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    This is yet another post from me on towny. So I created a town called ucfville, and when i type, it says: [g] [survival][ucfville][Owner]owner Hermit[Owner]UCFTyler. All I want it to say is the the town name ucfville, my owner rank, and my name. Can someone please help! I would really appreciate the help! Thank you for your time. [ucfville] [Owner] UCFTyler

    - UCFTyler
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    You can change that in the TownyChat config. Just read in the dev.bukkit site of Towny.
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    I know, but I do not know what to get rid of. BTW, I suck with configurating files. What do I have to get rid of in the config?
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    • Not an appropriate response.
    I tried to help you as much as I can but if you are to lazy to read and understand it then I'm also gonna be too lazy to install Towny on my server.
    Just read those instructions.... If you know what variables are then it should be easy enough to fix your problem.
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    Alright, let's get a few things straight here... YOU did not help in any way. All you did was send me a link that I am already aware about, and instead of explaining it and helping me which is what this place is for, all you did was send me a link that doesn't help. It just tells you what everything is. I want to know what I have to delete and how. So don't go saying that I am lazy when you can't even explain something correctly and just send a link that doesn't actually help.
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    Why do you just turn to rude mode now? You know I could have skipped this thread and maybe no one else would have responded to it? The link actually was everything you needed... You just have to change the chat formats of TownyChat to "fix" your problems.

    For your wishes it would look like this then:
    You can also use
    variable if you don't use the prefix system of your permissions plugin.

    The link I gave you basically shows everything you need to know but I don't get it, why doesn't it help you?
    But ok, If you think I'm not a help for you then I just avoid you and your posts.
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    Alright, perhaps that was a little uncalled for. I really should have not said any of that crap. Sorry man, and thanks for the help. If you wish, you can still avoid my posts.

    Alright, I have one question, AND PLEASE RESPOND, I AM SORRY ABOUT EARLIER. I am so cloes, but now it says [UCFVille] [Owner]owner UCFTyler. Please respond, it will take just a sec.

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    just remove the {group} variable its that simple :D
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    [g] [world] [Owner] Owner [Owner] Skiitles123 can someone help me on this please how can i take this off :(

    how can i do prefix on [g] [Owner] Skiitles123

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    Can anyone help me out im going mad here

    i keep getting duplication with chat

    [world][g][world] then other stuff

    how do i get rid of the first [world]??

    currently using

    global: '{channelTag} {worldname}{townycolor}{permprefix}{townyprefix}{modplayername}{townypostfix}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
    # TOWN channel types.
    town: '{channelTag} {townycolor}{permprefix}{townyprefix}{playername}{townypostfix}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
    # NATION channel types.
    nation: '{channelTag}{townycolor}{permprefix}{townyprefix}{playername}{townypostfix}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'
    # DEFAULT channel types.
    default: '{channelTag} {permprefix}{playername}{permsuffix}&f:{msgcolour} {msg}'

    modify chat enabled

    per world disabled.

    i have essentials but no essentials chat. any idea?
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    Slight necro post but the '[world]' is coming from Multiverse, the '[g]' is coming from the {channelTag}, just to complete this thread.
    I would leave the Multiverse world and remove the Towny chat world. (Say you change chat plugins)
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    DirtySnipe007 Skiitles123 and to any others who are struggling with this, here is my config and it rids the extra prefixes nobody likes.

    Your all welcome. All it took was a little trial and error that didn't take me more than 5-10 minutes to figure out.
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