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    Tools: [Obsidian] + [Glass]

    [+] Obsidian
    [+] Glass

    Enchantments: [Crack] + [Starve]

    [+] Crack:
    -Deals more damage to armor as opposed to health
    -Max enchant level: III
    [+] Starve:
    -Has 10% chance to take away hunger instead of health
    -Max enchant level: V

    Skills: [xpDrop] + [Grip]

    [+] xpDrop:
    -Gives % chance to drop the other players xp as you are hitting him.
    -Max level: 50
    -Highest Chance: 30%
    [+] Grip:
    -Gives user a higer percent chance NOT to be unarmed.
    -Max level: 100
    -Highest Chance: 60%

    I am not really a bullshitter so I will get to it. I do not care how you guys do it or if you will even consider making these but it would be worth it. I already know how to make new enchantments and I know how to make new skills but making them compatible with bukkit is a bit more complicated. If anyone wants to make these for me and keep them updated, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I cannot do this, but i can tell you one thing for sure. IT WOULD NEED SPOUT.
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    Spout is way overated. These things need to be made compatible with raw bukkit. Spout needs to not be involved.
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    Spout may be overrated, but if you could wait for 1.4.0... then it MAY not need spout anymore, but spout is still the way to go.
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    Nah, I hate spout persoanlly, I do not want EVERY person that joins my server to back out and download spout just so they can play.
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    Well then this cannon be done. And if you still want tis done post on spout forums.
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    I know it can be done. You do not need spout for everything. I can already make skills and enchantments. I can not get them working with bukkit though.
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    Yes you can make them but for it to work a player would need a modified client to see the enchantments and items. You do need spout for new items new sounds and new enchantments not enchantment levels though like for example a regular looting goes up to 3 i believe but you can make it go up to 127 i believe. So yes you can make skills and enchantments but to use new skills and enchantments players need a modified client or spout.
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    I am not going to make everyone that joins my server download spout just to play.
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    Then you can't get this plugin sorry TnT mbaxter
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    Codex Arcanum

    No. This is NOT possible without a client modification. The client mod does not have to be spout, but a client mod is necessary for this to work. If you want to go argue about how the bukkit API should make it possible, go to Bukkit feedback and complain there.
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    For those who keep saying "This is not possible without Spout", you realize it IS possible, right?

    You need a modified CraftBukkit and a client mod. Ideally, Spout should make that easier, but it is not the only way.
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    Settle yourself, I just have a problem with spout and how it is the ONLY way to make new ores. I think I will have to make my own API. Why do you care if I complain? [America] = [Freedom of speech]
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Not sure why I needed to be tagged here, but

    You would need some sort of client mod to create new items. Not possible with Bukkit API currently. Did you read the big thread I put together?
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    That might be what I have to do.

    I do not even know why, regardless, I will make my own api modification.

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    What you could easily do without client mods however is reuse existing enchantments intended for other items on weapons. For example instead of adding a new "Crack" enchantment you could instead define Silk Touch on weapons as having the effect of dealing more damage to armor than health. This is possible since you would only be adding new effects on the server-side not new enchantment names to the client. EnchantMore uses this approach (but it doesn't yet have the two effects you're looking for).

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