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    Stargate - The Bukkit Port. A portal plugin.
    Version: 0.6.10
    CraftBukkit: 1317
    Addons: Stargate-DHD

    Plugin Dependencies:
    Permissions 2.x/3.x (Optional)
    Register (Optional, will allow any Economy plugin to be used)

    I require a few things to offer support to you. First, I need you to enable debug mode (set debug to true in the Stargate config.yml file). Second, I need you to post your server.log file to and post a link to that in the topic. Then I need you to paste both your Stargate config.yml, and your Permissions config to and link to those as well. Without this information I will be unable to help you, so do yourself a favor and post the required information!

    This plugin supports Permissions 2.x/3.x as well as SuperPerms via the PermissionsBukkit plugin or another SuperPerms manager.
    This plugin supports Register -- This will allow use of any economy plugin that Register supports

    This is a port of the Stargate plugin from hMod - Originally by Dinnerbone/Sturmeh.
    Create gates that allow for instant-teleportation between large distances. Gates can be always-open, or triggered, they can be hidden, or accessible to everybody, they can share a network, or they can be split into clusters.


    Language Packs
    ============= -- German (Thanks EduardBaer) -- Dutch (Thanks Grovert11) -- Russian (Thanks ckr@jk) -- French (Thanks Dauphin14)

    Known Issues

    User Videos
    ============= - Tutorial video by @BIG_PIP_IN - A few notes:
    1) The 'F' option is actually to create a 'F'ree gate. A fixed gate is when you specify a destination on the second line.
    2) The button is automagically created for you, so there's no need to actually place a button, but no harm in it either

    I now fully implemented SuperPerms support, which meant an overhaul of the Permissions nodes. I also removed the network/world filter options as they are completely handled by Permissions now with no need for an option. The new permissions nodes means you may need to redo your permissions setup.
    A child node (indented) will be given if a player has the parent node (So a player with stargate.use will have access to all* nodes essentially, though it's not implemented like this you can think of it like this).

    If you want to have more control over who can use what network, first set the stargate.use permission to false (This is REQUIRED, as it defaults to true, and is a full override). When using the network/world nodes, you will need to set up BOTH nodes, leaving out either or will result in 'Permission Denied' errors.
    Once you have disabled stargate.use, you can either give individual{name} nodes, or give them and set specific{name} nodes to false to deny access to those specific networks.
    Worlds work in the same way, though with{name}. (Make sure to set up both AND nodes to avoid Permission Denied errors).
    Create and destroy permissions work along the same lines, stargate.create/stargate.destroy will override all other options, if you want more fine-tuned control first set those permissions to false, then give and use the subnodes to remove specific networks/gates.

    If you are not using stargate.use, stargate.create or stargate.destroy then you MUST define EVERYTHING yourself for that specific set of nodes

    stargate.use -- Allow use of all gates linking to any world in any network (Override ALL network/world permissions. Set to false to use network/world specific permissions) -- Allow use of gates linking to any world (For Permissions 2.x/3.x please use*){world} -- Allow use of gates with a destination in {world}. Set to false to disallow use. -- Allow use of gates on all networks (For Permissions 2.x/3.x please use*){network} -- Allow use of all gates in {network}. Set to false to disallow use.
    stargate.option -- Allow use of all options
      stargate.option.hidden -- Allow use of 'H'idden
      stargate.option.alwayson -- Allow use of 'A'lways-On
      stargate.option.private -- Allow use of 'P'rivate -- Allow use of 'F'ree
      stargate.option.backwards -- Allow use of 'B'ackwards -- Allow use of 'S'how
    stargate.create -- Allow creating gates on any network (Override all create permissions)
      stargate.create.personal -- Allow creating gates on network {playername} -- Allow creating gates on any network (For Permissions 2.x/3.x please use*){networkname} -- Allow creating gates on network {networkname}. Set to false to disallow creation on {networkname}
      stargate.create.gate -- Allow creation of any gate layout (For Permissions 2.x/3.x please use stargate.create.gate.*)
        stargate.create.gate.{gatefile} -- Allow creation of only {gatefile} gates
    stargate.destroy -- Allow destruction gates on any network (Orderride all destroy permissions)
      stargate.destroy.personal -- Allow destruction of gates owned by user only -- Allow destruction of gates on any network (For Permissions 2.x/3.x please use*){networkname} -- Allow destruction of gates on network {networkname}. Set to false to disallow destruction of {networkname} -- Allow free use/creation/destruction of gates -- Allow free use of Stargates -- Allow free creation of Stargates -- Allow free destruction of Stargates
    stargate.admin -- Allow all admin features (Hidden/Private only so far)
      stargate.admin.private -- Allow use of Private gates not owned by user
      stargate.admin.hidden -- Allow access to Hidden gates not ownerd by user
    Please read this if you are using PermissionsEx
    PermissionsEx loads nodes in a very screwed up manner. You need to put any wildcards AFTER their negations. So if you want to allow access to all networks except 'Bah' you would do it as such:
    This is a PermissionsEx issue, and there is nothing I can do to make it easier to use negations.

    Default Permissions
    stargate.use -- Everyone
    stargate.create -- Op
    stargate.destroy -- Op
    stargate.option -- Op -- Op
    stargate.admin -- Op

    Building a gate:
       O  O - These are Obsidian blocks. You need 10.
       O  O - Place a sign on either of these two blocks of Obsidian.
       O  O
    Sign Layout:
    - Line 1: Gate Name (Max 11 characters)
    - Line 2: Destination Name [Optional] (Max 11 characters, used for fixed-gates only)
    - Line 3: Network name [Optional] (Max 11 characters)
    - Line 4: Options [Optional] ('A' for always-on fixed gate, 'H' for hidden networked gate, 'P' for a private gate, 'F' for a free gate, 'B' is a backwards gate (You will come out the back), 'S' is for showing always-on gates in their destination list)

    The options are the single letter, not the word. So to make a private hidden gate, your 4th line would be 'PH'.

    Show Spoiler

    Using a gate:
    - Right click the sign to choose a destination.
    - Right click the button to open up a portal.
    - Step through.

    Fixed gates:
    - Fixed gates go to only one set destination.
    - Fixed gates can be linked to other fixed gates, or normal gates. A normal gate cannot open a portal to an always-open fixed gate however.
    - To create a fixed gate, specify a destination on the second line of the stargate sign.
    - Set the 4th line of the stargate sign to "A" to enable an always-open fixed gate.

    Gate networks:
    - Gates are all part of a network, by default this is "central".
    - You can specify (and create) your own network on the third line of the sign when making a new gate.
    - Gates on one network will not see gates on the second network, and vice versa.
    - Gates on different worlds, but in the same network, will see eachother.

    Hidden Gates:
    - Hidden gates are like normal gates, but only show on the destination list of other gates under certain conditions.
    - A hidden gate is only visible to the creator of the gate, or somebody with the stargate.hidden permission.
    - Set the 4th line of the stargate sign to 'H' to make it a hidden gate.

    iConomy Support:
    The latest version of Stargate has support for iConomy. Gate creation, destruction and use can all have different costs associated with them.
    There is a default cost defined in the Stargate config.yml, and you can define per-gate layout costs in the custom .gate files you create.
    To define a certain cost to a gate just add these lines to your .gate file:

    Custom Gate Layout
    You can create as many gate formats as you want, the gate layouts are stored in plugins/Stargate/gates/
    The .gate file must be laid out a specific way, the first lines will be config information, and after a blank line you will lay out the gate format. Here is the default nether.gate file:
    portal-open/closed are used to define the material in the gate when it is open or closed.
    "X" and "-" are used to define block "types" for the layout (Any single-character can be used, such as "#").
    In the gate format, you can see we use "X" to show where obsidian must be, "-" where the controls (Button/sign) are.
    You will also notice a "*" in the gate layout, this is the "exit point" of the gate, the block at which the player will teleport in front of.
    As of v0.5.5 you can use block data in .gate files in the format:
    Which would make the block only work if it's black wool. If no data is supplied any type of that block (Any color wool) will work.

    default-gate-network - The default gate network
    portal-folder - The folder your portal databases are saved in
    gate-folder - The folder containing your .gate files
    destroyexplosion - Whether to destroy a stargate with explosions, or stop an explosion if it contains a gates controls.
    useiconomy - Whether or not to use iConomy
    createcost - The cost to create a stargate
    destroycost - The cost to destroy a stargate (Can be negative for a "refund"
    usecost - The cost to use a stargate
    chargefreedestination - Enable to allow free travel from any gate to a free gate
    freegatesgreen - Enable to make gates that won't cost the player money show up as green
    toowner - Whether the money from gate-use goes to the owner or nobody
    maxgates - If non-zero will define the maximum amount of gates allowed in a network.
    lang - The language to use (Included languages: en, de)

    debug - Whether to show massive debug output
    permdebug - Whether to show massive permission debug output

    Message Customization
    As of 0.6.5 it is possible to customize all of the messages Stargate displays, including the [Stargate] prefix. You can find the strings in plugins/Stargate/lang/en.txt.
    If a string is removed, or left blank, it will not be shown when the user does the action associated with it.
    There are three special cases when it comes to messages, these are:
    ecoDeduct=Spent %cost%
    ecoRefund=Redunded %cost%
    ecoObtain=Obtained %cost$ from Stargate %portal%

    As you can see, these three strings have variables in them. These variables are fairly self-explanatory.
    The full list of strings is as follows:
    destroyMsg=Gate Destroyed
    invalidMsg=Invalid Destination
    blockMsg=Destination Blocked
    denyMsg=Access Denied
    destEmpty=Destination List Empty

    ecoDeduct=Deducted %cost%
    ecoRefund=Redunded %cost%
    ecoObtain=Obtained %cost$ from Stargate %portal%
    ecoInFunds=Insufficient Funds

    createMsg=Gate Created
    createNetDeny=You do not have access to that network
    createPersonal=Creating gate on personal network
    createNameLength=Name too short or too long.
    createExists=A gate by that name already exists
    createFull=This network is full
    createWorldDeny=You do not have access to that world
    createConflict=Gate conflicts with existing gate

    Q) Why aren't gates destroyed when I remove the obsidian with a tool like the superpickaxe?
    A) Because when you use a plugin tool such as that, it SETS the block to air, it doesn't destroy it in the same way as hitting it does. Therefor no block destroy hooks are called.

    Q) How do I make a custom .gate file?
    A) Take a look at plugins/Stargate/gates/nethergate.gate, it has all of the information you'll need. You will need to work on a COPY of nethergate.gate however, as nethergate.gate is overwritten on plugin startup.

    Q) Does this plugin work with {X}?
    A) I really don't know, I don't know how {X} is implemented, or whether they will conflict. I'm also about as interested in looking into it as you are apparently ;)

    Q) What is a "Hidden Gate"?
    A) A hidden gate is a gate on a network that is only shown on other gates destination lists if the player looking at them is its creator, or somebody with the stargate.hidden permission. A hidden gate can still be dialed out from by anybody unless it's set to Private.

    Q) What is a "Private Gate"?
    A) A private gate is a gate that can only be dialed out from by its creator, or somebody with the stargate.private permission. If it's not hidden then anybody can still dial into this gate.

    Q) What does "destroyexplosion" do?
    A) If "destroyexplosion" is false, and an explosion even touched a portal control (Sign or button) the entire explosion is cancelled. If it is true, then the gate will be destroyed as if somebody had removed the sign/button. There is currently no way I can stop just the sign/button from being destroyed, which is why the entire explosion must be stopped.

    Q) What does "stargate.create.personal" allow players to do?
    A) If a player has stargate.create.personal, they can create Stargates that have the network name set as their username, or a substring thereof (The maximum length of a network is 11 characters, so I had to substr the name). This allows a specific group to be able to create their own personal Stargate network. This network will not interfere with any other Stargate networks as everything is stored separately in memory.

    Q) Why is PlayerB getting "Access Denied" when trying to go through a gate PlayerA opened?
    A) Only one user can use a stargate at a time, if PlayerA sets the sign, nobody else can hit the button. If PlayerA sets the sign/hits the button, nobody else can walk through the gate. Always-Open Fixed Gates are an exception, as they have no "Active User".

    Q) What does this error mean "[WARNING] [Stargate] Missing destination point in .gate file nethergate.gate"?
    A) This error means there is no destination point in your .gate file, please read the section on custom gate layouts.

    Q) Why can't I use "/sg reload"?
    A) This command is only usable from the console, and will stay that way.

    Q) Can you add command X?
    A) No, the only command this plugin will ever have is /sg reload, and that's a console-only command.

    Q) Why do I get kicked with the message "You moved too quickly!(Hacking?)" when I use a gate?
    A) Stargate is not compatible with iZone.

    Q) I gave my users '' and '' but they can't use gates, why not?
    A) If you are using Permissions 2.x/3.x please use '*' and '*' respectively. This is a difference in how Permissions and SuperPerms are implemented.

    Q) My permissions aren't working properly, help!
    A) Turn on both debug and permdebug, you will get a LOT of output when using gates. First of all, try to determine the issue yourself based on this output. If all else fails, and only if all else fails, post your log and ask for me to resolve the issue for you.

    Q) The Russian lang pack isn't showing ingame, why not?
    A) You need to have a client mod to get russian characters in-game, same with any non-ANSI characters. Please Google for this as I don't know how to install them.

    Q) How do I enable debug mode?
    A) Add the following to your config.yml:
    debug: true
    permdebug: true

    [Version 0.6.10]
    - Added Register support as opposed to iConomy
    [Version 0.6.9]
    - Added UTF-8 support (With or without BOM)
    [Version 0.6.8]
    - Fixed unmanned carts losing velocity through gates
    - /sg reload now properly switches languages
    [Version 0.6.7]
    - Added lang option
    - Removed language debug output
    - Added German language (lang=de) -- Thanks EduardBaer
    [Version 0.6.6]
    - Added %cost% and %portal% to all eco* messages
    - Fixed an issue when creating a gate on a network you don't have access to
    - I can't spell
    [Version 0.6.5]
    - Moved printed message config to a seperate file
    - Added permdebug option
    - Hopefully fix path issues some people were having
    - Fixed iConomy creation cost
    - Added 'S'how option for Always-On gates
    - Added 'stargate.create.gate' permissions
    [Version 0.6.4]
    - Fixed iConomy handling
    [Version 0.6.3]
    - Fixed (Not Connected) showing on inter-world gate loading
    - Added the ability to negate Network/World permissions (Use, Create and Destroy)
    - Fixed Lockette compatibility
    - More stringent verification checks
    [Version 0.6.2]
    - Fixed an issue with private gates
    - Added default permissions
    [Version 0.6.1]
    - Stop destruction of open gates on startup
    [Version 0.6.0]
    - Completely re-wrote Permission handling (REREAD/REDO YOUR PERMISSIONS!!!!!!!!)
    - Added custom Stargate events (See Stargate-DHD code for use)
    - Fixed portal event cancellation
    - Umm... Lots of other small things.
    - I really hope I didn't screw anything up ^.^
    [Version 0.5.5]
    - Added 'B'ackwards option
    - Fixed opening of gates with a fixed gate as a destination
    - Added block metadata support to gates
    [Version 0.5.1]
    - Take into account world/network restrictions for Vehicles
    - Properly teleport empty vehicles between worlds
    - Properly teleport StoreageMinecarts between worlds
    - Take into account vehicle type when teleporting
    [Version 0.5.0]
    - Updated the teleport method
    - Remove always-open gates from lists
    - Hopefully stop Stargate and Nether interference
    Previous Changes (open)

    [Version 0.4.9]
    - Left-click to scroll signs up
    - Show "(Not Connected)" on fixed-gates with a non-existant destination
    - Added "maxgates" option
    - Removed debug message
    - Started work on disabling damage for lava gates, too much work to finish with the current implementation of EntityDamageByBlock
    [Version 0.4.8]
    - Added chargefreedestination option
    - Added freegatesgreen option
    [Version 0.4.7]
    - Added debug option
    - Fixed gates will now show in the list of gates they link to.
    - iConomy no longer touched if not enabled in config
    [Version 0.4.6]
    - Fixed a bug in iConomy handling.
    [Version 0.4.5]
    - Owner of gate now isn't charged for use if target is owner
    - Updated for iConomy 5.x
    - Fixed random iConomy bugs
    [Version 0.4.4]
    - Added a check for*/* on gate creation
    - Check for*/* on gate entrance
    - Warp player outside of gate on access denied
    [Version 0.4.3]
    - Made some errors more user-friendly
    - Properly take into account portal-closed material
    [Version 0.4.2]
    - Gates can't be created on existing gate blocks
    [Version 0.4.1]
    - Sign option permissions
    - Per-gate iconomy target
    - /sg reload command
    - Other misc fixes
    [Version 0.4.0]
    - Carts with no player can now go through gates.
    - You can set gates to send their cost to their owner.
    - Cleaned up the iConomy code a bit, messages should only be shown on actual deduction now.
    - Created separate '{use/create/destroy}' permissions.
    [Version 0.3.5]
    - Added '*' permissions
    - Added '*' permissions
    - Added 'networkfilter' config option
    - Added 'worldfilter' config option
    [Version 0.3.4]
    - Added '' permission
    - Added iConomy cost into .gate files
    [Version 0.3.3]
    - Moved sign updating into a scheduled task, this fixes the sign bugs.
    [Version 0.3.2]
    - Updated to latest RB
    - Implemented proper vehicle handling
    - Added iConomy to vehicle handling
    - Changed how blox hash is generated, fixes multi-world
    [Version 0.3.1]
    - Changed version numbering.
    - Changed how plugins are hooked into.
    [Version 0.30]
    - Fixed a bug in iConomy checking.
    [Version 0.29]
    - Added iConomy support. iConomy 4.4 or 4.5
    [Version 0.28]
    - Fixed an issue with removing stargates during load
    [Version 0.27]
    - Fixed portal count on load
    [Version 0.26]
    - Added stargate.create.personal for personal stargate networks
    - Fixed a bug with destroying stargates by removing sign/button
    [Version 0.25]
    - Fixed a bug with worlds in subfolders
    - Fixed gates being destroyed with explosions
    - Added stargate.destroy.owner
    [Version 0.24]
    - Fixed a loading bug in which invalid gates caused file truncation - Thanks @ Jonbas
    [Version 0.23]
    - Added a check to make sure "nethergate.gate" exists, otherwise create it
    [Version 0.22]
    - Fixed multi-world stargates causing an NPE
    [Version 0.21]
    - Code cleanup
    - Added a few more errors when a gate can't be loaded
    - Hopefully fixed path issue on some Linux installs
    [Version 0.20]
    - Added more null checks, hopefully fix some errors with other plugins.
    [Version 0.19]
    - Set button facing on new gates, fixes weirdass button glitch
    - Beginning of very buggy multi-world support
    [Version 0.18]
    - Small permissions handling update.
    [Version 0.17]
    - No longer treat GM as a special case, just load it as Permissions 2.0 like the author intended
    [Version 0.16]
    - Fixed Permissions, will work with GroupManager, Permissions 2.0, or Permissions 2.1
    - Left-clicking to activate a stargate works again
    [Version 0.15]
    - Built against b53jnks -- As such nothing lower is supported at the moment.
    - Moved gate destruction code to onBlockBreak since onBlockDamage no longer handles breaking blocks.
    - Removed long constructor.
    [Version 0.14]
    - Fixed infinite loop in fixed gates.
    - Fixed gate destination will not open when dialed into.
    [Version 0.13]
    - Fixed gates no longer show in destination list.
    [Version 0.12]
    - Implemented fixed destination block using * in .gate file. This is the recommended method of doing an exit point for custom gates, as the automatic method doesn't work in a lot of cases.
    - Split networks up in memory, can now use same name in different networks. As a result, fixed gates must now specify a network.
    - Added the ability to have a private gate, which only you can activate. Use the 'P' option to create.
    - Fixed but not AlwaysOn gates now open the destination gate.
    - Fixed gates now show their network. Existing fixed gates are added to the default network (Sorry! It had to be done)
    [Version 0.11]
    - Oops, b0rked something in 0.10, fixed in 0.11
    [Version 0.10]
    - Hopefully fixed the "No position found" bug.
    - If dest > origin, any blocks past origin.size will drop you at dest[0]
    - Switched to scheduler instead of our own thread for closing gates and deactivating signs
    - No longer depend on Permissions, use it as an option. isOp() used as defaults.
    [Version 0.09]
    - Gates can now be any shape
    [Version 0.08]
    - Gates can now consist of any material.
    - You can left or right click the button to open a gate
    - Gates are now initialized on sign placement, not more right clicking!
    [Version 0.07]
    - Fixed where the default gate is saved to.
    [Version 0.06]
    - Forgot to make gates load from new location, oops
    [Version 0.05]
    - Moved Stargate files into the plugins/Stargate/ folder
    - Added migration code so old gates/portals are ported to new folder structure
    - Create default config.yml if it doesn't exist
    - Fixed removing a gate, it is now completely removed
    [Version 0.04]
    - Updated to multi-world Bukkit
    [Version 0.03]
    - Changed package to net.TheDgtl.*
    - Everything now uses Blox instead of Block objects
    - Started on vehicle code, but it's still buggy
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    I am on 4 computers and two laptops(Yes litrearly lol). All users are myself when I do testing, and I totally confirm, nothing whatsoever shows on the users screen when right click button on private gate with stargate.private permission.
    Network/World filters in config are both false.
    If its any help here is my config:
    useiconomy: false
    createcost: 0
    portal-destroy-message: Gate Destroyed
    toowner: false
    worldfilter: false
    gate-folder: plugins\Stargate/gates/
    not-owner-message: Access Denied
    other-side-blocked-message: Destination Blocked
    not-enough-money-message: Insufficient Funds.
    portal-folder: plugins\Stargate/portals
    networkfilter: false
    default-gate-network: central
    destroycost: 0
    not-selected-message: Invalid Destination
    usecost: 0
    portal-create-message: Gate Created
    destroyexplosion: false
    teleport-message: Teleported
    debug: false
    chargefreedestination: true
    freegatesgreen: false
    maxgates: 0
    edit: gah tryed stargate.* and it works with that, this is raging me. Ima start adding everyone of your permissions see which one makes it work. *facepalm
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    Well I'm at work for the next ~11 hours. I'll try to remember to look at it when I'm home.
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    For anyone else running 888+ and having users getting kicked for moving too fast, I have applied a small patch to it until the developer can get around to fixing it.


    No Support will be offered for this build from Drakia. It is just a temporary fix until the patch is integrated.
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    Thank you! It works like a charm! Now I updated CraftBukkit to 920, and used your patch, and I can finally have up-to-date CraftBukkit with working Stargate! :D
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    @jgeboski I would much prefer you remove that link, this plugin is not GPL, and I do not like unofficial builds in my topic as users will expect my support for them.
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    Might I suggest you just take his changes and use them? Might be easier on you and then your plugin won't be broken.
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    Indeed, per that thread, your plugin is GPL. Deal with it.
    Also while your at it, stop acting like a 4 year old with a short fuse.
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    Actually by not stating a license it implies copyright to me, that is how the law works. It does not mean you can so as you please. As for bukkit being GPL and what that means for plugins, the devs have stated that they are not forcing plugins to be GPL. This is clearly stated in the first paragraph you linked to. And for future reference, I link against CraftBukkit, which is LGPL.
    As for taking his changes, I have had this fixed since the day the onMove commit went through.
    And in regards to the link, this is my topic, and I do NOT support unofficial builds. I have already reported the post and am expecting the link to be removed whether you remove it or not.
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    You're blowing this completely out of proportion. Apparently you didn't fix it as it wasn't working correctly, and with two lines of code, it now works fine. I will be leaving the build on here until it is removed as it appears to be helping several people out so far, and that's all I was trying to do.

    I have added a message in bold into my prior post stating you will not be offering any support. Again, I'm purely doing this to help others out until you get around to fixing two lines.

    Also, I've heard from several other people around here that you're quite an asshole, and that appears to be very true. That's fine but, instead of being an asshole you could have just fixed this is the main plugin, and letting me know that, instead you'd rather sit here holding an argument with me over licensing politics. You're forgetting the bottom line, I'm trying to help you and other users out, and you're just starting a pissing contest.
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    YES! Your a life saver THANK YOU :D!
    My server was held back because of the dissappearing items and the only thing holding me from upgrading was this plugin since I use it so much.

    My above issue has been fixed.
    I found the problem + conflicting plugin/settings.

    Regarding the links that were just posted and deleted, i agree with that decission.
    However the way you act is quite pathetic. Things almost NEVER bug me in life, and I've been criticized numerous times and let it slide, so by all means if you dont think **** of me it doesnt bother me.
    However the way you present yourself as a plugin developer, your attitude towards others, and your actions on this forum, are simply childish. I dont know what you've got going on in your life but you lack very simple moral qualities and thus I hope you get happy one day.
    The fact many users are having trouble with the recent 887+ builds, and needing a fix, of course is none of your concern, and you dont have to support it. However, blatently stating “I have had this fixed since it occurred =)” simply shows how rude you are towards the people who use your plugin. I understand you dont want to provide a dev builds, however why clearly state you have one and rub it in the face of others. Very sad and pathetic, it truly is. Any other decent person would simply say "I dont support unofficial builds, thus have not updated"
    You clearly state you don’t care for support, nor the community when it comes to your plugin, I ask you then, why are you providing it for the bukkit community? It makes no sense, and to me seems like a young child who is desperately dying for attention. Sad my friend, quite sad.
    Again think what you like, report this post, do what you please, but this is my opinion and I say once again, I hope one day you find some sort of happiness towards society. I was like you once when I was 16, and its not the way to go buddy. Im 24 now with a great life :) and much more moral respect towards those in my community.
    I will no longer be asking for your support/using your plugin once it breaks with further builds. On a side note thanks to the user who provided the fix - although should maybe have pm'ed the developer first.

    EDIT by Moderator: merged posts, please use the edit button instead of double posting.
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    Actually I was going to post a dev build when I get home from work, still going to, but it may be a few hours. I was going to the other day but it's not uploaded and it's on my desktop in another city, so I didn't have the time to RDC into my desktop to grab it.
    Now, as for my attitude toward users and your apparent knowledge of me not being happy, that's a good guess but far from it. I'm currently happier than I've been on a long time, started a new job that will net me $30k or so, moving in with a good friend, no complaint at all, nice try though ;)
    My apparent distaste towards users stems straight from their lack of ability to read or follow directions. I have been dealing with users since hMod, and it gets on my nerves when people can't follow basic instructions.

    My plugin is used by THOUSANDS of people, the ones I bitch at on this forum are a minority, and that is why I still release and update my plugins.
    The green number is unique downloads per plugin. Not even half a percent of my users have problems, and of the ones who do, 90% of it is user error because they can't read.
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    Hi, is there any way to make a stargate teleport you to another gate at another world?? A new world rather?
  15. Offline


    Use a plugin such as MultiVerse to create the other world, then just build a gate on it.
  16. Offline


    You have to use another plugin (Like Multiverse or WorldWarp) to load new worlds, then you can set up portals between the two worlds. You cannot create a gate to a world that is not loaded by another plugin.

  17. Offline


    For anybody wanting a build that works with the current RB candidate:

    Yes, I have had this completed since the commit to the Bukkit branch that broke it (My server tends to run bleeding-edge, what can I say). And I was planning on uploading it ages ago, but have been too busy with work and getting ready to move again. Life comes before Bukkit.
  18. Offline


    What about an Update for functionality with Permissions 3.1?
  19. Offline


    Works perfectly fine with 3.1.5b
  20. Offline


    Good : D
  21. Offline


    @andrewkm I just noticed that you, as many before you have done, said you will no longer be using my plugin, and that makes me Lawl. I still don't understand why users insist on informing me of their use of my plugin ;)
    How I act on these forums is a direct result of how users act towards me as a whole. A large majority of the users are ungrateful idiots, and as a result I tend to not be the most civil towards everyone.
    There are times where I snap and I'm sorry about it, this isn't one of those. This is my topic, my plugin, and the person who posted that build made no attempt to get in touch with me. In regards to copyright, this plugin is not GPL as I said, the fact it had no license does not give people the right to use it as they please, copyright law in Canada states any work is copyright the author unless otherwise stated. If somebody wants to make their own version of Stargate, they can talk to Dinnerbone and go from the hMod version just like I did, unless I abandon this plugin.
  22. Offline


    I posted my thoughts, you responded.. I dont see the need to restart the conversation... Im not one to look for drama.
    I stated I simply wont be asking for your support, and that if things break, I shall look for other solutions.
    Regarding the user who posted the fix, I agree he should have contacted you, and it was stated in my post.
    I am nothing but quite nice on these forums, and just felt like stating my opinion regarding your recent actions. That is all. I have nothing further to say and really dont feel the need to argue/dispute.
    You have done a great job with the production of this plugin, and the upkeep of it, So for that I thank you, however the way you've lately represented yourself has been questionable, thus it is all I was putting out there.
    Have a good day.
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    Thank you, it worked perfectly. Love the plugin, please don't leave your support for this plugin. :)
  24. Offline


    new rb bug = go portal and u get "YOU MOVED TOO QUCKLY (HACKING?) :(
  25. Offline


    Yes, copyright law in Canada, but this forum is hosted in the UK, which is a member state of the EU. So it's the UK/EU copyright law that holds on this forum, not the Canadian one. Now I have no idea what said law states about unstated copyrights, but I think it should be best to inform ourselves.
    And given how your plugin is derived from an earlier hMod plugin, I wouldn't be surprised if their license prevails over yours. Especially if their licenses is GNU GPL, which means this plugin, being a derivative of it, has to be GNU GPL as well, or it's in breach of license.
    Now, all this said, I do agree the user who posted the patch should have contacted you first, but I still think that the report and the removal were done without a prior verification of the UK/EU law on the matter, and the licensing of Dinnerbone's hMod Stargate. ;)
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    Jan Tojnar

    First, plugin isn't hosted on these forums this plus plugin is created in Canada so it should follow canadian law, location shouldn't matter. In Czech Republic (also member of EU) and in most of countries i believe if you make something, noone can use it when you don't specify license. This is reason why Creative Commons was created. Also code of original hMod Stargate is maybe licensed under terms of GNU GPL but if this plugin doesn't use any code of it it can be licensed under terms of any license @Drakia wants.
    If bukkit is GPL there can be problem but LGPL is still fine.

    Also make peace not war!
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    @OBattler The location of this forum means nothing, I live in Canada, I host the plugin download in Canada, therefor the plugin is licensed under Canadian law. As for what the hMod Stargate plugin was licensed, it wasn't, just as mine isn't, and that's the main reason mine isn't licensed. The code in Stargate is copyright me and Dinnerbone, neither of which have decided on giving it a GPL or other open-source license. I put the code up so people can learn from it, not so that people can re-release it.
    As I said, if somebody wants to fork this plugin, they can ask Dinnerbone, and then work from this: just as I did.

    In regards to the new RB, here is a dev release to hold people over:
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    When do you plan to implement permissions 3.x?
    Your plugin is great, but the permissionsdo not work that good...
    You mentioned that only 2.x is supported,...but 2.x is outdated....

    Thx for your answer...


  29. Offline


    its not quite "Outdated" - there are changes in 3.x which mean plugins have to change a lot to support it so many plugins have stayed with 2.x for now

    CB 928 breaks StarGate because teleportation changes - any ETA on a fix?
    its still usable, but kicks players on teleport. When they reconnect they're in the new location... its just very annoying.
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    [Version 0.5.0]
    - Updated the teleport method
    - Remove always-open gates from lists
    - Hopefully stop Stargate and Nether interference
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    Drakia, I dont know if anyone's ever had the time to tell you but. Thats for the great plugin. Ton's of servers need it for basic functionality. Thanks for the time you put in to making this.
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