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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: TournamentPVP

    What I want: Basicly, First off there will be a config where you can put the name of users and when they join the game they will not be counted and just be a spectator, The regular players cant see them and they are in adventure mode in fly mode. When players that arent on the spectator list join the game (Minimum 3) The countdown from 50 (Countdown shows in their exp bar and when it counts down from 5 it will show up in chat) Will start and when that gets to Zero they will get teleported to a spawn on the map (set the spawns with a command) and get given a Wooden Sword, 12 Steak & 32 Leaves (They can only place leaves and break leaves). There will also be a scoreboard at the side including the people that are in the game (not spectators) and their points will be at 500, When they kill another player they get 75 points and the person they killed loeses 75 points. (When they die they respawn with their items again, you dont drop items when you die). When a users points get to Zero that user will get kicked from the game saying "You have lost all your points, You lost!" and they cant join again. The last person standing it will say a message in chat saying "You won" e.c.t. Then i will just manually reset everything.

    Ideas for commands:
    - /pvp addspawn 1 (add multiple spawns by changing the number)
    - /pvp delspawn 1

    Ideas for permissions: pvp.admin (permission to add spawns and del spawns)

    When I'd like it by: Feburary.

    Thanks ;),


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    Sadly, this seems like a mini-game and not my people would want to do this ;/
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