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    Olof Larsson

  2. Someone in this topic already looked around. There is only one alternative that I think is viable:- the remastered prequel to this plugin. AncientGates. It's not maintained by Olof, so I expect it will see updates "soon" in actual time. Because I'm under the impression that this plugin's current author is working in Valve Time or something equally stupendous.

    Here you go. Normally, I'd make you jump through a bunch of hoops to find this information (by telling you to "RTFT", or something) because I'm an arrogant dick like that. But seeing as this is a topic that has vexed me (and, indeed, a lot of people), I will give it to you for free! ^^
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    Bookmarked, thanks. Sad this one cant keep going, id be willing to pay for an update but i doubt the author would even see this...
  4. Someone should mention him or post on his profile and ask for some hustle.
    Not me, though, I enjoy stirring the pot.
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    I can patch up this plugin to work with the current RB. I'm assuming if the author remains silent he consents to letting me release an update. :p
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    Please do :)
  7. I approve of your offer so hard.

    DO IT!! MAKE IT SO. >:8
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    Great news, thanks!
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    Please notify us if you decide to take over this plugin and update it so we know where to get it, thanks.
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    Ok, so I patched it up real quick to get it working with R6, and then I found out that someone had already forked this plugin on GitHub and updated to R5. Now, the reason this plugin wasn't working was because of the R5 update. Lol. Anyway, you can see all the forked projects here. My R6 version is here, and you can download the jar here.
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    You Ser are just to awesome!! What is your paypal? You deserve a donation my friend.

    You download is working against bukkit dev 2022 1.2.3 R0.1
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    Thanks very much! Just doing what needs done. It was kinda fun actually.
    My paypal is: musicin3d (@t) gmail .d0t. com
  13. You legend, sir. Where do you live? I want to buy you beer. I proclaim this fork to be Beerware. And if you do not fashion me with your address and the location of your nearest pub/club/bar/tavern (or I cannot get to you, given I live in the UK), I will drink in your honour, sir.

    Musicin3D > Olof Larsson
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  14. *bows and grovels at your feet* Thank you so very much for this!

    Side question, were you able to fix the problems of the gates randomly flooding or the not always being written to the config file? If so, you are my new personal savior for the next day or so. :D
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    Can you create a bukkit dev page? If you support this plugin :D
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    Great plugin..Good work
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    why for me it doesnt work :\ it doesnt do anything i build the portal grab a block right on the block :|

    and it stays in the same

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  18. Works for me under R6. Your permissions OK, if you are using them?
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    It would be great if there was continued support by Olof or someone. This was by far the nicest gate plugin we have found! Would be a shame to lose it and have to rely on signs, or the like. I have yet to get my main server updated for 1.2 so cannot try the patch yet. But it sounds like its working great from what I hear so far! We've always been all about looks.. and well, signs.. meh! Thanks for the patch Olof!!
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    HAHAHAHA! I had never heard of that until now. Unfortunately for me, you probably won't be buying me a drink, as I live in the US. So drink up my friend! :D

    Thank you very much sir! My gosh, I didn't expect all this. Lol.

    I didn't do any other bug fixing. It's just a patch/update. Bukkit's new event system may have indirectly removed the flooding problem though. I've never experienced this issue or the config issue before myself. I'll keep these two issues in mind when I read through the code.

    I have no idea what you're saying, other than it's not working. I can't help you unless you tell me exactly what is happening. Please use punctuation too.

    Bukkit has not updated for 1.2 and won't work with it (unless it Bukkit has pulled some sort of wizardry). Therefore this plugin won't work with it anyway. :p

    BukkitDev wants me to have expressed permission from the original author before starting a project there. I just sent Olof a message asking for said permission. Now we wait.

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  21. Oh, boy. We'll be here forever, then...
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    He just replied...
    I guess it just got real. lol
  23. "Taking over" development assumes that there is already development in progress at the time the statement becomes relevant.
    We have had exactly 0% output from OP since, what, mid-January? And no evidence that development was happening.

    This isn't a take-over; it's a necro.
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    Well least he finally woke up from hibernation :), Now if we could wake the other 90% inactive plugin Devs ^^
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    Lol. Well said. Just to clarify, I used the phrase "take over" first in our short conversation.

    Apparently, the thought of losing your fan base is quite effective. Ha (and someone else using all your hard work)
  26. With all respects to the various parties involved...

    musicin3d, if you forked the project on github and made your own version, I'd use it.

    I just did a quick test of the "official" version and found it to be lacking. Performance wise, it feels like it was a half-hearted push to make it work with R5+. It still seems to have the problems where new gates are not always saved/activated, and where walking into a gate doesn't always work until a player moves around in and out of the gate frame or the gate is destroyed and remade.

    Nor does it appear to support the horizontal gates that was mentioned some time ago.

    The patch you did has not exhibited any of these issues in my testing. Indeed, performance feels to be much higher, making it the preferred choice for me.

    I know, I'm not paying anyone for the plugin, and I am appreciative of what has been released. I'm not a dev, I don't know what is involved in making a plugin, nor the times or tribulations of any of the devs for any of the plugins.

    But the lack of involvement and the fact of some long standing issues are still around in the new "official" build is rather disheartening, especially considering that you, good sir, came in seemingly "out of thin air", and offered a patched version that just worked, and worked seemingly better than the "official" one.

    Really, what more can I say?
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  27. Justin, your response sums it up quite adequately. I didn't think I could meet anyone quite so cynical, and someone with such an honest self-advertisement about it. I guess what you can say is "Yes, Nox. I'll gladly have your children. I'll step in the queue behind musicin3d over here."

    More or less to the subject though, I find nonchalantness in the email Musicin3d received to actually somehow be worse than the entire conduct that has happened up to this point. And because of two characters.
    To use those characters all-but exposes his lackadasicalness and laziness to finish what he started. I don't care if I'm called out for anything, because, really. I know maintaining a plugin is hard work, if any maintenance was done. But as far as we can tell, he shelved the plugin for a month and a half with no good reason and went to do other things on the Bukkit Forums. And now he won't even give us the time of day.

    No. That is not acceptable.

    For once, I'm pleased with the direction this plugin is going, because I have no reason to doubt the new management.

    #Edit: Huh? I can't say 'avoli tion' (concatenated). Instead, I have to say "laziness", even though that is a proper term, too. I know a griefing team uses that word, but it's a proper word and censoring it is just immature.
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    What musicin did was patch this plugin to work with the new event system of bukkit 1.2+. You expected an outsider to actually sit down and rework the entire plugin just to fix a few small hiccups? I sure didnt, all i wanted and im sure many others was the plugin to actually start up in bukkit dev 1.2+ which musicin did perfectly. With him doing so it actually got the author of the plugin attention and possibly active in this plugin once again, now maybe the small bugs can be worked on.

    musicin3d actually brought this plugin back to life, why criticize him?
  29. I don't think he did. I'm done circle-jerking, and I'm done soapboxing.
    And I don't see any criticism. To my understanding, Justin is decrying the "official" MassiveCraft plugin, and saying that Musicin3d's version feels higher performance-wise, "making it the preferred choice". That the "lack of involvement" and other stuff in the MassiveCraft build was disheartening. And I don't care if he "came in seemingly out of thin air". He's here and he's the only who cared enough about the plugin to update it in a way that doesn't make it puke on itself.
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  30. @Nox13last has it right.

    I am in no way directing any criticism at musicin3d, but possible encouragement. You must have missed the "@musicin3d, if you forked the project on github and made your own version, I'd use it" part. :)

    I am grateful to Olof for making the plugin to begin with.

    I am also grateful to Musicin3d for updating this when he did.

    However, the fact that Olof didn't do or say anything about this plugin for the past three or four bukkit revisions, and the fact that a new 'official' build wasn't released until someone else came along and asked to take it over (and still no communication in the thread from Olof), leaves the bitter taste of disinterest in my mouth.

    Add in that after my testing of both plugins, I found the patched version from Musicin3d to work better. These things are what prompted me to write what I did, stating that I would use his version of this plugin if he decided to make one.
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    Wow, so much to say. First, I appreciate all the sudden loyalty and gratitude here. I have to admit plugin dev can become tiring after a while, especially when most of my work is on small plugins that get little attention. A little over-inflated heroism is kinda refreshing lol.

    I understand how irritating it is when you create this elaborate server setup, put hours of work into it, and a core plugin gets neglected and collects dust. I know it's especially frustrating when you don't have the skill set to program well, because it feels like you're trapped and you're at the mercy of developers you've never met.

    I also understand how tiring it can be to maintain anything that people rely on. Good software development is at least a part time job, and good work comes from a good attitude. However, you put days of hours of work into a program with no pay, lots of complaints, endless (though inspired) requests, and idiots insisting that your plugin just doesn't work. It's very easy to get discouraged. This is probably a big reason free software has a reputation for dying in it's infancy.

    That being said, Olof develops this plugin out of his own good will, as a service to us. While I certainly love the praise, it's really not fair to be harsh on him. It's not easy putting up with us end-users, especially when we expect that we're entitled to a perfect plugin that works our way, when we want it, for free. It's not easy to fix bugs, that's why they're there in the first place. No one ever adds a bug to frustrate the users. They're there because the problems that software solves are big problems, and when a human tries to create a big solution (especially by himself) that should work perfectly in every situation, he's going to make a few oversights. And debugging is the hardest, most tedious and time consuming part of the development process.

    Now, you've been reading this long post and I don't know how you might be responding to this, so let me say thank you for trudging through this. I hate reading, myself.

    One technical thing… The patch that I released was in fact "a half-hearted push to make it work with R5+." I hope I expressed this already, but my intention was to simply make this plugin usable again. Yes, I considered taking over the plugin since it looked like Olof had abandoned it, but I really didn't do much to it. I don't have a defendable reason why my plugin would have worked better than the official one. I only have conjectures involving the new event system in bukkit, which the official version is now using. I don't know how extensive your tests were, but I encourage you (if you are interested) to perform standardized tests and to leave you're own expectations and distastes out of it for the sake of science.

    Again, I really am thankful for all the appreciation, but I don't want myths and gossip to pollute this community. Software and gaming communities are fragile. Look at the controversy over Bukkit joining Mojang. If labeling me as a savior causes rifts in this sub-community and injures the developer who created it, I'd rather be thanked and forgotten.

    Olof has resumed development and has asked for able people to get involved. I expect this plugin to continue on with healthy improvement and support as long as the interest exists. We've all expressed our frustration. We've gotten if off of our chests. That's good. I think it would be wise to move on now. I'll keep an eye on the source code and submit pull requests as I come up with stuff. So jump on over to the Bukkit Dev page and download the new versions as they come out. And think happy thoughts! :D As a good friend recently said to me, "Leggo yo neggo!" Lol. If you don't speak whatever dialect that is, it means "Let go of your negativity."

    Also, thanks again for reading all this. You're a real trooper. If I could, I would knight you Sir Reads-a-lot. ;)

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