TorchLight - Light up with torches

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Snowl, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Decided I might make plugins again... here's an example of one that I made (still has a few glitches)

    Only main glitches are these:
    In this image - the water is lit up (happens when you equip a light source and go to the surface) and places that I'm not near are lit. This only happens above surface.
    In this image - the light is below the sand. This also only happens above surface.

    But yeah... it's a nice and easy plugin that's useful. Fire, torches and lava all light up when you hold them. :p
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    This is amazing, but I imagine that it would be quite laggy if there were a lot of players online.
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    Looks nice, saw a mod like this a while ago but now the server will lite up :) hope you iron out the bugs
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    yeah :p
    It's great. Good luck ironing out the bugs and such!
  5. Hey David diaz im so gald for this plugin but where and when can peopel download it? i wouldt love to have it on my server :D will you update it sometime to 2.5? and are you working on the bugs whit the light and stuff? :)
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