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    Updated to 3.3!
    Hey! It's time. WorldWarp 3.3! Please use Bukkit Dev for further information about the plugin & questions.
    Version 3.3
    • Fixed Flatlands (Thanks Neusor!)
    • Added /wback ability:
      • Allows players to use /wback to get back to their previous location after using /wwarp.
      • Uses WorldWarp.WBack for permission and defaults to all players.
      • Locations are NOT stored after server restarts / reloads
    Version 3.2
    • Changes to metrics
    • Added /wflag
    • Added ability to use flags with /wcreate
    • *Added Flatlands!
    • Updated for CB 1.3.1 - R2.0
    • Read Bukkit Dev for more information about new commands
    Version 3.0.0
    • Completely rewrote plugin
    • Added /wimport
    • Added /wdelete
    • Changed to new config system
    • Updated for 1.3.1
    Version 2.3.1
    • Fixed /wcreate
    Version 2.3
    • Updated for 1185 (1.8)
    • Changed to BukkitPermissions
    Version 2.2
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files, again.
    • Fixed seeds
    • Fixed sending commands from console
    • Fixed error in yml formatting
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    Version 2.1
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files.
    Version 2.0
    • Updated for minecraft 1.7.3
    • Added /wdelete
    • Rewrote whole pluin
    • Added Skylands
    • Added seeds
    • Added configs
    • Changed way of saving worlds
    Version 02
    • Updated for minecraft 1.5_02
    • Added /wlist
    • Some minor changes to code
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
    Wanna donate?
    You can find my PayPal in my signature
  2. Make a /Wcreate [name] [environmate]
    Without the seed should work.
    Remember to backup your worlds before you try :)
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    Hello, is that you test your mod?? it very bug .... Even the parch 2.1 bug ... In the world file:

    environmate: NORMAL
    seed: -4084217493738208243
    name: world
    environmate SKYLANDS
    seed: 6068028382216121958
    name: toto
    environmate: NORMAL
    seed: 48690
    name: test

    Why a worlds and Worlds? the seed does not work, I write /wcreate normal test 123 and the seed there is written 48690 ... if we restart the server, the worlds are still not loading ...Moreover, if we write the commands in the server console, it create an error. they should be disable
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    ok it works but when i turn server of and back on worlds have gone how to i reload them
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    sometimes my worlds don't all load. they're still saved in my server folder, but the server doesn't load them. If i create a world with the same name as an existing world, it works, but it really screws up my nospawn plugin.
  6. I'm working on 2.2, This was all pure mistakes caused by me being sleepy while coding :p
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    so shal i just use the oldes version
    scrap that thought its not avalible

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  8. There we go, 2.2 released! Thanks for reporting bugs.'
    Please remove /WorldWarp/Worlds.yml as the yml formatting was wrong :)
    if you do this while server is running and then /reload all currently loaded worlds should be added :)
    otherwise just re-add them with /wcreate [name] [environmate]
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    is there a way i can turn mobs of on it couse im using as build world
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    New bug : if [environmate] =/= NORMAL,NETHER or SKYLANDS the server return internal error, can you restrict this? :)

    it is possible to add in config, welcome_world=Welcome to xxxx
    for others langage? very tanks :)

    and no /wwarp xxxx for user if not use permission? (in config file too?)
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    it wont let me build on the maps anyhelp?
  12. Will do :)
    That's a permissions problem
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    Yes! I've been using your plugin for a while now and I must say I'm a fan ^.^

    I was wondering if you could add one last thing, I have a plugin that creates a world called "dungeon" and I wanted people to use "/wwarp Labyrinth" instead. Which means I wanna kinda "mask" the world with the name Labyrinth but keep the world file name "dungeon" because if I change the file name it will cause the plugin to remake another world named "dungeon".

    If you could do that, I would be eternally grateful!

    Thanks, love your plugin :D
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    Perfection in the plugin, the simplicity is absolutely astonishing . I tried 3 other plugins before this, dimensiondoor, multiworld, and multiverse. They all required you to set up permissions and a SQL server, far to much work, I just wanted program that defaulted to op for a friend and I. Only four commands and that is all that is needed. Also, I'm sure someone already said it, but yes, the seed does work. The lagg after creating a new world ceases after about 60 seconds as well. Had I one complaint about this plugin it would be that you need to have an account to download it, but then again, how would I show my gratitude with out one. I thank you for you work.
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    Hey, can we still make portals to other worlds? I would like a portal system.
  16. Yes, i have planned to add aliases :) mainly cause i think names like "World1_nether" look bad:p
    I just have to figure out how :) and Thanks for liking the plugin :)

    Thanks :)
    And i'm trying to figure out how GitHub works, after that there will be a wget friendly link avalible for everyone :)

    Nope, But there is portal plugins which lets you create portals in the worlds after you created them :)
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    Plugin Stargate for portal, easy to configure! :)
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    @Raz : External download link is missing (Guests cannot download attachments), add a Dropbox/Github download unshortened, two most recent changelogs must be visible, rest of changes in spoilers.
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    so can u help me out on it
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    Hey, long time follower of your plugin! :D

    I just wanted to point out that in the world.yml file, the "environments: <NORMAL, NETHER, SKYLANDS>" is incorrectly spelled :p

    It's spelled like this: environmate
    Rather than the correct spelling like this: environment

    Anyway, small oversite, but still love the plugin anyway! :D

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    First off I love your plugin! But now my issue, I have two different servers, one my main server and the second one is a pvp server. When I start in my pvp server I can transfer between my main server and my pvp server, but when I start on my main server and type /wlist all it shows is the my main "world" folder instead of both of the servers like my pvp server does. Any thoughts? Sorry if it's a bit confusing.
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    hwo the hell do you get the jar

    excuse me how do you get the jar

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    I have installed it all correctly, and it's working fine, and its not slowing down my server too much at all. The plugin is great and simple, but I have one question. It would help out alot in my server if you could set independent /spawns and /homes, etc for each world, because I'm running a RP/PvP/Vampires server right now, but want to add a few more worlds for people who don't like that genre. But, I want to restrict people to going to ONE world only, and keeping their /spawn, and /home commands to that world. I'm going to be adding a Skylands, Anarchy, and Building/No Griefing worlds, but I want to have people only participate in one. Thank you for all the work you've done so far, and I dont know if this question has been answered already, and I look forward to your reply! :)

    I take that back, I am having problems with the spawn of new worlds being sent about 10-15 blocks underground and you suffocating if you attempt to warp there. Please fix or else I will have to use a different plugin. For now, I am going to use maybe MultiVerse or something until you fix this, but I will definetly come back if fix this problem. Thank you!

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    thank you so much i downloaded some skyland ones they did not work but yours does better things thank you:D[creeper]
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    Could you ask the CraftBukkitUpToDate Dev to add this to the auto updater?

  26. Haha :p I Guess this is the price for coding @ 03:00 at night ;)
    No, you'll have to ask in the permissions thread :)
    Can you make a .zip of /WorldWarp/ folders of booth servers and PM them to me??
    Done :)
    Unzip the file :)
    This may be caused of lag, But i'll look into making another teleport which loads the chunk before :)
    Your welcome :)
    Will look into it :)
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    hey the download is giving me a 403, broken link or just me?
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    It is doing the same for me.
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    Meh, download is broken.. :/
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    it was working yesterday but now all of a sudden its saying that its ww2.0 and that its outdated i tried redownloading but it said the same thing also is there a way to change the default world to a different world cuz i tried /wdelete it but then the server brings it back and overloads
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    the download is broken!

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