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    RandomLocationButton - The plugin that allow you to teleport to random location.
    Version: v1.0

    Hello guys. This is my 1st plugin that im wrote for bukkit. Im really satisfied than im done this in some 4 hours ^.-. That plugin Allow you to make Random teleport for new people in your serwer.
    If you want to make Random Teleport Button you have to be OP or has permission RLB.makebutton, place Sponge(soon will be this configurable) and place on it button. No commands. You can make 2 buttons, wood and stone. they are configurable

    • Random Teleport Location
    • Config is here.

    Download The Test Plugin
    Source Code

    Version 1.0
    • First realse
    • Make more permissions
    • Configurable block
    • any ideas?
    If you found bug make comment under here
    PS. Sorry for my English...
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    I like the idea, but is it possible to make an kind of teleporter.
    I mean like if you stand on a block and you configure that block it sends you to a random location.
    Not that i don't like the use of the button but i think a block is more appropriate for this kind of things.

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