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    Tim Visee

    World Portal - Create portals using signs, pressureplates, buttons and more!
    The World Portal project page has been moved. Go to one of the two pages bellow to get to the World Portal project page, with the newest download available:​
    You can view the orriginal page in the spoiler bellow. It's highly recommended to visit one of the above sites, to view the up-to-date pages.
    Original Page (open)

    World Portal is a really usefull and simple to use plugin to make portals in your server. Players could use the portals to teleport to another location or even to another world. This is also really usefull when you have a large server so players could go to other places them self really easy.
    With World Portal you could even generate and teleport to other worlds, very smootly with no problems. You could make portals using, buttons, pressureplates, switches and even more.
    World Portal is the ultimate solution for portals, and even for multi world mangement.

    Official page (suggested): http://www.timvisee.com/projects/bukkit/world-portal/
    Bukkit DEV: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/world-portal/

    Video's (open)

    This video was made by gotgot1995. Please notice that this is an out-dated version of world portal but works almost the same as shown in the video.

    The video above was made by ThermalM16 which gives a great example of World Portal usage.

    This video was made byVerioHD.

    • Teleport to other locations and world with signs, pressureplates, buttons and more
    • Easily create portals using a single command
    • Generate new worlds
    • Portal break protection
    • Forces chunks to load when a player teleports to it
    • Multiworld support
    • Permissions Support
    • And even a lot more!
    Upcomming features
    • Mark a place and give it a name so you could easily link portals to it.
    • Payment system for the portals so the user needs to pay to go through the portal (optional for every portal!)
    • Easily link two portals to each other
    • Add a optional delay to the portals to teleport after 3 secconds for example.
    • Command to create a new world.
    • Create portals of detector rails, so players could be teleported when they are riding in a minecart on a track.
    • The optional ability to show a message in the world where the player was teleported to that that player has joined that world.
    • The optional option that mobs could teleport through portals (using pressureplates for example)
    Player Commands
    Command actionCommandsPermission-node
    Create a World Portal/wp create
    /worldportal create
    Disable creation mode/wp createstop
    Remove World Portals/wp removeworldportal.remove
    Disable remove mode/wp removestop
    Teleport to another location or world /wp tp <world>
    /wp tp <world> <x> <z>
    /wp tp <world> <x> <y> <z>
    Get your status/wp info
    Save all World Portals/wp saveworldportal.save
    Reload the plugin/wp reloadworldportal.reload
    Get plugin info/wp vers
    /wp version

    With the following links underneath you could download the World Portal plugin. With the first two links you could directly download the plugin. With the thirt link you'll go to the official download page where you could find all the download links and all the other versions of the plugin.
    World Portal 0.2.6 (hosted on dropbox.com)
    World Portal 0.2.6 (hosted on mediafire.com)
    All downloads and older versions (official download-page on timvisee.com)

    1. Download the plugin
    2. Add the WorldPortal.jar file and the folder 'World Portal' from the downloaded .zip file to the /plugin folder of the minecraft server. Also add the files inside the World Portal folder to the plugins/World Portal folder.
    3. Add the permission lines if you have a permissions system; (Look at the permissions paragraph underneeth)
    4. Start your server, and create your portals!

    Possible World Portal objects:
    Object nameObject IDAction
    Wall sign68Click
    Stone pressureplate70Touching
    Wooden pressureplate70Touching


    ActionPermission-nodeWithout permissions
    Teleport through World Portalsworldportal.usePlayer
    Create World Portalsworldportal.createOperator
    Remove World Portalsworldportal.removeOperator
    Teleport commandsworldportal.teleportOperator
    Save World Portalsworldportal.saveOperator
    Reload World Portalsworldportal.reloadOperator

    There are currently no bugs found :D

    Version 0.2.6 (3-10-2011)
    • World Portal will now auto generate it's config files if they don't exist.
    • The CraftBukkit API has been updated
    • The PermissionsEx API has been updated
    • Some other minor bug fixes.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.2.5 (9-8-2011)
    • Fixed the teleportation bugs
    • Fixed the permissions systems bugs
    • Fixed some other little bugs
    Version 0.2.4 (4-5-2011)
    • Fixed some little bugs
    Version 0.2.3 (16-3-2011)
    • Added Permissions System support for 'PermissionsEx' and 'PermissionsBukkit'
    • Fixed a little world generation bug!
    Version 0.2.2 (3-3-2011)
    • Fixed huge bug which disables the whole World Portal plugin
    Version 0.2.1 (29-2-2011)
    • Updated the event system of the plugin to the newest event system
    • Changed the 'permissions enabled' message
    • Added the command /wp ver as a shortcut to /wp version
    • Changed the /wp ver chat message
    Version 0.2 (12-2-2011)
    • Added a permission node which is needed to teleport thought portals.
    • Added the feature to set the looking direction for a portal while a player teleports through that portal.
    • Added the END world as an environment, so when you generate a world using World Portal it could be an END world.
    • Removed the SKYLANDS world environment, so you couldn't generate a skylands world anymore since the generation source was removed from minecraft.
    • The spamming entity error bug has been fixed, so no spamming entity bugs anymore!
    • 'Mooving too quickly' bug fixed!
    • Added a value 'here' as a location while creating a portal so you could easily link your portal to the place you're standing.
    • The file save and load system is a lot better and fixed. Now it should work fine, in the ealier version it happend sometimes that all the portal data was deleted by a save-file bug.
    • The plugin could load and save the portals a bit faster, also the whole plugin is cleaned up so the whole plugin should work faster too.
    • A lot of other annoying and stupid bugs are fixed!
    • And a lot more of features where added, removed or fixed!
    Version 0.1.1 (20-9-2011)
    • Fixed a chat message bug
    Version 0.1 (18-9-2011)
    • Plugin release
    Click here to see the full changelog

    Suggestions, Ideas and bugs
    If you have a suggestion or an idea, please tell me and maybe I will add it to the plugin!
    If you found any bug please tell me I will add it to the bug list and fix it as fast as I can.

    Please donate some money so I can buy some coffee to make better plugins, I really like it if you give a donation!
    Big thanks to pomerinke who donated me €5.00!
    Big thanks to Jumla who donated me €5.00!

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    Hey um well ive got Groupmanger and i want the Defaults not to be able to go through the teleporters how can i do that in the permissions it doesnt show in any groups - worldportal.use so ya how can i do it ?
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    Tim Visee

    Do you mean you arre not able to setup the permission node only for some special groups? Or do you mean it fdoesn't work for some reason? Do you see any message in the console that a permisions system is not found, or do you see any message in the console that the plugin hooked into groupmanager? Or do you have two systems installed?
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    it says [INFO] [World Portal] No Permissions system found! Permissions disabled!
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    Tim Visee

    Hmm, it doesn't protect your permissions system then. What permissions system are you using? Group manager from essentials or the orriginal group manager?
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    thnx but if people go in the 2th world (with worldportal) en they die they respawn in the 1st world how to fix it?
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    Tim Visee

    There's currently no 'fix' for this. This is like normal. When I remember it by that time I'll add an optional feature to disable this in the upcomming version
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    i hope so >D
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    I am running Group manger from essentials also when i launch my server (has nothing to do with world portal) it says ram used 256 MORE RAM NEEDED how do i add more ram i edit the run.bat to 1024M but it still says 256M MORE RAM NEEDED Any help?
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    Tim Visee

    Yes, sure this is an example code for running a server with 1GB ram;
    ECHO Starting Minecraft Server with 1GB RAM
    IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~-2%"=="64" "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar "%~dp0craftbukkit.jar"
    IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~-2%"=="86"  java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar "%~dp0craftbukkit.jar"
    Save it as a .bat (or .cmd) ofcource. And don't forget to rename your craftbukkit.jar file to craftbukkit.jar. Or change the craftbukkit.jar file name inside the .bat code.
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    first of all great plugin!!!

    Im quite new with server so ive installed an portal and i want all players be able to use them but i have no idea how to set permissions for that can someone help me?
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    I just put on my server, IT'S PERFECT!!!
    it has barely any commands (just what i like)
    i REALLY wanted one that lets you make other worlds. One Of My fav plugins =DDD
    Diamond For you =) [diamond]
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    every time a user teleports, he has to login with his password again -.-
    what's wrong?
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    Tim Visee

    Thanks, about the permissions system. I suggest to use Permissions Ex (also called Permissions Extra or PEX), this is a great permissions system! You'll find more information about how to set it up on it's pages, World Portal easily support's PEX, when you have PEX installed it will automaticly detect it, I also suggest to watch some tutorial video's on youtube for example.

    Thanks a lot, I hope I'm finished with the new vesrion soon.

    Thats a problem in your login plugin, but I'll try to fix this problem inside World Portal itself to force the player to be logged in, could you tell me the name of the plugin, or just the link to it's pages.

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    Hi there!
    I've been useing World Portal for awhile now and it seems then when i start my server up and i join the game i end up some funny places, however if the world is loaded before entering the game it works just fine.
    Just wanted to know if you where planing on adding a auto load world feature so that wouldn't happen?
    Anyways thanks for a great plugin!
    - Alex / Phoenix901
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    And also, can you make a map type for when you create a warp to a new world?
    i would love it if you could make one with options in the normal world with superflat or not one block in the map, sort of like skyblock survival with not one block at all on the map.
    I owlud appreciate it SOO much if you could do it
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    At first i must apologize for my lack of english language, but i'm trying to do my best ^^

    This Plugin is a good one with really nice ideas, but i got some Problems with it and i have some suggestions/ideas:

    At first The Problems:
    - I have a problem using pressure plate-portals while being in creative mode, it teleports me to the aimed place, but forces me to retype my password again! We are using "authme" and it would be nice if it would work together. In Survival Mode it seems to be fine though.

    - Another Problem is the facing direction after the teleport - I dunno why, but somehow it doesn't Work if u are teleporting to the same map you have teleportet from. It faces the direction, where u looked last or sometimes it is even facing a random direction

    - The last Problem is the creation of a new world. If that wasn't wanted, you somehow just simply can't delete it with the multiverse-plugin... It even doesnt know about its existence.

    Next a couple of suggestions/ideas:
    - If you type /wp create and rightclicked a button/lever/etc. - at first i wonder why u chose to just type it into the chat
    I got numerous times where it failed (even created Worlds which couldnt be removed easily due to the lack of multiverse support - which isnt your fault ;) ) because i or one of my helpers was just answering someones question...
    I wonder if u cant do it like that: you type "/wp create" -> rightclick on the block -> go to the place you want to be teleportet to, place yourself the way u want to be teleportet (with facing etc.) -> and just type "/wp target here" and it creates the Portal automatically with the worldname/positioning and facing? This would do it much easier to handle.
    You could also add further commands like "/wp target x,y,z 180" or "/wp target spawn 90" (which teleports you to spawn and face u to 90°) and so on if you want to do it manually. Another Idea is that the facing direction without a given degreenumber ("/wp target x,y,z" or "/wp target spawn") depends on where u looked at before teleporting.
    If it should be able to create another world you could just add another Command for it.
    I dunno how much work it would be to implement, but i would really appreciate it :)
    !It would be AWESOME! ;)

    - In Addition to the first Idea, it would be nice if you could name your Gates to extract the target of it like:
    "/wp create Name_of_Portal" and then define your target.
    Now if you are creating another portal with the same target of an existing Portal you could use "/wp target existing Name_of_Portal" and let it use the target of that portal which is useful if you got more than one portal to get to the same place. A useful addition to that could be "/wp list" to get all given portalnames with its location.

    - Next is something i dunno which plugin is doing that, but if you use "/tp playername" it teleports you to the player after typing "/back" you are at the same place you were before the tp command. Somehow, teleporting with WorldPortals, the "/back" command is useless - a little problematic sometimes ^^

    So far, keep up the great work ;)

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    I added this plugin thinking I could use a button to teleport to another city in my game but instead it's creating another world. In your video, the guy only had to teleport down the street, not to another world. How do I just set the button to teleport to another city and not make another world?
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    Ah, this one I can answer. When you make the portal, one of the prompts asks what world you want to link to. If you're in the main world of your server, the name of the world should be "world", but if you're running a custom setup it would be different.
    If you want to check what the name of the world is, just go to the main directory of your server, in there is a folder named after your world. Any new worlds you create with WP will also be placed in the main directory.
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    Thank you so much!
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    Any chance of an update on the progress of the new version Tim? Not trying to badger, just curious.
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    Tim Visee

    Yes this is available in the upcomming version.

    Yes I love your idea. The following world generators are going to be available
    • Normal
    • Nether
    • End
    • Flat
    • Empty (the one you suggested ;))
    • Skylands (maybe!)
    • <custom added generators by other plguins using the API>

    Hi, I love your post, and you're gonna by happy with the reply! ;)

    1. I heard other people too about the auth system, I was working on it but I wasn't finished yet, if authme does have an API I should be able to easily fix this.
    2. I also heard people about the facing direction. It's because the chunk you are teleporting too isn't loaded yet, so you are teleported to it, rotated, then the chunk is going to be loaded and you're facing direction is going to be resetted. Anyhow, in the new version this should be fixed because the chunk will load before you teleport to it ;)
    3. About the multiverse thing.. One little notice, the new version of World Portal is going to be a fully replacement for multiverse! It should have all of their functions with even more! So yes, you probably have to remove multiverse with the new update because I'm not sure if it's going to be causing problems.

    4. This whole system is rewritten already, it should be a lot easier in the upcomming version!
    5. All that command for resetting the facing direction, the location and all that kind of things are going to be available, also payment and you're even able to link a permission node to a portal.

    6. The portal names are also a feature in the upcomming version, exactly for the same use you suggested it for. YOu are also going to be able to create a 'point', that is just a location with a direction. You're going to be able to link a portal to that specific point, I added this feature so you could easily link about 10 portals to the same place if you created a point right there so you don't have to fill in the coordinates every time.

    About that /tp command and the /back command, these aren't commands from World Portal, because of this I'm not sure what there doing. If I understand it in the right way /back teleports you back to the previous location before teleported, right? What I'm thinking is that the /back command does teleport you back, but because you're standing on the portal, because that's the place you teleported a way it imidietly teleports you away again.

    Hope this helps!
    Tim Visée

    First you have to know your world name, that's probably 'world'. While creating a portal just fill in the world name 'world', so just the world you're currently in and where youre city is in, then it wouldn't create a new world because it already exists.

    Hope this helps,
    Tim Visée

    Sorry I didn't saw your reply AGAIN, haha. I imidietly answer posts before reading the reply's on it, not the best idea thou.

    Yes, like I told, I was 2 weeks a way, I'm back now and I've A LOT of time to work on it!

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    Thanks so much!!!
    Gonna love the next update =D
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    Hello! is there a way I can be the only one who can build in my areas? I dont want ops to be able to build. I am the server owner...
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    Hi, I think I've found a bug with 1.3.1. Whenever I reload the plugin or restart the server, WP forgets all the warps I've set. I get no error message when loading the server, and as long as the server doesn't restart, the portals work fine. Thanks! :)
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    there is a bug in 1.3, when you teleport, we lose our XP
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    if you logout in a seperate world you end up soffocating half the time when the server restarts...

    I.e. i have the World named "world" (main one it auto creates). then i have one named "1.31" . If i logout in the 1.31 world and then save and shutdown the server. re-boot it up and login i will be inside some blocks and suffocate (i'm guessing im at the co-ords where i logged out of the "1.31" but in the "world" so i might be inside a hill etc.

    Anyway to force load all worlds on startup or for it to know and spawn you in the correct location and correct world?
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    sorry this is not your fault, I found the problem! thank you.
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    So no clue how or why this is happening, but I'm trying to create a portal from my spawn to a separate world (a PvP world)

    The spawn is at about y=200, the target block is at y=65

    So I create the pressure plate, link it to the other world, say "401 65 80" for coords, and 180 for facing. It links perfectly, but when I step onto the pressure plate, I fall 135 blocks to my death. I've checked in the config and it shows the following:

    Spawn|289 201 245|PvP|401 65 80

    The coordinates are right - so why is this launching me to my death?

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, this is using 1.3.1 - the latest build of CB
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    Tim Visee

    Use a permissions system.

    Do you have this problem with the newest bukkit version? If you do another plugin causes this problem, on my server it works like normal.

    It might be because 1.3.1. I hope it will work again when I finished the version I'm currently working on.

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    This issue also apparently only works on people who have creative mode on - if creative mode is off, you're teleported perfectly fine. However, if you have creative mode on, it will teleport you to the exact same coordinates in the other world (when you switch worlds on my server, you lose creative mode - so that would be why I get launched to my death)
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