[TP] PearlTeleporter 1.11 - Giving Ender Pearls a Use [1185]

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    - Giving Enderman Pearls a Use

    PearlTeleporters lets you teleport to other players quickly and easily!

    - <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    - Source (pastie.org, yes it's that small)

    - /pearltp <player>
    - /pearlsetwarp <name>
    - /pearlwarp <name>

    - None! (May be added if requested)

    - Teleport to others using Ender Pearls
    - the /ptp command is useless without having a Ender Pearl in your Inventory
    - Allows you to set warps

    - 1.11
    - Change commands to prevent conflict with MCMMo

    - 1.10
    - Added warps
    - Added configuration file to change the amount of enderpearls you can use.

    - 1.00
    - Released plugin!
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    Your hard work paid off! Congratz!
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    Much people are using McMMO which will conflict with youre ''/ptp'' command.
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    Alright i'll change the command.
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    Do what you like, im just advicing it...
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    Done ;)
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    What about it? My plugin provides more functionality :confused:
    Warps and teleporting, that plugin is all about left clicking with a pearl. :confused:
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    So my servers admin recently disabled ptp and I think it may have to due with how often players can use it and how easily it can be abused if you figure out a parties name since most don't password them. Would this work with McMMO parties so you can only use an ender pearl to get to someone if they are in your party?

    I don't like suggesting ideas to my admin without having an idea of how to implement it so I was hoping your plugin could fill the void. Thanks for your time.
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    does it consumes the pearl or do you just have to hold it while typing the command??
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    You don't need to hold it, it scans your inventory and if you have one it will remove it and teleport you to your desired location.

    MCMMO would need to make a feature that does that, this is nothing on my side.

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    i don't think they're ''easy'' to get your hands onto, so maybe you could make it have durability?? just like the pickaxe's and all other equipments have ??
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    how about a permission node that prevents ppl from being tped to or maybe a command so ppl can toggle whether they want to have someone tp to them or not. or have it ask not real sure guess there are several ways to approach it.
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    Please upgrade to latest RB

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