[TP] SuperTele v1.0 - The easy way to teleport people. [1.2.5-R3.0]

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    We have moved to BukkitDev and my new account!
    Click the link above to download it! It has less glitched and will be kept updated!
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    Will be useful! Will try later :D
  3. Nice!
    Does it make people OP use only coz u dont have permissions yet for this?
    I dont want normal players to have this command :)
  4. added in 1.1
  5. oh right sry didnt notice^^ my bad.
    Ill be downloading this and also thank you for nice cactus farm guide :)
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    Why not just use onComand() and args[]? I'm new, can you please explain?
  7. Idk thats just how I do it... coding styles can differ from player to player!
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    title shoudl use recommended CB builds if you don't need some advanced APIs or such...
  9. fixed the title


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    Just add a tpc [player] for go to player and tpchere [player] for sumon player, and your plugin is perfect, light and i LOVE it ;)
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    Any chance you can add a component cost for using the command (eg: redstone dust?) ?
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    both links are down except the ad goes to ad but the mediafire link is down
  13. That's weird I fixed them but it worked if you waited like 10 seconds... it "repaired" the download.?
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    ok thanks ill try it
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    Can this mod move someone from their current position by a distance, rather than to an absolute coordinate?

    (i.e. something like "/tpc +0 +10 +0" to teleport someone ten blocks above their current position)
  16. Hi, i have run this command but it doesn't work, why?
    "/tpc [223] [54] [199]"

    Thih is the output in the console:

    I have take the coordinates by pressing "F3" on my keyboard
    PS: Sorry for my bad english.
  17. Don't put the numbers in brackets. It should be /tpc 223 54 199
  18. Ah ok, my mistake lol, thanks

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