[TP/ADMN/WGEN] TravelGates v1.10.18 - Teleportation System & Nether Portal Substitution [1.6.4-R0.1]

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    TravelGates - Teleportation System & Nether Portals Substitution

    Latest version : v1.10.18

    Downloads (BukkitDev)

    TravelGates on Bukkit Dev !

    This plugin intends to set teleporting destinations where player can be teleported if she/he is standing on anonther destination. To split destinations as if they were on separated servers, player's inventory can be cleared. The player is facing the same direction, after being teleported, as the OP when the destination is created. The teleportation works through different worlds too. You can also use Nether Portals to be teleported. Just add a "TravelGates" Sign on the Nether Portal, facing the player's head. Teleportation blocks also allow you to be teleported around an existing destination. You can also manage additional worlds.

    Plugin types: Teleportation, Administration tools, Worlds Management.

    Info: all information to install, manage and use this plugin is on BukkitDev. Check the previous link.

    More details for the teleportation system here.

    A very well done and quite informative tutorial (installation and ingame usage) by ANDREJJGaming:

    Good tutorial of the plugin (installation + ingame usage) by Minecrafter9842:

    Tutorial of the plugin to learn how to use it by VariationVault:

    Complete tutorial in Spanish by LastWishSpain

    Complete tutorial in Portuguese by AbsintoJ

    Watch the source code of TravelGates on GitHub.
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    Looks Good
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    sounds good ill test it out
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    Thanks for testing ;)

    Do not hesitate to report to me any suggestions, remarks, bugs, or requests about it, and I will try to add them for the next versions.

    Today, I'm working on Permission compatibility (the Bukkit internal permissions system), a configuration file, a multilangual messages system and a minor change on the command /tg details which will display options (for instance : if the inventory is cleared or not)
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    Cool, so is this a bit like xcraftgates? but without the world management functionality
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    I don't know the "xcraftgates" plugin. And not found on the plugin list.

    What do you mean by world management ?

    Because, the teleportation functionality works through different worlds. (As seen in the trailer)
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    The Pluggin is XcraftGate Found here. Yours does basically the same thing as it except it has a system of createing multiple worlds and linking between them. The one thing it does not have id the inventory clearing for which I use MultiInv.
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    Yeah, you're right.

    I don't pretend that my plugin is the best teleportation plugin. It's just a convenient plugin to the server I'm playing on and I provide it with the same functionalities we wanted.

    I wanted to make it light with a minimum of functionalities to aim our needs. That's why there is no stuff like "world management" or "pvp management" or "weather management", for example. It's only a "[TP]" plugin.

    If it is not enough for your needs, you are free to use the combination of these two plugins instead of mine. Or another "[TP]" plugin.
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    The version 1.3, then today the 1.4, is out.

    Version 1.3 fixes the Permissions issue. It works now with Permissions 2.x and 3.x.

    Native Bukkit's Permissions would be used in later versions.

    My next version will contain a new teleportation system using nether portals.
  10. Sounds like a good plugin I can't wait to see my users create towns around them.
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    Pictures Please!
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    Ok. I'll provide some soon.

    I will release the next version this weekend, I think/hope.

    Upcoming features:
    • Debug mode in game
    • Config to choose the teleport mode (disable event listening)
    • Sign teleportation is more permissible (you can set bearly what you want on the sign)
    • Nether Portals Substitution ?
    • Pictures ! (Maybe another video)
    • ...
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    I have worked well.

    Version 1.5 is almost done. I have to finish the Portal Substitution. Perhaps I could release it tomorrow.

    Some trailer pictures.

    Some example of teleportation signs:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Sign control to enable/disable the Nether Portal Substitution :
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    1.5 is available !

    Now you can use Nether Portals to be teleported to your destinations.

    If you encounter some bugs, please use the /tg debug command ingame and send me the server logs as a private message or from pastebin.


    Edit: I will add PermissionsBukkit compatibility soon.

    Sorry, I have been told that there was a NullPointerException when using Permissions.

    I've fixed it in the v1.5.1

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    Costan Balgobin

    No matter what i try it always says "You Cannot Go There"
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    Are you exactly standing on an existing destination when you are trying to use the teleportation ?

    Try to type /tg name where you are standing. If you have this kind of message "you are not on an existing destination" it means that you have to be on a destination. If it says "you are at MY_DESTINATION", and still not be able to teleport, so, there is a problem !

    You can also use /tg loc MY_DESTINATION to see where is located the given destination and if you are really standing on an existing location.

    And, you can't go to a destination if you are already on it. It seems obvious but I'd rather precise it.

    In case of emergency, break the... uh... use the /tg debug command and send me the server's logs. I will find out why you can't be teleported.
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    Version 1.6 is out.

    It fixes and improves the Permissions compatibility and contains minor other fixes.

    I will also try to get my plugin on Bukkit Dev soon and work on the ability to allow custom Portals.
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    in french
    TG = shut up
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    Yeah that's right :p

    I have to admit that it is not innocent ^^ It was a "private joke"!
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    I can do everything fine but I´m having problems making the on and off work on portals so I can only use signs
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    Could you describe the problems you have with the on/off signs ?

    You can enable the debug mode to add some information that could make this issue easier to be solved. And then, send me the server logs, of course :p

    You should also check your Permissions' nodes. Maybe this was not allowed, if you used Permissions, if there was a typo in the nodes. I also think about the message files. The -ON- or -OFF- tags correspond to the messages defined in the messages file.

    I would provide a fix soon if there was a bug.

    FYI: I have not begun to work on the Custom Portal feature yet (only some algo on a piece of paper). Perhapse in the next weeks.

    Edit: I've just thought about your configuration file. Check if you use the configuration "teleportwithportal=false". If this is the case, modify this configuration to "true".
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    Can you make ``i´´ option to clear also the players armor? Also on some cases but not always the wielded item is not cleared
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    Of course I can.

    I have to fix an annoying little bug I've spotted on the server where I play and where my plugin is installed.

    I will make a sub-version (1.6.2) tomorrow with this fix and the armor-reset.

    Have you succeeded in making the signs work ?

    Edit: the little bug is that on all signs when you right-click on them, you got a message which says "you are not allowed to use this command" when you have not the ".sign" permission.
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    Signs work and delete all the inventory except the armor (always) and the wielded item (sometimes)
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    I was talking about the -on- and -off- tags on the portal-signs. Do they work now ?

    The wielded items seem to be in your action bar after the reset but if you try to use them, they would vanish.

    I will release the version 1.6.2 later. I am about to work on it.

    Version 1.6.2 is out.

    Check the changlogs for more details about this release.

    The reset of the whole inventory was harder than I thought. Some items did not disappear. It was due to the fact that an event was currently done with this item (sword dodge, bow loading, ...) and it was still in hand after teleportation.

    It works fine now, except some "ghost items". I don't think I can do more. The "update" inventory method does not work properly (Bukkit disadvises to use it).

    I've tested the ON/OFF sign and it worked fine for me.

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    Thanks I also noticed ghost items but thats no problem
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    Here is the version 1.6.3, update to the RB 1597 :
    On GitHub and on <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    I haven't tested it yet, and I'll do it tomorrow (cause I'm too tired tonight) and then I'll update the main post with new information.

    If you find some bugs, please notify them to me. There was no changes in my code with this new RB.

    Edit: this week was hard and I'll make some tests tomorrow. Then I'll update the first post. I won't forget it :p
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    I have worked hard yesterday on adding a new feature : add a destintation where you want, by entering the location manually. I have couple things to check, but it is almost done. I hope it will manage multi-worlds, but I haven't tested it yet.

    So stay tuned, a new version will be out soon ! (I hope before this weekend)
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    1.7 is out.

    I had to make my own function, because the Bukkit's one seemed not to work (getHighestBlockAtY, doesn't work in the nether, returns 0 !)

    I'll update Bukkit Dev tomorrow. (And maybe make a reorganisation)
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    All information will be on Bukkit Dev now.

    1.7.1 out with minor updates.

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