[TP] JustWarp 1.4 - Simple warps with per warp permissions, warps.txt and Multiworld[1.6.1-R0.1]

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    This is a simple and lightweight warp plugin that is based on the work of Plague (plgwarp). It provides the same functionality as well as a number of useful features such as Permissions support and per warp permissions.



    - Supports Multiworld
    - Supports warps.txt
    - Supports Super Permissions
    - Supports OP (if you don't use permissions)
    - Per Warp Permissions

    - /warp <destination> [player]
    - /setwarp <warp name>
    - /removewarp <warp name>
    - /warplist


    do NOT use justwarp.*

    - justwarp.list - Allows use of /warplist
    - justwarp.add - Allows use of /setwarp <warpname>
    - justwarp.remove Allows use of /removewarp <warpname>
    - justwarp.warp - Allow use of /warp
    - justwarp.warpother - Allow warping of others
    - justwarp.override - Gives permission to override existing warps
    -justwarp.warps.<warp> - Gives permission to a specific warp
    -justwarp.warps.all - Gives permission to ALL warps
    -justwarp.denywarp.<warp> - Allows you to add an exception to justwarp.warps.all (New)
    If you don't use permissions, ops will have access to all commands.

    Change Log

    Version 1.35

    - Fixed an issue where opped players were not handled properly
    - Compiled with Bukkit 1.4.7 R1.0

    Version 1.3

    - Added justwarp.denywarp.<warp> - Use this to add an exception to justwarp.warps.all (eg justwarp.denywarp.adminbase)

    - /warplist - now lists warps more clearly

    - Tested with Bukkit 1.4.6-R0.4

    Version 1.2

    - Added per warp permissions.

    - Added override permission.

    - /listwarps will only show warps that you have permission for.

    Version 1.1

    - Added OP support for those that don't use permissions

    Version 1.0

    - Release
    You can checkout my Minecraft server at​

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    Mind taking a look at this
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    Well according to my license he doesn't even need to credit me, which he did anyway ;)
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    d00ba Latest rb please
    Very loose licensing :)
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    Updated thread and file over at bukki dev.
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    Hi I use permissions 2.7.2 (phoenix) and i can't give it to myself using - 'justwarp.add' why?
    Help me pls
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    This plugin only supports Super Perms plugins (Permissions EX, BukkitPermissions etc...). permissions 2.7.2 is well out of date, consider updating.
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    Hello i installed the mod and is there a problem with it or do i need a special program besides Bukkit of course. When i launch the server and type /setwarp [world] it says to type /help like there is no program installed.
  10. Haven't tried this plugin but just by reading the description I don't think you can set worlds.

    The way this seems to be used like is that when you stand on a place you later want to be able to warp to you just type /setwarp and then the name you want it to have. For ex. if you are standing in your mine and want to set a warp there you just place yourself where you want the warp to be and typ /setwarp mine.

    When you later want to warp to your mine you only need to type /warp mine to teleport to the location in the mine you set.

    It says it supports multiworld, but I think it means that you could be on different worlds than the world you have your warp set on and still teleport there with the /warp command.
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    can't wait for R0.2 ver
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    can somewon tell me how i get the Permissions to work! i cant use them it says you have no permisson to set warps? how do i do? please help me!
  13. What permissions plugin do you use? If you don't use one, get one :)
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    Hello! i use justwarp plugin, but i cant use it eaven if im a op/admin. it says: you have no Permission to set warps. How do i do?
  15. I take this as a "no" to if you use any permissions plugin?

    Permissions are handled another plugin. For example PermissionsEX (PEX) is one plugin that handles all the permissions for other plugins, like your justwarp plugin.

    So check out PEX page or search for any of the other permissions plugins that are out there and there you can read on how to set up the permissions correctly.
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    Could you add a sign warp feature? plz<3
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    Could someone please tell me how to set permissions? It would be a really big help as I'm not able to setwarps as my severs says that I don't have permission, thanks
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    Nie, could you add a permission node to overwrite existing warps? Thanks
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    Is there anyway to make it so certain ranks, eg.donators, mods etc. can use certain warps?
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    think you could add a per group warp amount limitation ?
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    Can you update this to 1.2.4?
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    Fred K.

    Works perfectly on 1.2.4 R1.
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    But what about 1.2.5?
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    It is compatible with 1.2.5 R1 with no known issues. Will look into adding some of the requested features when I get some spare time (most likely towards the end of the month).
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    Could you add in a /world command to get to other worlds?
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    It'd be great if you could add private warps!
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    i cant setwarp or anything and i am the admin help i dont have perms
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    Open a ticket on bukkit dev, and provide more details.. nothing I can do if you provide vague error reports here.
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    Is there a way to add permissions on PEX to groups for only certain warps?

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