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  1. kFeatherTeleport
    Version: v0.9.5

    Download kFeatherTeleport.jar
    Source Code is included in jar file

    kFeatherTeleport provides the most basic feather teleportation in a save way.

    ATTENTION: new plugin page @ devBukkit:

    • Easy to use: Hold a feather and right-click anywhere
    • Hold an egg and right click to teleport back to last location
    • Can be configured to consume feathers if used
    • Can be configured to use another type of item instead of feathers
    • Can be configured to be limited to a given minimum and/or maximum distance
    • Permissions support (NOTE: This is yet the plugin, NOT the new Bukkit Permissions interface)
    It will safely teleport you ontop of the block you clicked as long as it has 2 free blocks to stand on - This may mean you end up on top of a mountain or that you will teleport yourself out of a mine/cave

    How To:

    You are good to go after installing the plugin, if you only want to teleport around with the feather.

    Possible settings in the file (you need to edit your file and include the ones you need - you dont need to include all):
    • kft-consume-feathers=AMOUNT
      will require and consume the amount of feathers if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-consume-back=AMOUNT
      will require and consume the amount of back material if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-feather-left=[true|false]
      will set the feather teleportation action to left mouse click
    • kft-back-left=[true|false]
      will set the back teleportation action to left mouse click
    • kft-minimum-distance=AMOUNT
      will require a minimum distance to be traveled via teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (0 by default)
    • kft-maximum-distance=AMOUNT
      will limit the air travel distance of a possible teleportation if AMOUNT contains a positive value (unlimited by default)
    • kft-cooldown-time=SECONDS
      will add a cooldown time before each teleportation in number of SECONDS configured (0 by default)
    • kft-report-permissionErrors=[true|false]
      will report to the user, that he has no rights to teleport if so (false by default)
    • kft-feather-material=[ID|NAME]
      will set the feather material to another material item than the feather (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    • kft-back-material=[ID|NAME]
      will set the back porting material to another material item than the egg (e.g. 3 or DIRT for DIRT Blocks)
    • kft-back-teleport-off=[true|false]
      will deactivate back teleporting if set to true
    • kft-skyport=[true|false]
      will activate sky teleportation (which means you might end up somewhere else than expected when clicking the sky)
    • kft-glass-solid=[true|false]
      will make glass solid so that one can no longer teleport through glass
    Support for Permissions plugin is provided if present and will allow for the following permission modifications:
    • kft.teleport.rights
      Users with this right will be able to use the teleportation but will also need to pay the amount of feathers set if kft-consume-feathers property contains a positive value
    • kft.teleport.forfree
      Users with this right will be able to use the teleportation and will do so for free even if kft-consume-feathers is set
    • kft.reload.configUsers with this right will be able to use the /kftrc command to reload settings
    • kft.teleport.nominimum
      Users with this right will not have a minimum distance restriction if set via kft-minimum-distance
    • kft.teleport.nomaximum
      Users with this right will not have a maximum distance restriction if set via kft-maximum-distance
    • kft.teleport.backUsers with this right will be able to teleport back to their last position from which they teleported
    Commandline functions:
    (NOTE: leave out the leading slash / for use in the server console)
    • /kftrc
      will refetch settings and can be called via server console, or via chat if the user has the necessary rights
    Changelog (open)


    Version 0.9.5
    • Updated to newest Bukkit API support (1.1.x)
    Version 0.9.4
    • Added kft-teleport-left and kft-back-left to allow for left mouse click teleportation
    • Added kft-skyport to allow for sky teleportation and disabled by default
      (clicking 'on' the sky will no longer teleport you)
    Version 0.9.3
    • Added kft-glass-solid to allow for teleportation on top of glass
    Version 0.9.2
    • Added kft-cooldown-time to allow for cooldown of teleportation
    • Added a try and catch block for a faulty bukkit method
    Version 0.9.1
    • Added kft-back-teleport-off property to allow for deactivation of back teleporting
    Version 0.9
    • Added back teleport functionality via another Material (default EGG)
    • Added permissions and settings for the back porting (kft-consume-back and kft.teleport.back)
    Version 0.8
    • Added permission modifications kft.teleport.nominimum and *.nomaximum
    Version 0.7
    • Added kft-minimum-distance property for minimum travel configuration
    • Added /kftrc command to allow for reload of settings
    • Added kft.reload.config permissions modification
    Version 0.6
    • Modified permission error reporting to not report any errors unless set otherwise via (kft-report-permissionErrors)
    • Added kft-maximum-distance to allow for a limitation of possible travel distance
    Version 0.5
    • Cleaned up code a little
    • Added event cancellation on successful teleport to prevent block placement and alike (e.g. for teleporting with DIRT blocks)
    Version 0.4
    • Fixed bug where a player would receive permission error messages with items other than current feather material
    Version 0.3
    • Modified kft-consume-feathers to allow for an integer value to define the amount of consumed feathers
    • Added Permissions support (kft.teleport.rights, kft.teleport.forfree)
    • Added kft-feather-material property to change type of item for teleportation
    • Updated to new craftbukkit recommended build [605]
    Version 0.2
    • Added feature to consume feathers if used
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release
  2. Finally, the alternative for ARCTeleport :D
    To bad it doesnt consume any feathers
  3. Hey KevinHouse,
    thx for this good idea.. I just added this feature. Have fun using it :)
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    Ah! Perfect! Just what I was looking for. **bookmarks** to configure for feather consumption?
    Can't read, my bad. XD However....I think you should make it so you can consume more than one feather, if you want. i.e., kft-feather-consume = 0 vs. kft-feather-consume = 5
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    Tim Visser

    Great plugin, I'll bookmark this. Personally I like to have the option to use it with another item because on my server we use 'flyridgefly' too which also uses the feather.

    And, I really, really would like permissions support
  6. Hey KoryuObihiro and Tim Visser,

    I like both your proposals and will implement them as soon as I have the time for it :)

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Hey guys, added the recommended additions..

    let me know if everything works fine for you :)

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    i noticed it does not work properly with permissions, ie kft.teleport.rights does not enable rights for that user group to teleport, any suggestions?
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    Works with 617
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  9. @facecardz: do you have any tabs in your permissions yml file? if so, make sure to remove them.. it should work, which server version, or which permissions version are you using? please update to current version if possible
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    hey kerim,
    we've been using your plugin for a few days now, and after the initial test, we thought it would be safe to move to our live-server. it quickly turned out, that anyone who not has the right to teleport gets the message which says that, no matter what item they held in hand (or no item at all).

    i read your sourcecode, and created a really little patch (just moved a check around). i appended that patch to my post, and would like to see it implemented. can you please upload a new build, so everyone can benefit from this?

    greets garfield

    edit-note: fixed the attachment

    Attached Files:

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  11. hey garfield!

    thx for the feedback and patch! :)

    Corrected the behaviour and the plugin shouldn't complain like an old hag anymore ;)
    Please let me know, if it works as expected.
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    Had the same problem, the update fixes is.
    This is a really sweet plugin, good work man. Thanks!
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    plugin works like a charm now.
    still having problems with most of the glass-blocks, but i think this has nothing to do with the plugin, als items keep falling through glass too.

    good work with the plugin! keep it up.
    thanks for the plugin and the fix
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    Is there any possibilty to add a range maximum? I keep traveling over million blocks when missclicking into the heaven :(

    And maybe make the Permission-Error toogle-able, too, so my users even get no error when they use the feather.
  15. Thanks Wurstfabrik for your feedback, I just added your requested modifications.

    This plugin wont report any permission errors anymore unless wanted. A range maximum can now be configured as well.

    Let me know, if it works for you :)
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    I tested the maximum range property and it does work perfectly for me! Thanks a lot. Great Plug-in !
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    Works like a charm, thanks :)
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    @Kerim If this works with 670, I'd recommend updating your thread title. :p Just sayin'.
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  19. I like to suggest a kft.teleport.nomax permission to allow a group to not be subject to the kft-maximum-distance restriction
    similarly kft.teleport.nomin to undo the effect of kft-minimum-distance
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  20. Another great suggestion, thx

    will add it after work :)
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    Cool Plugin Mate! I set the Object id to Glowstone dust! So now Glowstone actually has a point other than creating more glowstone!
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  22. Sorry about the late update guys (@fitzy), something came up that day, and I than forgot :x

    But its here now, let me know if you have other requests :)
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    Looks like a nice plugin. I would definitely use this in my server if you implemented a "back" functionality. I still use TelePlus from 1.3 (it still manages to work in 1.4) because it has that back functionality.
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    @Patri1arch He'd likely have to use a different command alias, as many plugins have already used that particular nomeclature, but other than that I like that idea too.
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    Perhaps it could be implemented as a second item, or a text based command to toggle whether right clicking while holding the feather moves you to cursor or back one jump?
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  26. Hey guys,

    thx for this great request. I figured Eggs would be an apropriate way to go back to the roots from the feather ;)
    But again, its configurable and you can set to any other item..

    Let me know, if it works as wanted :)
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    Just thought I'd mention that this works perfectly on build 733
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    I would love to use this, but I am pretty new with bukkit and I didn't get it to run on my server.

    Here ist the part of my Log:

    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(
    at Jar does not contain plugin.yml
    > 13:37:22 [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins/kFeatherTeleport-v0.9.jar' in folder 'plugins':
    > 13:37:21 [INFO] [Permissions] (Phoenix) was Initialized.

    I am running bukkit 733 and Minecraft 1.5_02 beta

    I installed it like this: Download 0.9zip --> renamed .zip to .jar --> copied it in plugin folder in minecraft

    What is my mistake? Please help me. (Sry for my English, i am from Germany)
  29. Hi vip,

    the zip file is not a jar file, you have to unzip the file to get the .jar file out of it :) So please, never just rename a file to your liking, unless you know what you are doing ^^

    Use an archive program to extract the jar file from inside the zip archive. Windows and Mac have a built-in zip reading functionality, so usually just double click on the file and you should be able to see the jar file. Now you can just drag and drop it to your plugins folder.

    Hope this short help does the trick for you..

    P.S: refer to the wiki first, e.g:
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    thx for your fast answer. But . . .

    I extracted the zip and it became a folder. In the folder are 3 folders (kerim-libs-META-INF) and a plugin.yml.

    The only .jar file I could find is in the libs - folder: bukkit-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar and Permissions.jar

    Is that the right .jar ?? Which one should I take ??

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