicmasters, Nov 8, 2021.

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    Plugin category: TPS check

    Minecraft version: 1.0.0 (Bukkit 1.0.0)

    Suggested name: TPSCheck

    What I want: I'd like for someone to create a simple plugin to show TPS in MC 1.0, because those versions didnt have /tps or /lag yet, it should be a *few minutes* type job for someone who knows how to code plugins... If you want it to have more features, than CPU and RAM usage would be a nice touch, but only TPS is completly fine.

    Ideas for commands: /TPS - displays TPS (/HWusg - would display CPU and RAM usage (optional))

    When I'd like it by: Better sooner than later, but fine anytime
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    Its still avalible, since that plugin would only require a few lines of code, it could easily work up to versions like 1.8, maybe even newer, and for someone that knows how to code plugins, and has done a few of them, it would probably only take a couple of minutes to put something like this together.
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    Quite the opossite actually,first you have to rly dig deep to even get a copy of bukkit 1.0(as its rather illegal),and also the framework changed alot since,a dev will have to purposefully go look at how things are implemented back then,as most systems got a code rework
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    Yeah, both of you are probably right, then feel free to delete this post
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    /tps - displays the tps
    /ram - displays ram

    I didn't get around to doing /HWusg (CPU) but I can look into it later today when I have more time :). Feel free to pm me if you are interested in that command.

    Link: TPS.jar - Google Drive
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    Actually no, you can download it directly from (Dont know why the link got deleted, since its from the official site) Lets just say that it can still be downloaded from the official website
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