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    Current version: 2.2.4

    This project is moving to BukkitDev! Go here!
    The information on this post is no longer being maintained. This topic is here for historical reference. I would strongly prefer if BukkitDev were used over this, so that I can keep communication all in one place.

    2.2 brings a few new features and a ton of bug fixes. Most tickets that were open against the plugin are now closed with this release. Check it out over at BukkitDev!

    So, I was thinking the other day about how long it takes to travel from place to place. I figured that portals to the nether would be pretty cool when they work, (oh hey now they do) but I wanted a quick way to get anywhere. /warp works, but that is just too easy for users. As such, I decided to write my own plugin to do this. One day later, enter TravelPortals.


    They're fairly simple to use, though I will admit that I would like a more intuitive interface than using commands. Portals are 3x3, and consist of 6 pieces of obsidian, a door, and a redstone torch for the center. From above, the portal looks like this:
    n o n
    o R o
    n D n
    o is a stack of two obsidian blocks, D is a door, and R is a redstone torch. n can be any block or air. It does not matter. After you have constructed the frame, place a redstone torch at the bottom. It should tell you that you have created a portal, and fill up with water.
    Just add a redstone torch!

    After this, just give the portal a name, and give it the name of another portal for the destination and you're set. As long as the destination portal exists, walking into it will take you straight there. For help in-game, type /portal help.

    Yes, this does work across multiple worlds.

    Using /portal help will list all of the commands in game. The important commands are /portal name, /portal warp, /portal list, and /portal hide.

    Here is a video explaining exactly how to make them, provided by MinecraftZero.

    Old Change Log (open)

    New changes will be shown on the BukkitDev project. This is no longer maintained.
    Recent Changes:
    - Fixed a small world loading issue. If you ever had issues with multiworld worlds not loading right, this build is for you!

    - moved TravelPortals.ser to the data folder (finally)
    - also moved travelportals.txt to data folder
    - more intuitive backup system that should remedy any problems with saves
    -- new configuration variable; lets you define how many backups of the portals to keep. This should make recovery easy if anything ever goes wrong.
    - lots of code fixes - if anyone saw all of the misuse of static in the plugin, it's fixed!
    - A minor typo that may not have even been in a released version of the plugin
    - Gives a user feedback when just using /portal.
    Note: Another build may be released in the coming days, but it will have no new functional updates. I just want to work on the documentation a bit; getting a functional release out seemed more important than this.

    - Cooldown time is now variable. The config option is "cooldown" and the default has been changed to 8.
    - Made hidden portal destinations show up as such.
    - Fixed a small issue with the included config file. Replace or repair yours if you want both door types to work right. The second instance of door needs to be door2.
    - Permissions fix because I goofed up something minor. If you don't use permissions, don't worry about this one.
    - Fix for portals not always triggering in recent versions.
    - /portal info now shows info about nearby portals, or those named. (Permission node:
    - /portal deactivate [name] will deactivate a portal given its name. The physical portal will be untouched, but all data related to it will be deleted. This is op only without permissions, and should only be used for cleanup. (Permission node: travelportals.command.deactivate)
    - /portal export Will export all portals to a text file. The format is: x,y,z,name,destination. There is a new configuration option that will automate this process whenever a portal is made or destroyed.
    - /portal list is now paginated and shows portal destinations. This looks indescribably better than the old version.
    - Support for metal doors is now on by default. There is now a second configuration option for doors - both block types can be used to make a portal. If you do not want this functionality, set the second door type to be the same as your first door type, as laid out in the comments in the new configuration file.
    - Minor changes to the save system; whenever TravelPortals.ser is saved, the older version is moved to TravelPortals_ser.bak, and the new one takes its place. This might help with the random deletions one user referred to. There is also more debugging information available if something happens to go wrong.
    - Migration to the BLOCK_DESTROY hook; I figured this would trigger when a block was destroyed by anything. WRONG. It is more optimal than the alternative, however.
    - Various bug fixes, code cleanup, and user output cleanup.
    - onCommand fix.
    - Block damage fix. (To developers wondering, org.bukkit.block.BlockDamageLevel.BROKEN has become org.bukkit.block.BlockDamageLevel.STOPPED. Your code will compile fine but blocks will not break right.)
    - Configuration file support! (plugins/TravelPortals/config.yml)
    -- Customize the types of blocks used to construct the portal
    - Permissions support (Thanks to Cecer)
    - Minor bug fixes.
    1.2 (and its derivatives)
    - Multiworld support!
    - Various bug fixes.

    Latest Version: Download

    If you want help with this plugin, please provide the following information about your server setup. It will help me figure out what is wrong, and what you or I can do about it. Your failure to include this information in support requests may result in your post being ignored.

    Help Requests (open)

    I receive a good amount of requests for support with this plugin. Some of them are better than others; if you do not want to be part of the second category, I will need some information about your server, and how it is set up. Simply telling me "it doesn't work" does not tell me anything. I run the most recent version of this on my own server with around 60 users; I'm pretty sure it is capable of working in at least some settings.

    Please provide as much of this information as you can reasonably find. If I detail how to get it, I want you to do that!
    - an EXTREMELY detailed description of the problem (Don't spare any words; I don't mind reading)
    - Any errors shown in the console
    - Any errors shown to the client
    - All of the information from /debug info and /plugins
    - Server's CraftBukkit build (go to the console and type /version; provide that.)
    - Any changes in your setup that preceeded the errors
    - Any other details that could be relevant.

    Source code is in the dev.bukkit git repository!

    Please report any bugs via email, or here.

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    Just asking, how can i connect my server to the craftbukkit? i have no idea how to configure it, and i looked for more then 1 hour trying to connect it =/..
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    Hey guys, if you allow me to do it, then I'd like to update this plugin as i love it and it is great! Please let me do it and then release it under the same name, I'd greately appreciate as this is the only teleport plugin that fits my needs! Thanks!
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    I'm going to politely ask you not to since I have a more updated version I have to rebuild against the latest bukkit. I unfortunately do not know when I will get time to debug and release this version, then rewrite the portions broken by yet another set of breaking updates for minimal gain.

    If you want to do it, by all means go for it. You can release it, but know that unlike my other plugin, this one is NOT discontinued. I am simply dealing with a pair of ridiculous family emergencies at the same time which combined with college is taking up more time than I normally have in my days. This is not a promise, but if I manage to finagle my time right, I'll try to get a new version of this out on Saturday.

    I suggest that if you want this working for the latest version and want it right now, you do it privately, and perhaps provide an unofficial release in this topic. If I happen to be online when you do it I might toss it in the main post for the time being.

    I am sorry that I do not have the time to maintain this as fast as other plugin developers, but believe me, I am really trying.
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    I have updated the plugin, added wool support so you can make any color portals now, i also added some changes, and i wanted to add /portal delete but i couldnt find any ways to delete a portal with a script. I did this so far (i removed the other if and else statements that check if you typed it correctly + make it secure for making it shorter):
                else if (split[1].equalsIgnoreCase("delete"))
                    player.sendMessage("You have deleted portal " + split[2]);
                    String target = split[2];
    warpLocations.remove() may not be the way of removing the portal, i tried about 15 functions though but none of them worked. If you don't want me to release this version, I wont, but I will rename the project then and release it on another name, if it's OK. If you can, please help with that, I'd greatly appreciate.

    P.S: if you want the updated version (i named it v0.23) then I'll upload it ;)
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    Wow, that was really quick. As for the /portal delete function, I never did that because I intended portals to need to be physically destroyed to be broken; much like nether portals. If I could have found a good way to avoid using commands entirely, I would have. If my memory is working right, you did delete portals correctly. I can't promise the wool support will make it into any future releases I make, but I'll take a look at what you've done with it when I have a little time. I'd like to have it as a toggle-able option if nothing else.

    If you want to release it in this topic, by all means, go for it. I was figuring you were only going to fix the issues presented by the most recent updates; I didn't expect any new functionality. One thing if you do release it though; PLEASE provide the updated source code. This is of particular interest to me, since I'm not abandoning this project and such.
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    The command i mentioned doesnt work, i'd be grateful if you could add that to your source and tell me how to do it. Also, I am going to redesign the portal system probably with my friend, so we will probably open a new topic, but if you will still want it, it'll be on github :) I hope you can fix the delete function though, it'd be nice if you could delete a portal from the config quickly, and theres no ned for destroying it.
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    Glad you guys are working together on this. And cppshriscpp hope things get better for you soon. Family 1st bud.
    cant wait to get this pluggin working 100%.

    Quick ?. Does the doorwarp.ser get created when you start making warp gates?

    I'm so busy with other plugins atm I havent had time to even test this yet fully.
    I'm not good with the diagrams :) I'll get it.

    Thanks to both of you on this.

    Oh you added a readme and source, THANK YOU!
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    Yeah, the readme and source have always been there. I don't release things without documentation, and as far as bukkit plugins go, I always release source.

    Yes, doorwarp.ser is created when you create a portal; or possibly as soon as you start the server. I have forgotten whether I do that immediately, but one of the two cases is true. Tonight or tomorrow I should have a little time to work on this, so I might actually be able to get something out soon. Glad people are able to use it.
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    It doesnt make the file when you start the server so its when you make one your portals.
    I somehow missed the read me the 1st time i got it. not sure how that happens. Im good with that.
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    How do you delete Portals?
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    The same way you delete hell portals. Break a block or two.
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    You got a cool attitude about unofficial updates of your plugin, cppchriscpp, laid back. I'll wait patiently for any updates you're thinking of tossing out there. Good luck on the family front.
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    Heads up, I finally got the new version out! It should fix the issue with users sometimes facing the wrong direction upon exiting a portal. It now stores this, but old portals will need to be used once before the bug is fixed. In addition, the portals file has been moved from doorwarp.ser to the more logical TravelPortals.ser. (This was because I changed the save format. I have also updated it in such a way that I won't have to make such a transition again when I update the save format.)
    For the person looking to work with the code, first of all, I added the source code to the zip now. I goofed and left it out with the build I doubt anyone got to downloading yet -- it should be fixed by the time you read this. Second of all, to delete portals in code, you would need to get the index of the portal by its name using TravelPortals.getWarp(name). You would then need to remove the portal at that index from the ArrayList that has all of the portals in it. (TravelPortals.warpLocations.removeAt(index), if memory serves.) If it cannot find a portal with that name, getWarp will return -1, so make sure you check for this!
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    are you planning to add a sign to select a destination from like the stargate plugin from hey0?
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    As I answered last time this question was asked, no. This is not the stargate plugin, and I do not intend it to be that.
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    I don't think that adding that kind of feature makes it the stargate plugin, and it's hard to think of another way to configure a portal without using chat commands that doesn't involve the use of a sign.
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    I don't intend to rewrite the plugin to avoid usage of commands; I apologize if I implied that. If Mojang (or bukkit?) adds a way to make some kind of a prompt for users, maybe a sign dialog that pops up via some trigger in the code, I would like it to ask the player to name the portal and set its destination as soon as it is made. I find asking the user to place a sign and put the name and destination on it in some odd format to be very clunky; more so than the current command interface.

    Sorry again for the confusion, but I do not intend to change how this system works unless I can find a way to set portal names and destinations that is less dumb-proof.
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    Ahh, I misunderstood. My mistake, and thanks for the clarification.

    On another note:
    I'd like to add portal locations / connections to my sever's map. Can you make any suggestions for parsing the doorwarp/TravelPortals.ser file, or is there any chance of a write-only export command (or just timed interval) that would output portal locations, names and destinations in another format (json, txt, csv, etc.)?
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    Jake Radcliff

    When I put the portal together, with the redstone torch and door, I use /portal name home and it tells me "No portal found! (You must be within one block of the portal)." I am within one block of the portal. Am i putting the door in the correct place?[​IMG]
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    That looks completely right other than the fact that it did not turn into a portal. It should have filled with water and sent something to you saying you have created a portal.

    Check your server log and see if there's a line that says the plugin initialized, or alternatively if there are any error messages.

    Sorry I didn't respond sooner; I don't have access to my main pc that actually notifies me of new emails (read: new posts)
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    iConomy support?
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    How would that work? I can't come up with a purpose for it beyond being some dumb extra quirk.

    I guess I won't give you my initial response of no without further explanation, but I have a hard time seeing a purpose for it, and plus I do not use it on the server this was built for, and I do not intend to start doing so.
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    Heh, people think it's more fun to charge for things, apparently. In a way I can kind of understand that, cppchriscpp - I mean, once the portal's up, it's totally free to use. Someone might feel that you ought to be depleted of some kind of resource when you teleport across the map.

    I personally disagree; I feel that the cost of building a TravelPortal (7 obsidian, 1 redstone torch, and a door) is fairly high. I feel that those things are not particularly easy to get, especially in enough quantity to build two. That's the entry cost to using this plugin's functionality.

    That said, a /portal cost 1000 or something would probably make some people happy and would probably be fairly cheap to code, assuming iConomy isn't a nightmare to deal with. I don't think portals have their creators set, so it isn't like you'd pay a toll to the guy who "owns" the portal - which I suspect is what Phanku actually wants. But a fee anyone is charged to use the portal (said fee just vanishes out of someone's balance into the ether) might be cute. Might even fight inflation on an iConomy server.

    In short, it'd be a mildly dumb extra quirk, and I wouldn't personally use it, but I bet if it were in, people would use the feature.

    Thanks for adding /portal hide - it works just like you'd guess. Is there any way to return the name of an existing portal you're standing next to? I guess you can just rename it to whatever you want, though, once you're right there.
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    Not the worst idea.. with time being the problem it is though, that's not likely to happen too soon.

    And there isn't a way to return it shy of using /portal hide again. Also I just realized I never added that to the readme, or to the top post. I'll add it to the post now, but as a note to myself, ADD IT TO THE README.
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    Is there any chance of custom portal design?
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    I believe one of the plugins that does real portal blocks allows for that, but these are relatively set in how they work. I am not too interested in adding configuration for this at this time. If anything does happen, the only configuration options that will be available are the type of blocks that make up the portal, (currently obsidian) the door type, (wooden door) the torch type, (redstone torch) and the portal fill type. (Currently water)

    If you want custom shapes or sizes, I do not intend to support this. Sorry if this comes as a disappointment.
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    First, thanks for the plugin, we really like it, and when I saw that it now supported the multiple worlds, I thought great, and updated both the plugin and Bukkit (bukkit is now build 274), but I am no longer able to use existing portals, they give the error :

    New portals work fine.
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    This is quite a bizarre error - I cannot reproduce it at all. I am not sure why what happened to you is happening. However, I did make an attempted fix. Redownload the plugin, and try this version. Hopefully it will alleviate any problems you have.

    If it is still failing, there are a few steps you can take. The first is simply restarting your server. (This might be a no-brainer, but just in case.) Failing that, one of the newest versions of the plugin changed the save format, and in the automatic conversion process, it should have left behind a doorwarp.ser.bak file. If all else fails, rename TravelPortals.ser to something else, and rename doorwarp.ser.bak to doorwarp.ser, and restart the server. This will force the plugin to re-import the old portals. Any portals created since the update will naturally be lost, however this is a potential solution in the worst case scenario.

    Let me know if the new version solves your problems, or if you have to use any of the troubleshooting methods work. Also, out of curiosity, did you restart the server after loading the latest version of this plugin, or did you use some method to reload it?

    Edit: Oh, and this was tested against build 282.
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    Will test shortly and let you know.
    I did try restarting (first thing I did). One thing - I only installed the plugin a few days ago, so the portals were already in TravelPortals.ser so there wasn't a backup file from an old version.

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