[TP] Wormhole X-Treme - Multi-World capable Stargates - Moved to BukkitDev!

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    Wormhole X-Treme v1.016
    Multi-World capable Stargates for bukkit powered servers
    Craftbukkit 1846

    This project has been moved to BukkitDev
    Please visit the new project page on BukkitDev http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/wormhole_x-treme/

    Project moved to BukkitDev

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    @Flaiker not necessarily .. i hate to say that but it seems that you reached the layer limit for a gate.

    As this is the most critical part of Wxw i haven't changed the Layer routine (cause its very complex and not very well documented)

    This is the line you may hit
    final String[] layerLines = new String[height];
    currently you can create as much layers as you gate height is. That said its a cubic form.

    I think it has something to do with the internal chunk refresher of wormholeXtreme World. You remember where a stargate cease to work cause no player was in that chunk? Thas why the original author implemented a sticky chunk loader that refreshes the blocks for that gate. And because everything is cubic this limitation may have its sources here.

    Otherwise it would be weired why he only used those Array limitations in rare cases.

    Edit: I should implement an Exception thrown if the Layers are greater than the gate height.

    Edit2: Maybe this is what you encounter but please try to change I:A and I:AD to S:A and S:AD and try again. Im currently at work so i didnt had too much time to check this. Will do later.

    Edit3: If you want to help me finding the real problem send me the "Error Message line like AOOB and caused by lines." =)

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    Two Questions would it be out of line of me to ask if or when you had some free time to teamview onto my server and help me tackle what i think maybe a stupid error on my end

    And do you plan or is this already a feature ( of supporting economy pluggins like iconomy in the future?)
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    @Monk3y currently i dont have a fast internet connection at home so i cant help you atm sry :/
    But economy support is on my roadmap in future updates.
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    well for now there might be a way to bypass ppl not being able to turn on the gates is there a way to leave them on all the time? ill recheck the documents but im sure i didnt see a command that does it
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    @Monk3y you cant leave them open all the time cause if you do those gates you activated cant be dialed in. That means if you have three gates and call from one to three then gate two cant dial to any location furthermore a wormhole is a one way ticket. You would be stucked on the other side forever. Well ... if you like to test that increase the SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT to 2280 = 38 min (in the original series a gate was opened for 38 minutes) The default value is 38 (seconds).

    But be aware of the risk that you have to reload your server if you want to cancel the timer cause you cant stop or reload the timer (well you can try /wxreload but it may not work in that case)

    @Flaiker okay seems to be a real bug ^^ The shape constructor didnt find the activation Layer ... i have to debug this stuff. Thanks for your error log.

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    @Flaiker this is intresting! I wonder what changed between those two shape files exactly but I have to check it anyways maybe i will find this glitch where exactly it crashed as only one check wasnt (true)

    Disable Destinationoutput: I can add an option for that. Will do as i optimize this whole feature as it doesnt sort correctly "next" is not next on the sign ^^

    Well I guess it wasnt added only because of buggy sign updates. I think it was added because there was no "clean" way of sorting the sign texts perfectly AND needed cause it was (currently is) planned to inform the player when triggered the gate via Redstone. (you normally dont see the sign)
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    @lycano ,

    How's it going with updates? I'd be willing to kick in a small donation or two (as my pocket allows) for the stargate protection against the one-hit-break in creative mode...
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    Love this plugin man youve done a great job! just have a couple of questions.
    1. How do i go about creating my own custom gates? searched through the posts and couldn't find much help would be great if i could get some help on this :D
    2. will there be economy support at some point, to be able to charge for each gate travel, because that would be a sweet feature.
    3. will there ever be a way to have it go both ways through a gate rather than just one?
    Thanks for any help provided :D
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    @SBHouse i didnt managed to connect my pc to web cause i was too tired cause of location move this week. I have to go to my old home today and clean up the old room. The plan is "update it on Saturday"

    @deathnote1029 open up one of the default shape files located in the plugins folder. The comments should give you all information you may need. Copy one of them you want to use as base and rename the FileName and GateName (inside the file). After that play around with it after reloading the plugin at an empty place in your world.

    2) at some point yes. Currently not cause the code is not that optimized for new features like that.

    3) im not planning to make it possible for bi-directional access cause if would do that (according to the series) you would die ^^ But as i plan to make it possible to have "per Gate"-Shutdown's you can create it manually for some gates like setting it to lesser than 5 but not lower than 2
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    So it would be possible to create your own gates that go both ways?
    or did you mean something else by per Gate-shutdowns

    thanks heaps for answering the questions :D

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    @deathnote1029 i mean "per Gate"-Shutdowns

    If Wormhole is refactored and optimized i think i may implement a creative mode where you can do such things as Bi-Directional Gates. But in normal or any other mode i think this shouldn't be possible.

    Im thinking of Survival mode: Using a gate to port far away seeing the death into its eye and having the possibility to go back isnt really "survival" you know ;)

    But for creative mode well .. why not.
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    Hello, First, I wanted to say thankyou for this plugin, it works beautifully at what it is designed to do!

    I wanted to also ask if you had ever considered adding an option to emulate Stargate Chevron input? Originally this wasnt really viable, but with a new addon called Spout, it would be completely viable. I don't code in Java (c++ and Python is all I know), but from what I've researched, if you used, say, Spout and the MenuMetaMod, you could add a popup which would display the 39 Stargate Glyphs, allowing the player to dial them in through a point-and-click interface. It would probably have to be optional, but I like the idea of not needing console commands. it just kinda breaks the flow of it to have to enter a command. Maybe even give a per-player list of saved addresses so they dont have to always enter them?

    In any case, here are links to the aforementioned bukkit plugins which would make this possible.


    While technically not for Bukkit itself, this is the Spoutcraft Client. It has worked exceptionally well for me so far, and has a sizable, dedicated team.


    One more question I had was do you plan to move to BukkitDev? Just curious, it seems to be the trend. Only gripe I have with it is the lack of an easy way to give feedback.

    Well, that's all. Keep up the good work, and if I can help in any way, just let me know. I would be eager to learn anything needed if you would care for a newbie Java user, and am looking into hosting options to make things like custom textures (for said Glyphs) work.
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    I both like and dislike Spout. Spout adds a boatload of options, but it also requires a user-side mod, which alienates a great many people from using the plugin. And maintaining two sets of a plugin is just excessive and wasteful.
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    Spout is designed specifically to be painless and easy, and furthermore Spout servers allow non-spout users to log on, but simply not have access to the features of spout. I understand your issue with it, but Notch isnt allowing for this kind of mod support, so we have to do something ourself, otherwise we just make due with the crappy 90s game that minecraft is at it's core, lol.
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    i agree with the idea of dredicons spout menu, would make it the most superior stargate plugin(not saying it isnt already :p). it would also make it much easier for players to use rather than sign dialing or /dial each time, or at least add in secrecy :D so each gate is a mystery.
    Also i had another question, once i made a custom gate i saved it into its correct folder, i edited the Standard.shape 2D one and put it back into the 2D folder, restarted the server but the gate wasnt in the /wxbuildlist, have i done something wrong?
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    hey I'm wandering if u can link into iconomy and make it cost money to use a portal
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    I'm not too familiar with spout, as I don't use it on my server (For the reasons I mentioned above), but as long as the same functionality is allowable in some form for non-spout users I don't really care
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    @Dreadicon well, i have to move to BukkitDev these days if the plugin shall be found via plugins.bukkit (cause they are moving the whole module to bukkitDev) but as i moved my home it wasnt that easy to do anything fun related ...

    Anyways what you suggested would be really nice but spout cant be implemented that easy in the current codebase. After cleanup i will think about it. (I really like this idea) I played around with a piston style dialer but as those stones tend to be not that small it would be either limited to n^x gate adresses (if you want to have it small) or the dialer would be a huge block in front of you ^^

    @tcvs planned after code cleanup

    @Andon you wouldnt even notice anything as this would be optional if I implement it.

    @deathnote1029 if the shape isnt available after /wxreload or server reload/restart then there is a problem with the shape. If you open up your server.log file you will see CONFIG debug messages and where it stops working.
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    just to clarify something quickly, if its a 2d shape do i edit the .shape file and then save into the 2d folder or do i save into GateShapes folder?
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    @deathnote1029 GateShapes. There is no difference in 2d or 3d when a shape was used to create a gate. A Gate is always loaded from GateShapes dir when its there.

    3d / 2d is an internal seperator for ressource loading inside the jar.
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    ah thank you very much, i think i may have found the problem :D, i thought it might have been the problem and so i figured id check before going through the server.log :D thanks again [diamond]
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    @deathnote1029 I would have to check it with debug mode on as i dont know which line exactly errors. It should use the 2d parser for that cause there is no version tag defined.

    Well you can do the same if you enable Debug mode via command line then check the log output (with tail or something not in console directly while server startup or /wxreload)

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    whenever you get the chance are you able to test it for me? ill be out for the next couple of days so i wont be able to do anything until i get back, would be greatly appreciated :D
    besides i may miss something that you would pick up on, being the developer and all ;P
    thanks again lycano :D

    edit: nevermind i got it working :D, did the debug real quick i did /wxreload now and it shutdown on the console, then typed /wxbuildlist and its there :D thanks for all the help once again! :D
    think i wrote something out wrong lol
    thanks again for all the help!

    just realised something that could be very very very useful, when going from gate a to gate b
    i cant close the gates down from gate b
    not very helpful if im retreating from being raided :p
    would there be any way to implement this feature? have it possible to close down the destination gate without /wxforce <gatename> ?
    would be great to have that :D

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    @deathnote1029 hmm let me think about it .. was it possible to shutdown a gate remotely in SG-1? I think not, thats why the iris was installed, to protect you ^^

    Anyways i have to think about dynamic shutdowns anyways. It was never discuessed in the series how a gate shut down when you go through .. Okay for manual dial (controling it from the control room) its explained but when SG-1 was on a mission and dials via dhd out sometimes the gate "waits" for the whole group to go through and sometimes it simply shut downs after the whole group was materialized on the other side.

    Hmm i think i should implement it like the following:
    - Any player activates the gate
    - check against players periodically in close proximity fo the gate. Lets say Cubic + X (configureable) in size.
    - if a player is inside that grid restart the shutdown timer
    - maximum reset count = GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN / SHUTDOWN_TIMER
    - after that period the gate will shut down regardless if someone is in the wormhole or not (but should be teleported if he entered in that exact moment of "gate is shutting down")

    The idea behind max reset count is that this could be interpreted as "overheating powersource / cooldown" or something .. or integrate this later via iconomy support to make this variable.

    The new behavior would be:
    Maximum time a gate would stay open.
    Requirements: A player is in the gate's grid. If no player is in that grid SHUTDOWN_TIMER is the maximum opening time.
    Problem after change: If you have a redstone gate and activate it via a far away button wired to the activation point and SHUTDOWN_TIMER is set to 5 and GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN is 38 the gate would be open for 5 seconds.
    In that case (if the gate is redstonepowered) i should use GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN as timer to prevent this issue cause you may want to drive to the gate via a minecart...

    Maximum time a gate would stay open after a player reached destination.
    Requirements: Someone has to go through that wormhole

    Sets the interval to check for a player in close gate's proximity.
    Example: If you set this to 5 then the gate would be open for at least 5 seconds after activation and if you are in that grid.
    Requirements: None

    This is a global poll: Any feedback is highly appreciated

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    I like it :D

    Also, I've been thinking. Would it be possible to instead of using P in the shape file ( though I would recommend it staying optional ) use the block ID's in the grid. If you then check the real world versus the block ID in the shape file we could have almost unlimited amounts of different blocks in the gate shape. You could always disable blocks like TNT, torches etc.
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    I like it a lot. In truth, the show's wormhole mechanics were plot driven. The gate stayed open as long as it had to in order to forward the plot. I mean sometimes it would stay open the whole time, but mostly it closes just after the last person goes through.

    Your logic is great - proximity detection for leaving it open, otherwise shut it down - is great.
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    perhaps to make it easier as well, have it that the player who activated the gate is the only one who can activate the proximity_check_interval, making it easier for retreating players to make quick getaways, otherwise if raiding players are close behind you then they will activate the proximity_check_interval keeping it open for all the other raiders correct?

    Another thing, is there a way to put a protection of some sort on the iris lever, it would seem to be activated by anyone, making it very hard to keep it shut, perhaps implementing factions plugin into it, only faction members can activate the lever/button for the gates, unless the coding is not optimized for it, in which case we would need to wait.

    i like the theory and would be glad to see how it turns out
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    @deathnote1029 in fact if you restart the server all portal material is reset to AIR. There is no persistance or interval check against it. Only when you activate the iris lever then the content will be set to whatever PORTAL_MATERIAL was set to.

    Yes .. i admit its very hard to keep it closed because everyone can open or close it. I could limit iris lock and unlock per lever to owners only if it is that needed. So if the owner of the gate (the creator) activated it once and the player doesnt know the iris code then it would be locked till server or plugin reload.

    Currently this would be only available to dial gates cause sign powered gates dont have this logic implemented yet. Hmm i will think about it.

    Sum: Factions support could be done as soon as the logic is completely refactored and more flexible.

    Speaking of the proxCheck:
    Two methods can be implemented switchable (cause i remember it the same way as @sorklin did)

    General: Player who dialed the gate can keep the gate open til GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN is reached by not going through the gate (or some malfunction happened xD (i would like to implement that too but not yet, step by step))

    If the player who activated the gate goes through and has safely reached his destination
    1) Ignore the PROXIMITY_CHECK_INTERVAL and let the gate reach SHUTDOWN_TIMER
    2) Respect PROXIMITY_CHECK_INTERVAL and let it hit either GLOBAL_SHUTDOWN timer or "No players in range of source gate"-Event. This would mean shutdown the gate after the last PROXIMITY_CHECK_INTERVAL was executed + SHUTDOWN_TIMER
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