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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Olof Larsson, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

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    Ok, i think the only solid blocks are ice and leaves. Would still like to see cane and lava and web if possible.

    Gotta find a way to nerf those pesky squid.
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    Same problem for me! Can you fix this please? Because I like this plug in since AncientGates is being discontinued it's the only custom style portal plug in.
  4. You can break the portal frame with pistons and the portal won't be removed (until server restart).
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    Darius Rahl

    Same & Same issue as stated above. When the server restarts all the portals go away and cannot be created again until the plugin files are removed and allowed to be recreated.
  6. Interesting how there are many posts on this page saying it doesn't work on #953. @Olof Larsson Op post says [928] - so this plugin should only be used up to bukkit #928, I am sure that he already knows it doesn't work properly on later bukkits and hopefully he'll update when he can.
    Also, asking for signs and commands added to this plugin, you may as well look at Wormhole Xtreme or the Stargate plugin, either of which is probably nearer to what you are looking for, and they have been updated to bukkit #953. This portal system was designed to be simple and easy to use, personally I like its simplicity and I hope it stays that way. There are other portal systems that have more complex things in them, hopefully you could try one of them. However, I do like the idea of horizontal portals :) - although thats not essential for this plugin.
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    Works like a charm! :D
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    Hi, I installed the plugin on server.
    built portal. clicked on diamond watches and writes to me:
    You dont have permission to create gates
    my skype: nickbulgakov1
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    i am on 935 and i can make portals that survive a reset of the server, but with a catch...the one i am standing next to when i reload the server/client doesnt work. i /mvtp to a different world with a portal linking back to that one and it works properly once i have come through it from a different world.

    absolutely love this plugin btw, thanks for making it =)
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    how to give yourself permission to edit the portal?
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    you have to have a permissions plugin running and add the following lines to the user or group that you want to allow to make portals:
    • creativegates.create
    • creativegates.destroy
    im using permissions 3.1.6 and it works fine.
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    so I need to install the plugin permissions and what's next?
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    plugins that support permissions have permission nodes like "creativegates.create" and "creativegates.destroy" which you add to your permissions plugins config files. a better place to get help with doing that would probably be the thread for that plugin.

    i should also note that its supposed to work without permissions so that means if you are getting a permissions error, you must already have some kind of permissions plugin installed, and dont need to install the one i linked you to. you will want to find out which one it is and start from there.
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    indeed, I installed a clean server and it worked! Explain to me what plug-way?
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    Just wondering, will the portals link to ANY other portal with the same material?

    It would be sweet if it only linked to those other portals that are created by the same user.
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    Yes, no matter what size or shape, portals of identical material will be linked.

    Too bad the shape doesn't matter - it would almost be like having a 'key' if the shape mattered.
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    This Plugin is just AWESOME, no commands? Brilliant! I just hate typing out all those commands that create and delete, etc etc. But theres a slight problem... Some of my portals only go one way. It seems like some others have the same problem :(. Is there anything I am doing wrong or is this a bug?
    Thanks for the portals!
  18. While we're on this subject, one of my portals also acts oddly, I had to close it and rope it off.
    My server has four worlds, made as such by MultiVerse: An overworld, a netherworld, a copy of the overworld that members can vandalise freely (dubbed the 'negaworld') and a skylands world. As well as eight or so portals to points around the overworld. All of the portals can be found at a cental hub, a plaza.
    All of the portals work fine. Even the ones to the netherworld and the skylands. However, the one that goes to the negaworld is malfunctioning. Whenever one steps into it, it generates the next world, and spawns the player. But after a second, it goes back to the loading screen and sends the player back. Then it goes into the loading screen again and spawns again, and so on. Players can get stuck in this loop for minutes at a time. At times, I have to boot them.
    I also note that I had this problem with AncientGates, which fixed itself for an unknown reason.

    The offending portal is identical in shape and position to it's neighbours (up against a wall). Because the overworld and the negaworld are duplicates of each other (minus the vandalism), the portals are in exactly the same geographic co-ordinates (just in different worlds). The nega-side portal can't be modified, because the world is paved over with a fresh copy from the overworld on a monthly basis to update it and revert damage.
    I can spawn in that world okay with /world negaworld, but even closing and opening the portal pair doesn't do anything to help.

    I don't think it generates any errors in the console. Then again, I don't know if the problem is here, in MultiVerse, or something else entirely....
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    This is an awesome plugin! I'm using it on all my servers, and my users love it. I'm using this as a replacement for Ancient Gates...

    Two suggestions/changes I'd like to see, and forgive me if it's already been discussed.

    1. While the plugin is deciding which side to spawn the user at, have it do a little extra checking to make sure the user isn't being ported into a fatal situation (lava, fall to death, etc) Perhaps have this as an option, as I could see some people wanting the Russian-roulette-style portal system...

    2. Have an option of making a portal one-way. Maybe by hitting it with another item. Imagine having an exit-only portal at the end of a dungeon/maze/encounter/whatever... you don't want people being able to port directly to the end, only able to port out. The plugin would skip over the "exit-only" portals when finding a new location to send the user to...
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    I like the idea of this and I would love to use it as a replacement of ancient gates (seeing as its inactive now).
    The only thing I do not like about this plugin is that, I like to make gates look all the same in a certain place and I don't really want them all linked together.

    I was wondering if you could maybe impliment chat commands to make you choose where you want the portal to go, like in ancient gates.

    I know that maybe that might be a no because the "No Chat Commands" is a huge selling point for some people.
    Maybe making it so that same shaped gates link together.
    A square portal will link to another square portal
    and a circle portal would link to another circle portal.
    and them all be made of Obsidian or something.

    Just an idea for people like me, who make portal rooms and want all materials in the room to match.
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    It seems like this awesome plugin is incompatible with Skylands environments. That is the only problem I have with this plugin, it is otherwise perfect and amazing, thanks Olof.
  22. I managed to get mine to work in Skylands. Although I had to go there manually to find the starting area before creating the gate pair. It was getting there to lay the gate that was the problem for me (Error: Hole in Floor).
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    I can't telepot Help!!!
    Come My server pls
    Owner Need Help
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    I got both gates setup (one in my main world and one in the Skylands world). I cannot use the gate in the normal world to go to the skyworld, but the other way does work.

    I created a second Skylands world and setup gates between the two Skylands worlds I have and I cannot teleport through those two gates at all. I assume that the environment type check for determining the next gate to use is failing on worlds with the Skylands environment. I did all this with my other plugins disabled. I'm using the latest RB of bukkit 953, sorry I should have said that earlier.
  25. Looks like we both got a problem, then.

    Is your server set up with MultiVerse?
  26. this plugin would be really good but proplems what i had when using this:
    created portal -> wanted to delete / remove is -> portal did not dissappear the portal material stay in air and still teleports
    and it caused lagging a lot
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    I have one Skylands area setup with the DreamLand plugin (plugin version 1.7), which is my main skylands because I want the bed to skylands ability, and made a second with the DimensionDoor plugin (plugin version 1.3.1). I also made additional Normal and Nether type worlds with DimensionDoor and Creative Gates worked fine with those. I've only had issues with trying to teleporting to Skylands types. My gates don't malfunction in any other way, break a block it destroys the gate, etc.
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    emm they arent deleting for me :p i can delete them manually by going into to the config files but breaking the gate ingame does nothing.. even the diamond block :/ but great plugin :D

    EDIT: Ah! nm, its because i was using superpickaxe -.-
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    Pink Floyd

    I can't destroy it, sadly. I've destroyed all frame blocks possible and now it's just a floating chunk of water that wont allow to place any blocks in it.
  30. pink floyd

    this plugin sucks
  31. Obvious troll is obvious.
    Don't use it. Simple response to a stupid statement.

    Don't use a superpickaxe or WorldEdit to replace the blocks. Delete the conf files from the plugin subdirectory. Both of these instructions were established numerous times in this topic.

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