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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by kauble, Jul 17, 2015.

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    Check this plugin request out, it's fairly organised with great gameplay. This game was originally on a server which lost many players because they didn't have enough money to continue the server. (its been more than a year, forgot the ip) I would really like to see someone recreate this game which is a great game to play.

    Plugin category:

    Suggested name: Tower Invasion

    What I want: This is a fun and unique game that is pretty huge to code, but it was be rewarding.

    Super Short version.
    Its basically like StarCraft... (The video game) You gather, you build, you invade, you win. End ;3

    Short version.
    4 teams. Collect gold made by player(anyone who builds, builder, mod, admin). Build towers with gold. Multiple arenas. 5 classes. Fun game which brings teammates together :)

    Long version.

    Objective: When a game starts, players will be equally divided into different teams. They start off with a town hall which provides them with the towers they will create. Before building towers, they must gather gold from mines and from cutting down trees. After earning enough gold, they can purchase blocks which are used to automatically build the towers. These towers are used to aid players by protecting them and giving them the necessary weapons and tools to kill the other teams.

    (Forgot to mention that each player no matter what class will be given a stone pickaxe to mine the gold ores.)

    Classes: Players can select from 5 different classes which give them benefits during the game.
    1. Farmer - Has the ability to create 1 farm for free which teams need to gather food. Other classes will need to purchase for a defined price. Also has double gold from mining trees.
    2. Mage - Has the ability to casts lighting which are able to hurt and burn players as well as destroying bits of terrain and towers (including own team towers), also create mage towers and cannon towers.
    3. Priest - Has the ability to create churches and cathedrals which are used to heal teammates (no normal healing during game), possibly revive teammates as well.
    4. Vampire - Has the ability to create walls to defend, drain health from enemies, and build blood towers which drains blood from nearby enemies and gives it to the team
    5. Mechanic - Has the ability to create all the towers, but doesn't have extra attack perks. Also has the ability to upgrade the town hall which unlocks pickaxe and purchase axes. (And also build a second town hall)

    Towers: Town halls can be created with /ti towercreate <towername> <towertype> and /ti towersave <towername>.
    Tower types ยป
    1. Town Hall - All maps should have this building built before creating it. It provides everything players need to create other towers. Mechanics have the ability to build a second for free incase the original gets demolished.
    2. Cannon Towers - Used to damage incoming players by shooting a fireball. This destroys terrain as well.
    3. Each Class towers can only have 1 model per level. Building a second one and calling it the same thing will give the tower and upgradable level.

    Ideas for commands:
    /Towerinvasion or /ti
    - Player commands
    /ti help
    /ti join
    /ti leave
    /gold share <teamplayername>
    - Admin commands
    /ti create <arena>
    /ti setlobby <arena>
    /ti teamspawn <yellow,green,red,blue> <arena>
    /ti border <p1,p2> <arena>
    /ti towercreate (For players with correct permissions to create a custom build tower) (Then you can set it up damage, projectile type, tower type, upgrade cost in config) <towername>
    /ti towersave <towername> <towertype>
    /ti minplayers <arena> (min 4)
    /ti maxplayers <arena>
    /ti reward <money,item> <reward> <arena>
    /ti expense <towername>
    /ti towerremove <towername>
    /ti arenaremove <arena>

    Ideas for permissions:
    - towerinvasion.player.* | Gives all permissions for players, join, quit, etc
    - towerinvasion.player.kits | Ability to seslect kits
    - towerinvasion.player.kits.<kitname> | Select specific kits
    - towerinvasion.player.join | Permissions to join game
    - towerinvasion.player.leave | Permissions to leave game
    - towerinvasion.admin | Gives all permissions for this plugin

    When I'd like it by: This is a huge plugin, so like a month. (If faster that'll be even more awesome)

    That was a lot to type out, and I'm also pretty sure it will take longer to code :D. Any questions about this put it in the comments.
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    Whoa! This really seems like an amazing game to code. If I find the time, heck yeah I'll give this a shot.
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    :D Thanks MarinD99, this is a huge plugin request so if you want, give it a go! Anyone else who can create this plugin will be much appreciated :)
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    Ill try to manage this!

    Somebody out there who wants to help me?
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