Inactive [TP] LapisPortals v1.3 - Command free teleportation [1.4.5-R1.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by fetusdip, Jun 18, 2012.

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    very good plugin.

    Using this for transport from my two worlds and works perfectly
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    Could you add a cooldown or tell me if there is a cooldown please? I don't want my players going back and forth just to create lightning repeatedly. Thanks.
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    you could remove the permission node, but I'm not really motivated to make any changes to this mod anymore, at least not until the rewards program is set up.
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    Hmm... What if I say pretty please with cherries on top? :) Here, free cake: [cake]

    If you don't want to add a cooldown, that's fine... but please, get around to updating for my server. :)

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    1.3.2 version? I need to update server :)
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    could you use multiple items in a chest to a make a unique identifier?
  7. will it work with al multiworld plugins, if not, can you make it work with my multiworld plugin?
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    i was using lapis portals seamlessly with your multiworld plugin. *edit* version i last ran was 3.8~4.1 so apologies if it has broke since then.

    its a shame this plugin will fade away. I've been using it on a 1.3.2 R1 server, in game it's flawless despite the last time its been updated. Autoshutdown plugin has difficulty disabling it but that hasn't broken any portal links or cause any problems to stop using it... yet.
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    could you add a cargo portal like you put chests in in and it teleport them to another cargo portal

    make sure you have the same item in the same slot in the chest

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    This is a wonderful plugin! Love it on our server. 1.4.6 broke it, though... I think...

    All existing portals work fine, but we can't create any new portals now. Any hints?
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    I also have this problem in 1.46. Old portals still work but I can't create any new portals.
  12. 2013-01-02_06.06.02.png 2013-01-02_06.10.17.png I'm not sure about everyone else, but believe it or not, this plugin is my servers major bonus for my players. We use a central hub for traffic and as users are added and find their private area where they wanna build we link with portals. I love this plugin and it has made my server a wonderful place to play. I understand not wanting to update every time they tweak minecraft or bukkit, but is there any chance you can email me the list of item values you used for each item in the game? I would like to try and manually enter the portal coordinates into the portal.dat file but i would be blindly guessing in the dark.

    I just want you to know that your plugin is still so very unique and easy for new and old players alike to link to adventure areas and other world maps without so much headache. This plugin is amazing and is still one of the best ones i have seen, we have used it since you first released it and have been happy with it from the start!

    Keep up the great work and know that we appreciate it!

    Shankara Rhuddlan
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    I have an issue with this myself, i put this onto my server, made the first, from the ground to a floating city in the sky, no issue,
    gone to make the second, it says unable to make inventory in use, now i know i havent used the wrong items since im now testing making 2 next to each other, in the first chests for the portals i first made was a birch sapling, obviously im trying a different item in the chests for the 2nd lot of portals (different destinations) it wont work at all, any combination, not even mixing items or anything, any idea?
    yes theyre deffo same items before anyone suggests that xD

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