[TP/FIX] uNether v0.1 - Get back to your own nether portal [1000]

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    uNether - Get back to your own portal !
    Version: v0.1

    By default, when you create nether portals in your world, only the first created one is used when coming back from the nether.
    With uNether, the portal you used to go in the nether is saved, and when you'll want to come back on world, you will arrive on the portal you used before.
    It's a very simple plugin, just place it in plugins folder, and that's it !

    • Allow all players of the server to use correctly their own nether portals
    Download uNether
    Source Code

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin. Allowing player to get back to their portal when comming back from nether

    • Configuration file
    • Two modes : First where everyone get on the same place on the nether (current), and second where each world portal is linked to an other portal at the same place in the nether.
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    Trying this plugin on MC 1.2.3
    Doesn't seem to work.
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    Is this plugin going to be updated to work on latest version? Or does anyone know a plugin that will do the same thing?
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    Update it PLZ
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    What´s the status of this ??? Is the plugin geting the name of the world automatically ????
  8. Amazing how people can not even read the post above their own.

    Anyways, since the original author is not responding, I have updated my plugin again and made it even better then ever.

    Check the download link: Click
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    Sounds amazing! Does this work for 1.2.5? Thanks,


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    Hey, Ulrar I have moved your plugin to the inactive subforum. You have not updated your plugin in awhile. If you choose to update in the future, make sure you've updated and tested your plugin with the latest RB. Then you can report your plugin (report button on the bottom of your post) saying that it has been updated. The plugin will get moved back ASAP as long as it matches the submission guidelines.

    Thank you :)
  11. Updated my plugin to the latest craftbukkit (CB 1.3.1 R2.0).

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