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    EnderTP - Teleport using EnderPearls!
    Version: v1.2

    EnderTP allows you to teleport around your world using EnderPearls. To teleport simply right-click when holding an EnderPearl and you will teleport to the block you are looking at.
    EnderPearls will break after the amount of uses set in the config file.

    • Teleport using EnderPearls
    • Right-click to teleport, left-click to see how many uses are left
    • EnderPearls break after a set amount of uses
    • Smoke and portal effect when teleporting
    • Configurable amount of uses and teleport distance
    • Configurable messages upon teleporting and the EnderPearl breaking
    Permissions (superperm)
    Permission to use EnderPearls to teleport will automatically default to Op. Otherwise use the following permission:

    Config (open)

    Uses per pearl: 1
    EnderTP enabled: true
    Deny teleport: true
    Turn off messages: false
    Message upon attempt to teleport too far: Location is too far out of reach!
    Distance to teleport: 100
    Message upon teleporting: The power of the EnderPearl teleports you!
    Message when pearl breaks: The EnderPearl shatters as you teleport!
    Portal effect: true
    Should be easy to understand.
    Uses per pearl: How many times a pearl can be used to teleport before it breaks.
    EnderTP Enabled: Set to false to disable the plugin. Default is true.
    Deny teleport: Prevents player teleporting if the location is further than the max distance set.
    Also sends the Message upon attempt to teleport.
    Turn off messages: Set to true to turn off the messages.
    Message upon attempt to teleport too far: Message displayed when the location is out of reach.
    Distance to teleport: Set the max distance that can be teleported.
    Message upon teleporting: Message displayed to player when teleporting.
    Message when pearl breaks: Message displayed to the player when the pearl breaks.
    Portal effect: Turn the portal effect when teleporting on or off (true or false)

    Video (open)

    Video of version 1.1

    Made by Gabriel Moon


    Download EnderTP: Here
    Source is included in the jar file.

    • Improve teleporting
    • Update configuration file code
    Version 1.2
    • Tested against build 1337
    • Added new effect when teleporting. Can be turned off in config.
    • May need to delete config.yml and generate a new one to get the portal effect option.
    Version 1.1
    • Fixed a bug that prevented player interact on right click.
    Changelog (open)

    Version 1.0
    • Added an option in the config to turn off messages
    • Added a feature, left-click to see how many uses are left
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed a bug when right-clicking with items other than EnderPearls.
    Version 0.8
    • Rewrote the code and added comments
    • Source is now available in the jar file
    Version 0.7
    • Added some more code to prevent being able to teleport to the sky
    Version 0.6
    • Added some code to prevent teleporting to the sky
    Version 0.5
    • Added configurable setting to prevent teleporting further than the max set distance
    • Added configurable message when player attempts to teleport further than the max set distance
    • Tidied up the config file
    Version 0.4
    • Added configurable amount of uses per pearl
    • Added configurable message upon pearl breaking
    Version 0.3
    • Added config file
    Version 0.2
    • Added Permissions
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
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    Absolutely add permissions and a config file. :)

    Add a configurable distance.
    Also, if there is a stack of blocks and you are pointing at one of the lower blocks, it should tp you to the top most block.

    Otherwise a great idea.

    I have heard that this idea will be implemented in the next update of Minecraft... not sure how true this is.;)
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    Added Permissions: endertp.use
    Allows players with that permission to teleport using enderpearls, otherwise, it defaults to Op.

    Added a config file that allows you to change the max teleporting distance, the message displayed when teleporting, and a setting to disable the plugin.

    Added a configurable amount of uses per pearl to the config.
    Added a configurable message upon pearl breaking to the config.

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    The Config-File is not automatically created in the plugin-folder.
    So which name should the folder and the config-file have?
    I´ll create it myself ;)
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    Really? It works for me!

    Are you reloading/restarting the server after you place it into your plugins folder?
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    How does one set the mod so anyone can teleport? I have permissions bukkit, but I'm fairly new to it and am not sure where to put "endertp.use." Thanks, this mod will make a huge difference on my server.
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    Holy fuck, way to steal my idea lol, I built a plugin called EnderPort last week I use on my server :p

    Nice though. Mine's slightly different...it uses pearls to allow people to teleport to other players and to their homepoints. :)
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    permissions not work ((( for OP all ok
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    You would add:
    endertp.use: true
    to any group you want to be able to use it.
    The permissions are superperms only. You need to be using bPermissions, permissionsBukkit, or permissionsEX.
    Oh no, really? I searched before I made this, did you not release it?
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    Hahaha i thought of this plugin, and now i see it released! Good work.
    Its the WorldEdit compass, but than in a handy format :3 For only 0.00!
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    Pointing to sky or unloaded chunks teleports on bedrock level
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    Ok, I'll test it.. I thought I fixed that!

    @Lethal_Dark Should be fixed now. It was just one line that I forgot to add.

    I haven't been able to test unloaded chunks as I haven't yet had any to test, I'll look into it though.

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    @DirtyStarfish :)
    Don't know if this has already been suggested, I have only skimmed the posts above, but maybe left click could teleport you to the nearest Enderman within a configurable amount of blocks :) So players can hunt the 'bastards' down. Forgive my language.. I hate them.

    Probably a stupid idea. But the plugin seems great. You had a good idea!
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    Haha, yeah I could see about adding that! Code is such a mess though, should probably rewrite it first.
  15. there is already two(more?) other plugins that does this :p
    and notch even took the original plugin and put it in game (1.9+)
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    I searched for a plugin like it and couldn't find any. Do you have the link to these?
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    Can you maybe release a version which allows to use for all when no permission addon is present?
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    @IceReaper Yeah, I'll quickly do that now and send you the link.
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    Ah, many thanks !!! :)
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    Heres the link: Download

    It should work ok, send me a message if theres any problems
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    huu when that's kind of cool. i might use this in my bukkit map.
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    Works! thanks! :)
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    Want me to make you an avatar.. i have an awesome idea.
    (sorry about the offtopicness)
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    Yeah sure! I would love an awesome avatar! :)
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    Lol not sure about awesome. I just hope to god you like purple LOL.
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    Nah I didn't, so it's cool :) I also saw someone post another one last night...one that's almost exactly what mine does, lol. Yours is different in that it does point-to-point teleporting, which I had considered adding to mine but didn't. Good work. :)
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    Haha, thanks! I guess its quite a common idea, seeing as Enderman teleport and everything! Apparently there is one that does the same as mine somewhere..
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    Could you share the name of the one that is similar to yours? I am looking for one that does exactly as you describe. If a player is in your party you can use an ender pearl to tp to them. If you want to tp home it also costs an ender pearl.
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    FYI - Similar to a previous bug report. I pointed at a building in the sky and transported to bedrock level.

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