[TP/FIX] uNether v0.1 - Get back to your own nether portal [1000]

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    uNether - Get back to your own portal !
    Version: v0.1

    By default, when you create nether portals in your world, only the first created one is used when coming back from the nether.
    With uNether, the portal you used to go in the nether is saved, and when you'll want to come back on world, you will arrive on the portal you used before.
    It's a very simple plugin, just place it in plugins folder, and that's it !

    • Allow all players of the server to use correctly their own nether portals
    Download uNether
    Source Code

    Version 0.1
    • Releasing the plugin. Allowing player to get back to their portal when comming back from nether

    • Configuration file
    • Two modes : First where everyone get on the same place on the nether (current), and second where each world portal is linked to an other portal at the same place in the nether.
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    Useful for my server to :)
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    Its not bringing us back to the exact portal we go through. It is taking us to a different one in a random cave.
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    It doesn't work for me, I'm always coming out of the same portal when going out from the nether, no differance what portal I go through on my way there. I'm using cb1000 and I use MultiVerse to manage my worlds.
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    PaiN_ful. are you using MultiVerse too ?
    Never tried with it, may be it come from it.

    Do you have any error in the server console ?
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    same thing happens to me. i'm not sure how to fix it
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    simply doesn't work. no log error messages, even deleted my nether folder. everything in essentials is allowed, and it still doesn't work. Fail.
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    With the RB1000 or an other ?
    Do you use MultiVerse ?
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    i am at 1060 and yes i use multiverse.
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    MultiVerse redefine the way of nether portal are used, I didn't tried but I bet it is just overriding uNether.

    May be I could modify the priority of uNether, need to be tried.
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    ty works great simple and love it

    i have this problem to my worlds are name "new" and so i have "new_nether"

    this doesnt seem to be workin for me. i have netherenabled in server properties. i make a portal and travel to one that already exsists in nether. when i come back it spawns me in the somewhere else on map and makes a new portal for me there everytime. i destroy and keep making new portals but it wont take me back to them just mkes one in same spot o my normal map everyttme. oh and everytime i use a portal on either side or world that it say updating cornates. plz help like the idea of this but not working it seems

    i take that back now MOST of the time this happens. it works when it feels like it. 1 thing i noticed is this seems to happen when idont build the base in the ground.

    EDIT: Yes this only happens when i dont put base in ground. can this be fixed

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    I have to reinstall my Linux, I can't dev for now.
    And I have lots of work this time, but I'll try to find why this is happening.

    I'll try to reproduce this bug these days, never seen it before !
    What version are you using ? Do you use MultiVerse ?
    For the worlds names, I'll ad the fix ASAP.
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    no multivere and i have bukkit 060
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    I thought 1.8 was going to fix this issue but guess i'm re-downloading this plugin..thanks for making it :D
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    This plugin is amazing! I can't believe no one else has made this plugin!

    Also, could you please make it so that the text saying that it has saved the coordinates, can be disabled in config or something?

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    Does this work with build #1185? It doesn't seem to.
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    still does in 1337 i think. everytime i travel through portal it generated ine back in my reguar world as opposed to the one i already built. so no actually it doesnt work i think but iv never seen any console errors with it
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    Leon Philips

    Love it, no bugs spotted yet in bukkit build: 1519
    Good job:) ! I am looking forward to the config file! ;)
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    Im still havig the error where if i make a portal in my normal world it will take me to the nether but when i go back through the portal i came in, in generates a new portal in he middle of nowhere and that process repeats it oesnt remember where i came from in the normal world. im using 1.8.1 and there are never any errors reported. plz help.

    so is this dead or what cuz ive poster errors for 3 mnths coming on now

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    fix please, random portal linking is pissing me off
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    please fix this. it would be really nice to use. and it doesnt work anymore...
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    Has anyone tried this on CB 1550 and above?
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    Can this PLEASE be updated? Notch and Jeb are too incompetent to fix the issue and we need plugin developers to do it. :(
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    Update please
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    I want a update for 1.0.1-RC1 D:
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    has anyone even tried it on RC1? would be nice cause we need this or something like this on my server!
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    I have this on my R1 server (1597) and looks like it still working without problem,....
    except that the world folder MUST be named "world" and nothing else,...

    And I'm curious if this could be made also backwards,...
    Example: Player creates it's own portal and enter Nether.... he's currently get ported to some public place and then he walks away on some distand place, create netherwart farm and his own portal back to world,... It port him back to portal, but when he's want back to Nether it port him again to that public place,...
    Current Function: When player enter World portal, it saves its position, so he get's back thru it.
    New Fuction: When player enter Nether portal, it's could also save its positions, so it actually link only there two portals for him,...
  29. Well I've fixed that in my version. Also, it is possible for a server with multiple world and multiple nethers to use my plugin. It's just a update to this code and compiled against the latest craftbukkit, I hope the Ulrar will understand this.

    Here is the link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/umultinether/
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    Doesnt work with the latest version.
  31. does it work in R3+ ???

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