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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by BladdonB, Jun 24, 2015.

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    Hi! I am making a Kit Server and I am having a problem. Players are allowed to get the kit and use the sign, but when I assign it to teleport them somewhere, they don't have the permissions :/. I don't want to give my players access to /tp, is there anyway I can fix this problem? Please help me with this as soon as possible!
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    • serversigns.admin: Allows to create and delete ServerSigns
    • serversigns.use.*: Allows the use of all ServerSigns on the server
    • serversigns.use: Allows the use of all ServerSigns which don't have a special permission set
    • serversigns.use.promote: Allows the use of all ServerSigns which have permission set to "promote"
    @BladdonB Tried 1 of these? use.* should allow them to use them regardless if any permission normally is required. which means they wont have access to /tp but should still be allowed to use the sign to tp to the defined location.
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    I tried and still no luck.

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    @BladdonB are sign costs 125 click again to confirm first time click on serversigns sign? if so it seems u have permission to use it otherwise in theory it should cancel it the first time. did u check if u have permission for the ranger kit?

    Also ill give it a go for you and get back to you.

    There error im getting lies with WorldGuard for some reason not allowing me signs. i gave the permission with the use.* and it stopped the [prison] you dont have permission, but gave a different no permission, which either is essentials or worldguard

    Edit: which 1 u tried, all or just the use.*

    Done some searching, found that its a global issue with it, more then 60% has the same issue.

    Fixed it for me, was a permission node i missed. X)
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    U confuse me child. I am using use.* the player does have perms for ranger kit
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    Last i can suggest is adding both use and use.* otherwise if u dont use svs for cooldown i'd suggest commandsigns which doesnt have a cooldown but does allow signs to be run as OP or even give temp permission to use the sign and its given commands, its alot more complicated then svs but might suit better when it comes to accuall setup with op perms and temp perms but yea..
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    I made in alias for the cords running as console, and it works, thanks for helping!
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