Top 10 Online Players (with heads)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Evandro, May 1, 2014.

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    Hello peoples!

    There is any existing plugin that shows the Top 10 online players?
    But i don't want one that simply shows it by text, i want one that shows the player head with a Sign showing his name below, for example:

    [Player Head] <--- Head of the player on the top of a block
    Block <--- Sign with the name of the player in front of the block

    The sign can be anything like:

    Top 1
    154 Hours

    Top 2
    138 Hours

    So we can make like a special location to show their heads, provide more competition and one more attraction for the server.

    If there is no similar plugin and someone wants to create it would be amazing, i don't have much knowledge but i can help by testing it, reporting bugs and translating it to the spanish and portuguese language.
  2. Evandro Ah, you mean like how basically every big server has? Either way, you don't really make it clear - how do you want the values to be gathered? Would that have to be handled by this plugin, or do you have something else to do that?
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    the enjin minecraft plugin sorta does this :p
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    i need this plugin too , for exemple connect with pvp stats.
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    Yea like Killergod101 said, the enjin minecraft plugin will do this, but you have to have an enjin website connected to your server of course. If you are going to try out the enjin minecraft plugin, it's not updated for uuid's just yet.
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    I'm using the 1.5.2 version so UUID's will not be a problem, thanks for the information :)

    I don't really know in what server i see it, i found it on a portuguese video explaining how WorldEdit/WorldGuard works. I think it was not a big server because the world was plane, with only a few buildings.

    Anyway, i was thinking about the plugin doing all the service, does not matter if it uses MySQL or not, because my website will not be connected to the game. I'm making a classic Survival server, so nothing needs to be connected to the website, also i don't want to use enjin because i have better services waiting atm.

    Like @Nezar said, a PvP rank would be cool too, but the attractive here is putting the player heads plus their nickname to show off.

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