[TP] Wormhole X-Treme - Multi-World capable Stargates - Moved to BukkitDev!

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    Wormhole X-Treme v1.016
    Multi-World capable Stargates for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/wormhole_x-treme/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    I am greatly anticipating the 1.0 release of this plugin. It looks like you are very dedicated. Keep up the good work. :D
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    Is there any way a user can give their gate to someone else? I've got a wormhole builder who needs admin help to sell stargates.
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    @locutus you can change the owner currently only with config permission. Im planning to fine grade permission nodes in later versions > 1.0 as the next step is (after hopefully fixing minecart placing) integrating a commandmanager that allows this.

    WormholeXTreme v1.0 is out! As i've changed internal handling of players please report anything that may be unusual to you. I think i've checked core functions many times but you may know it better as i do.

    Changes 1.0
    • (this release should fix all bugs relating to double dial issues and stalled gates)
    • redesigned layout to "Player contains Stargate scope"
    • refactored StargateUsage to WormholePlayer/WormholePlayerUsageProperties
    • added more Exceptions for PlayerNotFound a.s.o.
    • added more debug messages on Level.FINE
    • removed player instance from stargate as it is totally unneeded to carry the whole player object around
    • wormhole woosh effect is now synchronized and triggered after both gates has been activated (was asynchron)
    • fixed redial bug
    • fixed minecart teleport issue

    Note: to all who downloaded v1.0 prior to this post date please redownload v1.0 as i accidently haven't checked the remoteActive message.

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    If we update will we lose our current gates (again)? because if so, I'll just go through now and set up warps to them so I can access them again.
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    @Elfsovereign no this update only updates internal structure and contains many bugfixes but doesnt make old gates unuseable. Ill announce it before a release IF i drop support for something.
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    CB 953
    WX 1.0

    I have some problems with my gate shapes, i have a modified one that is not working at all anymore, it got removed after updating and now it will not let me rebuild it.

    With /wxbuild shape i get an ivalid shape error
    with /wxcomplete i get build fail error
    Basic shapes seem to work fine so far, but well i need my custom ones, wich do not work for me ...
    So automatic building fails cause shape not known, build by hand and complete does not work cause shape is not found i bet ...

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    StandartSignDial does not work, get an error if i let the first line blank on the sign (what should be ok as far as i know), if i set a name it does nothing at all or gives a "Construction failed!?" error. I am realy confused, as i could rebuild a dial gate with no problems, a sign dial gate in a secound world is working as it should (maybe, cause it has no other sign dial gate in the network as i can not build them).
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    Changes 1.01
    • Added new command /wxbuildlist - List available gate shapes
    • Synced Help pages with latest plugin.yml
    @DerKB: This update is just for you ;) . You are now able to list all available gates with /wxbuildlist I think they are not loaded for some reason or you simply mistyped. Please check if they are available and also make shure CaseSensitive Usage.

    For example: it is StandardSignDial not StandartSignDial

    Also make shure that GateName is not used twice in your shape files cause this would prevent loading the Gate.
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    Hey random content question:
    Would it be possible to have dedicated gates? What I mean by that is two gates permanently connected to each other, enabling travel in either direction. I know this departs from the show a bit, but it would be useful on my server.

    Just an idea.
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    I will test it out, thx for this update, wich is a fast one.
    And the spelling, yes that was a point i was checking at least three times, i mostly crosscheck all stuff that comes into my mind.

    Will report if this did help me out finding the little problem i get.

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    @Elfsovereign with the current implementation this is nearly impossible to implement. Cause there is no difference between a sign or dial gate. As soon as the structure is more logical ie when the commandmanager is implemented it could be possible but i would hate it to implement it that way....cause you know maximum opening time ;)

    But i got an idea ... Ring teleportation ^^
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    There is one you could talk to about implementing into one plugin: mxringplatform. I haven't really pushed the limits of this plugin, I rather imagine it would not do trans-world transport, but I could try it. I do prefer to go from one world to another via stargate, it's just the smoothest option on my server.

    EDIT: Just tested it out, MxRingPlatform DOES do inter-world transport, but does NOT do minecart transport, even though the one on the hmod did. As I remember I also get error reports when I put blocks to be transported on top of the ring. I'll test that out later to see if it's changed.
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    So back and all working like a charm now, brain bug is gone or what ever caused my trouble, but well thx for your fast help.
    So now my Users are happy for some hours till they like to get some new stuff like allways ....

    Btw. why were/are you planning to switch the config from xml to yml?
    I like xml and i can read it like normal text, but yml is a pain so far, i would like to know why you intend to switch, pure to understand how someone things about coding and why you do it that way (i would stick to xml, cause i came from that yml style configs to xml and prefer xml now).

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    @Elfsovereign intresting but i would do it another way. Seems a bit complicated to configure. But anyways ill see what i can do =)

    @DerKB Nice! Well im planning to move from xml to yml cause for me yaml is more structured when you read it.
    XML is used when you exchange data from one point to another and has its advantages but why using xml when its not needed? Besides you shouldnt edit anything in those files.

    The goal is that you can do everything via command interface so you dont have to edit the files in any way.

    Knowing that i simply prefer using yaml cause of its structure. I hate those markup stuff like <nodeName>value</nodeName> this is meh ... i like to have a clean tree structure. In the end it really doesnt matter what you use ^^
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    It is very complicated to configure. I look forward to seeing your version of it. I hope you put the same amount of effort into the animation as you do with the gates! Mx's is rather gaudy, not to mention unwieldy to configure, though I'm not good at editing shape files.
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    Its happen every server restart. Any idea how to fit it?
    CB#974, WX#1.01
  17. When activating a gate and then trying to deactivate it without dialing, it says "Gate has been activated by '[my player name]' already'.
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    @rad1game if you restart your server all targets of sign dialed gates are lost. This was normal behavior in all previous versions. Im planning to fix that in future versions.

    @PierreW thanks for the report ill fix that

    Update: Changelog v1.011
    • Fixed dial gate deactivation bug
    • Fine graded error message remoteActive
    • Fixed invalid target after server start/reload (last target will be set now if there is a sign present)

    Update Notice: I didnt expected that the invalid target message would be so easy to fix. Please redownload v1.011 if you downloaded the file earlier as of this post date.

    @rad1game your problem is solved now ^^

    And at this point it think its necessary to thank all who reports suggestions or bugs. Without your help some hidden stuff would not be possible to fix =) Thanks guys!

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    Thx you.
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    Iconomy plugin support?
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    i got a little issue i dunno if its a bug or me who screwed up something anyways here it is when i put and idc and reload or restart the server the iris is not raised anymore i need to go pull the lever again to raise it up again and every modification i do to the gate are removed any clue?
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    hi, i have a little problem with this wonderfull plugin in the log:

    i'm using the last build of bukkit and my minecraft server run under a linux gentoo
    the minecraft-server process run with user "games" and the database seams to be writable for him:

    StarK WormholeXTreme # ls -aln
    total 28
    drwxrwxrwx 5 36 35 4096 15 juil. 23:28 .
    drwxr-x--- 7 36 35 4096 17 juil. 01:17 ..
    drwxrwxrwx 2 36 35 4096 15 juil. 16:45 docs
    drwxrwxrwx 4 36 35 4096 15 juil. 23:28 GateShapes
    -rw-r----- 1 36 35 4375 17 juil. 01:16 Settings.txt
    drwxr-x--- 2 36 35 4096 17 juil. 01:19 WormholeXTremeDB
    StarK WormholeXTreme # pwd

    do you know how i can fix it please ?

    so when i try to use a "bugy" door i result with:

    ps: just an idea but why if i take the door "A" to go to "B" , after my travel i cant go back to A withous re-opening the door ? (so if i'm at A and a friend waiting for me at B, i open B from A and he will be able to come to me)

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    I have 104 gates in my world. I must inform you, @lycano , that I'm very irritated at the prospect of re-creating every single gate.

    I'll be looking into making a converter for every player that wishes to keep their gates
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    when will be the RB 1000 version rdy?
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    I'm thinking more along the lines of a web page where you upload your script file, and it provides a SQLite file to download. 100% automated.
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    I would also love a update for version 1000, I only just found a reason to update to 1.7.3 finally after they released a bukkit for it (i'm turning pistons off, though, so i don't get the dupe issue) but now this plugin wont work, and what's worse is the gates will get messed up if it goes live i'm guessing... unless perhaps they will not get messed up? Will backing up and restoring after this is fixed work when the signs text has changed in-game?
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    I believe the duping issue was fixed in 1.7.3
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    Hopefully soon, because i want this to be compatible with the new permissions. Crisp and clean :) I use 3.16 permissions and it doesnt work, it simply doesnt. So, until there is a new version compatible with the default permissions that bukkit released, I wont be able to have multi-worlds.
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