[TP] A very simple multiworld homes plugin [FORMATTED]

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    Plugin Category: Teleportation

    Suggested Name: Homes

    What I Want: I'd like to see a plugin where players can have one home per world. (A position they can tp to)

    Ideas for commands:
    /sethome - saves the current location as the persons home for that world
    /home - teleports to the home (if set) of the current world for the player
    For admins:
    /home [player] - teleports to the specified players home for the current world

    Ideas for permissions:
    homes.set - permission for setting a home - Default= true
    homes.use - permission for tp'ing to a home - Default= true
    homes.other - permission for tp'ing to other players homes - Default= false

    When I'd like it by: Tell me when you'll be able to finish it by. :D

    Similar plugin requests: None.


    I've already tried my hand at this plugin, I got the plugin to create all the files at startup correctly and I also got /sethome to work by storing the locations in a file.
    The only problem was that the /home command did not do anything.

    Here's my project files if you wish to just fix my version: http://www.2shared.com/file/6JfY2msn/Homes.html
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    The code-formating is not the best, I guess.... (FOR GODS SAKE, STOP PUTTING EVERYTHING IN ONE CLASS!!!!)

    It works for me.

    Maybe your permission setting is wrong?
    You have no Output, when you don't have Permissions.
    You could replace this:

     if ((label.equalsIgnoreCase("home")) && (args.length == 0) && (player.isPermissionSet("homes.use.own")) && (player.hasPermission("homes.use.own")))


     if ((label.equalsIgnoreCase("home")) && (args.length == 0) && ))
            if((player.isPermissionSet("homes.use.own")) && (player.hasPermission("homes.use.own")){
                player.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You don't have Permissions");
                return true;
    Then the Players would also know they don't have permissions.
    Also: What Permissions-System do you use?
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    I use bpermissions
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