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    MultiHome - Multiple named home locations:
    Version: v0.11.3

    This plugin is much the same as other multi-home plugins, except this plugin supports named home locations and home sharing. no longer do you need to keep a list of which home number is for what location; why not simply name the location from the start?

    When the plugin generates it's data files for the first time, it will import and convert your home locations if you use Essentials or MultipleHomes.

    To enable home-on-death, set enableHomeOnDeath, under MultiHome, in the config file to "true" and give the appropriate users the multihome.homeondeath permission.

    All test displayed to the user can be fully customized. This also allows for translations to other languages!

    Sleaker: Too much to list here... Heaps of stuff. You rock!
    HereInPlainSight: Submitting a pull request to add PermissionsBukkit support. Also a pull request for new event system.
    Maxis010: For providing basic support in this thread.

    Donations help with development of this and other plugins, as well as the upkeep of our server. They're completely optional and give you that feel-good feeling we all know and love. :)


    • Supports multi-world.
    • Multiple per-user home locations.
    • Home locations use names rather than numbers.
    • Can respawn player to their default home upon death.
    • Forwards-compatible with SimpleHome data file format. Simply replace "MultiHome/homes.txt" with the homes.txt from SimpleHome to migrate.
    • Can list and delete home locations.
    • Optional warm-up, cool-down and max-homes settings for all Permissions groups. Global settings for undefined
    • Automatically imports home locations from Essentials, MyHome and MultipleHomes data directories.
    • Can invite players to your home. Can globally invite all players to your home. Can impose a time limit on invites.
    • Every piece of text displayed to the player can be customized!


    Source Code:

    • Support for custom commands.
    • User-settable option to enable/disable spawn-to-home.
    • Lockable homes.
    • Persistant, user settable HomeOnDeath option.
    • Option to store home locations in MySQL database.
    • Settable message colors.

    If you encounter bugs in my plugin, open an issue on GitHub:

    Commands (open)

    • /home - Teleport you to your default home location
    • /home <name> - Teleport to a named home location
    • /home <player>:<name> - Teleport to another players home location if you have permission or an invite is open.
    • /sethome - Set your default home location
    • /sethome <name> - Set a named home location
    • /sethome <player>:<name> - Set a home location for another player. Requires permission. Leave <name> blank to set default home.
    • /deletehome <name> - Delete named home location.
    • /deletehome <player>:<name> - Delete another player's named home location. Permission required.
    • /listhomes - List home locations for yourself.
    • /listhomes <username> - List home locations for another player. Requires permission.
    • /invitehome {<user>|*} - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your default home location.
    • /invitehome {<user>|*} <home> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your named home location.
    • /invitehometimed {<user>|*} <time> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your default home for a short time.
    • /invitehometimed {<user>|*} <time> <home> - Invite another user (use "*" for global invite) to your named home for a short time.
    • /uninvitehome {<user>|*} - Retract invitation for another player to visit your default home.
    • /uninvitehome {<user>|*} <home> - Retract invitation for another player to visit your named home.
    • /listinvites - List invites open to you.
    • /listmyinvites - List invites you have open to others.
    Permissions (open)

    • multihome.defaulthome.go - Allow user to teleport to their default home location.
    • multihome.defaulthome.set - Allow user to create their default home location.
    • multihome.defaulthome.invite - Allow player to invite others to their default home.
    • multihome.defaulthome.invitetimed - Allow player to invite others to their default home with a timer.
    • multihome.defaulthome.uninvite - Allow player to retract invitations to their default home.
    • multihome.namedhome.go - Allow user to teleport to a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.set - Allow user to create a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.delete - Allow user to delete a named home location.
    • multihome.namedhome.list - Allow user to list their home locations.
    • multihome.namedhome.invite - Allow player to invite others to their named home.
    • multihome.namedhome.invitetimed - Allow player to invite others to their named home with a timer.
    • multihome.namedhome.uninvite - Allow player to retract invitations to their named home.
    • multihome.othershome.go - Allow user to teleport to another player's home without invite.
    • multihome.othershome.set - Allow user to create another player's home.
    • multihome.othershome.delete - Allow user to delete another player's named home location.
    • multihome.othershome.list - Allow user to list home locations of another user.
    • - Teleporting to default home is always free.
    • - Setting default home is always free.
    • - Teleporting to named home is always free.
    • - Setting named home is always free.
    • - Teleporting to other players home is always free.
    • multihome.listinvites.tome - Allow player to list invites open to them.
    • multihome.listinvites.toothers - Allow player to list invites they have open to others.
    • multihome.ignore.cooldown[/B] - Player will ignore the cooldown timer.
    • multihome.ignore.warmup[/B] - Player will ignore the warmup timer.
    • multihome.homeondeath - Player will be taken to their default home when respawning.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 0.11.2
    • Consolidated MultiHome and MultiHome_m commands.
    • Fixed a permissions bug.
    • Improved compatibility for Essentials.
    Version 0.11.1
    • Plugin resends target chunk to clients one second after teleporting. Might fix teleport chunk glitches.
    Version 0.11
    • Updated to latest Bukkit version.
    • Trying a fix to alleviate missing chunk glitches.
    Version 0.10
    • Fixed a typo in handling "{AMOUNT}" payment tags.
    • Added support for Bukkit permissions and SuperPerms.
    • Switched to using "Register" for economy handling.
    • Added permissions list to plugin.yml (for Bukkit perms support).
    Version 0.9.7
    • Rewrote permissions nodes.
    • Fixed permissions loading and economy loading (or lack thereof).
    Version 0.9.6
    • Merged update from Sleaker.
    • Added economy support.
    • Added PermissionsEX support.
    • Bunch of tweaks.
    Version 0.9.5
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 953
    Version 0.9.3
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 798
    • Added importing of newer Essentials home formats.
    Version 0.9.2
    • Fixed cooldowns.
    Version 0.9.1
    • Fixed typo in permissions.
    Version 0.9
    • Massive code rewrite.
    • Added invite system.
    • More permissions.
    • Lots of stuff, some large, some small.
    Version 0.8
    • Optional home-on-death. Players can teleport back home rather than to spawn when dead.
    Version 0.7
    • Imports home locations from Essentials and MultipleHomes.
    Version 0.6.2
    • Fixed a bug where plugin wasn't honoring groups correctly.
    Version 0.6.1
    • Fixed unnecesary warp scheduling when warmup time = 0
    Version 0.6
    • Updated to CraftBukkit 670
    • Implemented new config file.
    • Per-group warm-up, cool-down and max-homes settings.
    • Split create and teleport permissions.
    Version 0.5.2
    • Fixed a bug to do with MultiHome loading before MultiVerse and removing all home locations.
    Version 0.5.1
    • Fixed listing homes when no homes set.
    Version 0.5
    • Added /listhomes and /deletehome
    Version 0.4
    • Added support for Permissions/FakePermissions
    Version 0.3
    • Homing from another world will now teleport between worlds before teleporting to home. Fixes a server bug when changing worlds and locations simultaneously.
    Version 0.1-0.2
    • I honnestly can't remember... Released, I guess?
  2. This was a known issue with Craftbukkit. I believe it's been fixed in more up to date (1.2.5) builds but I didn't track the issue.

    Alternately if you're using a more current multihome with a pre-1.2 build of craftbukkit (if that even runs, I'm not sure it would), that would be the problem. I don't expect you're doing it, but I might as well mention it. :)

    Unrelated to your post, another fanupdate with some functionality additions and a bug fix to my previous update.


    • GroupManager and bPerms group support. (bPerms likes to force its groups into lower case which must be matched in config.yml.)
    • Theoretically working non-permission system fix for servers using OPs as permissions.
    • /trimhomes is fully working now and its mind doesn't explode when a group is able to have infinite homes.
    • New Permissions (with associated functionality):
    payonce: If the user has a default home already, is not charged for resetting it.​
    lastbed: If the user can afford it, sets the last bed location they used as their new home.​
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    Here im newbie with my server ... when i try /sethome or other command in console its say Player <name> ex:Alex
    Don't have garanted permission or something like that ....
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    Can you add something that they can set more home's but that you can control the amount they can set like
    multihome.named.set.'5' like if you want them to only be able to set 5 home's because im using essentials home's but its kinda f****** because it simply doesn't want to work
  5. No sure what version you're using, I tried to adapt the plugin to not need a permissions system to run if you're using my latest update. But that requires OPs permission to use it, otherwise you need a permissions system, there's a number of them out there.
    This is configured based on groups in MultHome's config.yml file.
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    Tim Visee

    Please update the plugin to MultiHome for 1.2.5-R1.0 . It doesn't work anymore and a lot of players really want the home feature back. Thanks in advance,
    Tim Visée
  7. It's working fine for me on 1.2.5-R1.0 on my own server right now. Can you give me any errors or suchnot? Your startup log? Are you sure you're on the latest base MultiHome version, or on one of my updates I've been posting periodically?
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    Tim Visee

    Yes I used that lastest patch version. I currently can't send you that part of my server log since my log is 5GB's. It must be something with the config files, I'll check that first.
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    hello there

    i have an issue with permissions for MultiHome.
    we use MultiHome, PermissionBukkit 1.6 and MyWorlds for multiworld support.

    during server start MultiHome recognise PermissionBukkit as it should be. then i try to deny using *home comands for some user group in particular world. However, inspite of permission nodes values users still can do "/home" in that world

    in Permissionsbukkit config i put the following for the group "groupname":
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    multihome.defaulthome.*: true
    multihome.namedhome.*: true
    multihome.othershome.*: false
    multihome.listinvites.*: true
    multihome.homeondeath: false
    multihome.defaulthome.go: false
    multihome.namedhome.go: false
    multihome.othershome.go: false

    please advise where i made a mistake?
  10. I made a simplified version of your config on my test server, and it worked as expected. Are your spaces correct? No tabbing? Did you save the config and reload the server? I can confirm the functionality is working right, I can't say why your config isn't. (You didn't use a 'code' tag for me to check the spacing.)
          multihome.defaulthome.go: true
            multihome.defaulthome.go: false
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    spacing is ok, i always chek it with YAML parser, next time will use 'code', thanks for advise. besides other plugins permissions work fine.
    good news is that it works at your side :)

    upd: actually my initial goal was to control players inventory when there are both survival and creative worlds on my server. finally i found plugin which make separate inventories for separate worlds - MultiInv, and now my permission problem for multihome is not a problem anymore :)

    thanks anyway, Multihome is great plugin, pls cotinue to support it
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    My users and I keep falling through the world when we teleport home from very far away. Am I doing something wrong? I've been setting the home a few blocks above ground, and that helps a bit, but it still is very annoying.
  13. I have a headache or I'd retype. No, you're not doing anything wrong and I've probably been being a bit of a blockhead ( -_- ) about an issue I've been hearing but disbelieving.

    The build there may end up killing players by suffocation rather than falling into the void, but if you're having the issue it's worth testing.

    mad_korney -- Glad to hear you found a way to work it for what you needed. :)
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    cane you turn off pvp in a world
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    ok idk if its ur plugin thats doing this problem but im having a problem. ok so i did the /home (name) command and i spawned and i died when there was no wall there (like i suffocated in ground or something) then i did it again and it spawned me to the location that i have it set to. idk but i think its a error or bug and it has happened to me many many times.
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    Adam I

    Absolutely love this plugin! Keep it up! Owns essentialsHome :p
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    Hey guys, been hearing about the awesome reviews of this plugin for a while, yet given my recent departure on the journey of serverdom, you can probably imagine that I'm having noobish problems.

    Got most everything working without a hitch, and for admins even this plugin works flawlessly when using bPermissions and the 1.2 build of SuperPermsBridge. However, after setting up permissions for the default group using once just the "superpermsbridge.multihome.*" node and later all the nodes, I simply cannot seem to figure out why regular users aren't able to use the plugin. The "permission not granted" message appears.

    Like I said, everything works together fine, and for admins the plugin works incredibly well. I just can't seem to allow my default group privileges to the plugin. Any ideas?
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    Very nice, have a diamond! [diamond]
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    Still developing this plugin? If so, maybe you could add maxhome for individual users as opposed to just groups. Still a very useful plugin. :)
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    I got GroupManager on my server and MultiHome to. But only me [owner and op] can use /sethome and /home.
    Can i get some help?
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    Seriously what I have been needing! So many people on my server wanted me to get this! Thanks alot...Nic eot have homes now!

    Btw, could you add a Permission for PermissionEx to let someone set "multihome.all" to givve someone every multihome command? thanks :p

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    As of now on Bukkit1.2.5R4, the plugin throws an error when you attempt to travel to a home set in a world other than the main one. I couldn't find any reason on my end.

    The stack trace (upside-down... thanks CreeperHost)... and it won't let me copy the whole thing.... Here is some of it in snips....

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    I am so confuzed... I know im SUCH a noob but so here is what I did. I simply placed the .jar file in the plugins file and let it set it's self up...I then configured the .yml file...but when ever I try to do any of the commands it say nothing in game but on the prompt it says 'player {player} tried to set default home location. Permission not granted...SOS im so lost. PLZ HELP
    EDIT:I have installed PermissionsBukkit, but how do i implement the nods and add people to groups
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    What file or permission i used for have "unlimited homes" for some group?

    Please, help?
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    Any update on a fix for this? I don't have a permissions system installed, really really don't want to install one, but Multihome just tells me I don't have permission to do anything.

    Oh, maintainer not logged in since early May... looks like this addon is dead. :(

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    Hey great pluggin! I'm just having issues with setting home limits for groups. I have my groups in the config file but it doesn't affect them in game. I am using permissionsex.
    Here is my config file.
    Please let me know if I need to do anything additional to the config. Or modify a different pluggin.
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    Please update it to R4.0, because it doesn't work! Thx!
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    Does this plugin works on 1.2.5?
    ps: excellent plugin :)
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    I'm sorry to ask this stupid question, but, i've put multihome.* to admin group in all permissions system i have (groupmanager & permissions file in the root dir), but as admin permission is still not granted to set any home. i really don't understand what's happenning.
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    When will the 1.3.1 version come out? I really like this mod!

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