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    For those long journeys for Clay, life without a compass (generally most of your journeys) leave you lost from venturing to out, unable to safely store your hard earned loot which has the potential of being lost forever, making it even more scarce and far too limited.

    This may sound a bit Diablo 2 to you, but here i believe it to be a very needed mechanic in Minecraft due to the incredible distances you have to go for outdoor resources in short supply, particularly if you host a server with a private hosting service, and have to keep to a 1GB limit or something. Yo notch! Check this out.

    New Craftable item [Teleportation Pad] - The recieving block for specificly Home Portal scrolls
    [ ... ][ ... ][ ...] Blank,Blank,Blank
    [[torch]][[obsidian]][[torch]] Torch,Obsidian,Torch
    [[gold]][[gold]][[gold]] GoldBar,GoldBar,GoldBar

    -Any scroll used in the world, will create a temporary portal to the Teleportation Pad which acts as a reciever.
    -The creator of any portal, will send all players who enter the portal, to the Recieving pad of whoever created the portal. Other players will have to use their own Home Scroll to go back to their Reciever.
    -You may only own 1 Teleportation Pad, any more will mean that upon the use of a Home Portal scroll, one of your Pads are selected at random.

    New Craftable item [Scroll of Home Portal] - Given in 4's

    [ ... ][ P ][ ...] Blank,Paper,Blank
    [[coal]][ P ][[coal]] Coal,Paper,Coal
    [[torch]][ P ][[torch]] Torch,Paper,Torch

    -Only 1 portal may be opened at a time per player, any new portal closes any other belonging to the same creator.
    -Portal closes when returning to the world from your Teleportation Pad (your loot safely stored at home as you like in the meantime)
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    New blocks and require a client mod to work. You would get more support if these were buildible structures using existing blocks.
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    you can use cookbook to customize recipes and make new ones, but no new blocks.
    maybe reuse some block and bind an action to that.
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    Mhmm, i understand.

    Would it be possible then to have the mod recognise 9 Adjacent Gold Cubes as a TP Pad? That could be a way of doing it.
    [ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][x][ ] the TP pad would recieve portals from the scroll, in the middle block among 9
    [ ][ ][ ]
    As for the Scroll perhaps doing something with a Book, could trigger the portal. Um, for example Right clicking the book whilst having a Torch targeted?
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    As I said, some kind of library with a lot functions contained, being able to compound/bound to items or blocks,
    would be really awesome.
    Unfortunatly there is no such lib.
    A collaboration with all devs would be awesome, to make a huge library of functions + commands to use it for said things.
    I dislike these one-purpose/one-use plugins only..

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