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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by patricksterza, Aug 15, 2015.

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    Hello guys i am looking for this Sign Plugin

    First Line [TP]
    Second Line Warp Name
    Third Line Item Name that needs to be in inventory to teleport (Idk if the 3rd Line is required)
    Fourth Line Item ID that needs to be in inventory to teleport

    If a player has that item in his inventory he will be teleported otherwise will get a message saying he doesn't have the permission for that or don't have the item in his inventory.

    Follow this exemple:
    http://prntscr.com/84ya0m This is the TP Sign that need to have the item in the inventory to be teleported

    http://prntscr.com/84yanb This will be teleported to the warp Pallet (It's a town in Pixelmon)

    I Also need a warp plugin that will only will be showed to player that has the rank or VIP.
    Cause i have a warp plugin and when i create a new warp /setwarp and the player types /warps he gets all the warps list i only want them to be able to see the warp i decide. Thanks...

    If these two plugin already exists please let me know and post me the link cause i can't find it...
    Thank you so much everybody for your attention
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    @patricksterza Use ServerSigns for this.
    /svs priceitem 4226
    /svs add *give <player> 4226
    /svs add <msg> Warping to CeruleanWarp...
    /svs add [d:3] *warp CeruleanWarp
    /svs confirmation true Right click again to warp to CeruleanWarp.
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    Your way is too hard :/
    if that plugin exists i am done its very easy to do that and no need all this codes :/
    I know its in game commands but that plugin i am looking is very simple to use and very easy to manage can i get help on that?
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    Its really easy, all someone would need to do is call the consoleCommandSender and /sudo a player with essentials or i think the warp command will even work. Is this what you would be looking for?
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    @patricksterza Just saying, most people don't bother making a plugin if it's already easy.
    It's also not nearly as difficult as you are making it out to be. It's just a few commands. It's not like you're going to have these in 600 different places.
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    This would be pretty simple too code, if you are using essentials that is...
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    what do you mean by the fourth line /svs add [d:3] what does that stands for and why *warp cerulean warp i didn't get it buddy
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    @patricksterza The first line is an item price, it will take that item from your inventory. None of the other commands work unless this one does.
    The second line makes the player give themselves a new badge because the first line takes one.
    The third line tells the player that they are warping to CeruleanWarp.
    The fourth line warps the player to CeruleanWarp after 3 seconds (to make sure that the /give command works in time).
    The fifth line has them right click again to confirm in case of accidental clickage. The first click does absolutely nothing except display this message, the second click executes everything.
    The * replaces the / in the command because the * means give the player every single permission while they run the command, because the commands are run by the player. If it was a /, the player would have to have permission to /warp and /give which defeats the purpose of the sign.
    Lines 3 and 5 are not strictly necessary.
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    Yes it is @VasShows

    @pie_flavor what do i do in the sign?
    what commands / letters / or idk i put in the sign in their lines?
    can you show me a print an example?

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    @patricksterza You can make the signs say whatever you want. The magic happens in the commands.
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