[TP] Wormhole X-Treme - Multi-World capable Stargates - Moved to BukkitDev!

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by lycano, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Wormhole X-Treme v1.016
    Multi-World capable Stargates for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/wormhole_x-treme/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    @ArtBot in the next major version there cant be (hopefully) no double dial errors or malfuntions. Ive refactored the whole design to Player view. Currently investigating a scheduler problem that doesnt shutdown the old dialed gate.

    @-ohters: Pls dont post NPEs or not working stargates as long as 1.0 isnt out. I know that there is are serious bugs with 0.9x versions. Not only playermove ...
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    I'v no NPE, but will wait :)
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    When a multiplayer server is reset it deletes at the stargate addresses, please help.
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    @~TraydenT~ I fiddled around with Minecarts and had the exact same issues... except when going TO a Horizontal gate. Then it works fine. I'm not sure quite what the difference is for the plugin, but that's a place for @lycano to start, at least.
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    I think you're giving the man credit for others work there.. Woosh and chevrons were in WXT before this guy picked it up.
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    Yes and no. The previous version did have a whoosh, and chevrons, but the animation in this updated version is much better and much more accurate to the show, for what it's worth.
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    Here is a thought or two...
    Firstly it would be nice if the ripple (love it by the way) causes damage! I don't know how possible it would be, but it would be nice.
    Secondly, when I dial a gate with the Iris shut and step in, it doesn't send me and tells me the Iris is shut. What if you had a configurable option that it WOULD send you anyway, but you would die instantly when you "hit" the Iris? That would be quite funny!
    Anyway, thanks for keepig nthis going,
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    @Augutus_Longeye i thought about just killing the player when he enters the wormhole when the iris is shut (as this would happen in the original series) but as you dont have a status for "target gate has activated iris" i just used a kickback. It prevents you from spammy messages and kicks you out of the gate in opposite direction. This option is of course configureable but if its set to 0 those iris is closed messages would spam quite a lot. So i turned a bug (spammy onPlayerMove events) to a feature xD

    Shure this is a compromise but we dont have a display that tells you "iris is closed" i dont want to add a red torch that would show you the targetGate iris status atm as you can decide what shape shall be used it would be quite problematic to place this correctly.


    Im currently in testing phase with v1.0 so release could be soon.
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    Derek S

    I have both this as well as WHX. Awesome plugins. Thanks for keeping them updated. I have worlds support enabled in settings.txt, yet every time I reload the server, it changes back. Thoughts?

    2011-07-11 03:21:58 [INFO] [WormholeXTreme][v0.907] Boot sequence initiated...
    2011-07-11 03:21:58 [INFO] [WormholeXTreme][v0.907] Wormhole Worlds support disabled in settings.txt, loading stargates and worlds ourself.
    2011-07-11 03:21:58 [INFO] [WormholeXTreme] 15 Wormholes loaded from WormholeDB.
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    Yeah I see what you mean... It's a shame, but then you sacrifice it for the ability to have customize-able gates! Still, this is very well done! My players are already setting up a large network, and someone is building an SGC already! Being a HUGE Stargate nerd this pleases me!

    One last thing; is it possible to have redstone wiring operating the gate/iris? So for example top block activates the gate (if powered) and bottom block activates the Iris (if powered)? This would allow us to have buttons in the control room that would activate the gate at a distance to be a bit more realistic.

    Thanks for the mod (again) :D
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    it seemed like before i could charge people to use stargates, but i cannot seem to know how to configure it now, is someone willing to post how i would charge people to use them?
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    @Derek S you have to do it while the server is down cause current version is a bit "selfish" it overwrites any changes made to config after reload.

    @Augutus_Longeye at least i could make it configureable so if REALISTIC_MODE is set to true it will kill you without any notice instead of kicking you back (disabled by default)
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    Leon Philips

    Hi :D,
    I'm also using your plugin ,but there is an bug or something i missed...
    I have an portal made named "dorp" (my language for Village :rolleyes:)
    but after a couple Minutes,uses is doesnt work, I pull the lever and it just
    wouldn'd start, I destroyed the sign and it said I destroyed the stargate...
    and now I'm like: ?:confused:??:confused:?
    what to do? (I uploaded my files)

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    @Leon Philips in some rare situations v907 stops working after some time. Never saw that happen with sign gates. This should be fixed in v1.0
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    Leon Philips

    okay!! nice to hear it is gonna be fixed ;)
    I testen some more with another name it works just perfect now...
    all portals work fine exept if I call one "dorp" than it seems Dorp doesn't exists
    at all... It'sssssssshhh[creeper] so weird :confused::eek:!
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    When I press the Button it doesnt do anything help :(
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    @Leon Philips well all names are case sensitive ;)

    @zinguichi you need to do /wxbuild yourShape first or build a valid stargate shape then press the button.
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    @lycano its not working it just tells me what the command does and i already did build a valid stargate shape and a pillar two spaces away with a button and it doesnt do anything still even if i type /wxbuild standard then press the button or press the button and then press /wxbuild standard what should i do?
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    Leon Philips

    I just make an portal and press the button type /wxcomplete and I'm done... IDK what you guys are talking about :S
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    @zinguichi if you type /wxbuild StandardSignDial for example and then (after building a pillar with a button and a sign with gatename on it) pressing the button would auto-build the gate for you. Note names are case-senstiive so it would have the same exact name as defined inside the shape files under GateName=

    @Leon Philips im talking about using the auto build feature of WormholeXtreme. You dont have to build a gate manually you can just use /wxbuild to do the work for you. But that would reqire to have a valid "dhd" to be accepted by the shape analizer.
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    Simon Welker

    I'm very glad that you are continuing the legacy! =D
    Just one question: Now all my old gates are gone and I would set them up again- but how to get into each of our five worlds without having gates there? Any command or idea?

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    You can use Wormhole XTreme Worlds and then use the /wxw go (Worldname) command
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    @Simon Welker see Andon's post. He just forgot to tag you but the answer is still valid ^^
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    Simon Welker

    Ah, I even found this out before seeing this, but still thank you! Have now set up the ones I knew in all worlds again :)

    Great work and plugin, thanks for developing it!
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    Leon Philips

    oh... ,haha but building it manualy works fine for me though :p I use it in my survival Map it looks pretty neat ;)
    this makes i some more realistic instead of warping your way out you gotta walk back :)
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    Notice: im almost done with v1.0. It fixes many bugs like double dialation plus all animations are now starting synchronously. This wasnt implemented before. With 1.0 you can build many stargates in a row and dial to another and youll see that the "woosh" effect is done after the gate has dialed the target (finished lightup animation).

    If there are no lights for the target gate it will of course skip this light up stuff and then trigger the woosh effect at the same time.

    The only thing i currently have to fix is that if you dial a gate go through it and dial back to the previously source you can deactivate the gate you left and the source is still active. This is a logic problem but may be fixed today so maybe 1.0 will be released tomorrow 13th June July GMT
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    @lycano - Don't you mean 13th of July? Also, does this solve the iris issues?
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    @Andon thanks ;) corrected it xD Latest Link points to v1.0 if you want to test it. As soon as i got the deactivate bug fixed ill announce it here as release in the thread. Currently if you use the manual dial gate and dial manually back you can deactivate the gate but its still active. This is a logic bug. But will be fixed soon.

    Yes Dial-Gates works better now.
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    OK, so it fixes Iris issues, but Minecarts still end up way above/below the world when the recieveing gate is a standard layout. It also fixes the target changing issues with redstone gates.

    I have two suggestions for Redstone gates. Since they're not ISSUES I don't expect them to be tossed in immediately, but they SHOULD be fairly straightforward to do

    First: Make the gate turn off if it recieves another pulse of power on the "Activation" redstone piece. This will allow remote shutoff.

    Second: Make a Remote Iris option, and have it act like the activate. One pulse to turn it on, another pulse to turn it off.
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    @Andon well its not completely fixed. There is still a minor glitch where you can shutoff the gate after used the same gates twice ;) but will be fixed.

    I dont know why this happens to you with minecarts. If another looks at you shure he will see that you drop from heaven cause thats the way mobs are spawned. Same way uses minecart spawn. But for you it should look like you where teleported without a minecart. Will check that. In the Standard shape there is a block defined with :EM attribute. Do you use a custom one and maybe forgot to set the spawnpoint for minecarts with that attribute?

    Relating to Redstonegates: Its the same logic as other gates but with the difference that the pulse activates the lever. And when the lever is turned on it sends out power. So there is no way to deactivate it with the same wire. Ill look into your suggestion to implement a shutdown redstone block and if it receives power it will switch the lever to off state. This way you can build a redstone circuit to combine this to a lever to emulate the switch behavior (NOT-Inverter for off state links to shutdown wire)
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