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    Plugin category: OTHER

    Suggested name: TooMuchDiamonds

    What I want: I'd Like a Plugin Which tells Me Who Mines Alot Of Diamonds Or Emeralds,For Example..if someone Mines Like 6+ Diamonds or 6+ Emeralds in 5 Minutes..It Tells Me That "[Name] Is Probably Using Xray!" And then an Admin Goes Over with /vanish on and Checks it Out

    Ideas for commands: No Commands for this Plugin

    Ideas for permissions: TooMuchDiamonds.inform

    When I'd like it by: This Week
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    Have you tried the search bar? Because there are TONS of plugins that do this, the best one is Orebfusacator (which actually blocks x-ray)
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    Orebfusactor is a CPU hogger.
    Edit: and easily glitches out when you do world edit, and you have to relog, which gets annoying.
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    Still, wowlover is right, there a several plugins that fulfill the request.

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