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    Homes - Infinite Named Homes
    Version: v1.0​
    This plugin gives you a good homes feature set. People can create an infinite amount of homes, and name them whatever they like. They can also overwrite previously made homes just by using the same /sethome command. Two different users can have a house named the same thing, and it won't conflict with them.​
    • Makes "/sethome <homename>" set the current location of the player to the house they have it named in the command.
    • Makes "/home <homename>" warp you back to the home named in the command.
    • All data storage is handled with SQLite, so it's fast, and quick to run and use.
    • Infinite homes can be made by a player.
    • Players can name their homes the same thing, and yet they won't conflict at all.
    Change Log:

    Version 1.0
    • Just the initial release with the features listed above.
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    Bruno Lanevik

    Wouldn't this make it more into like a warp plugin?
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    I'm using it for homes on my server, and that's what I designed it for.
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    title is missing plugin version and CB version tag
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    Sorry, fixed.
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    If you are able to do so, add like Permissions support, and if you do add a node that restrict a player from setting x homes, like "homesystem.sethomes.x" (x is a variable, it has to be set or else it won't work) and I'll use this plugin on my server.
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    I'm very sorry, but I'm not familiar with permissions at all. If you give me some information or a place where I can learn about permissions I may be able to do this. I'm new to the MC Server scene as a whole, as well as to Java, so ya...Thanks for the suggestion though!
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    @isamgray Look up Permissions 3.1.6 and look at how to hook into the API. Very well written.
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    Ok, thanks. Will do.
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    if you regularly do "/sethome" with no name following it, can it set a home such as a main home? So then you can do "/home" without a name and be teleported to your main house? for quick measures.
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    Not in the plugin's current state, but that's a nice idea. I'll add that to my to-do list.
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    How about a home cap? via permissions? or config file?
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    I'd like to be able to configure a delay before the player is sent to their home (i.e. just use a timer).

    This would make the plug-in less useful when trying to escape from mobs, as they'd have to stay alive an extra 5 seconds or so before they TP to their house, rather than it being instant.

    Other than that... it sounds great! I'm about to try it now. Definitely prefer these plug-ins that only do a few specific things.

    Another concern after testing it is that it doesn't seem to record the direction that you are facing when you set home. Sure, this is a minor thing... but I'd really like to see it implemented :)


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    I'll look into doing that.

    If that's your concern, I may be able to do something better than that for you. I could make it so only when the user is "safe", AKA, not targeted by a mob, that they can use the home feature.

    Noted, I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I'll probably add that in soon.
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    Sounds good!

    As I said, it's a minor issue. But it would make the plugin feel a little more rounded off / perfect.
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    Maybe add buttons by using spout that will allow you to click `to take you home. and right click to cycle through your homes.
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    A very useful command to be added;
    Also for deleting named homes no longer in use;
    /removehome [name]
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    I miss that feature too.

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