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    Plugin name:
    RoyalSagaTokens [1.8]

    What this plugin supposed to do:
    A simple tokens plugin with shop and tokens drop from farming.

    Commands - Permissions
    - /tokens [Shows your current tokens] (tokens.access)
    - /tokens <player> [Shows player's tokens] (tokens.access)
    - /tokens shop <shop> [Opens the specific shop] (tokens.access.<shop>)
    - /tokens withdraw <amount> [Withdraw to an item an amount of tokens] (tokens.access)
    - /tokens give <player> <amount> [Gives tokens to a specific player] (tokens.admin) ADMINS ONLY
    - /tokens giveall <amount> [Gives tokens to everyone online] (tokens.admin) ADMINS ONLY
    - /tokens take <player> <amount> [Takes an amount of tokens from a player] (tokens.admin) ADMINS ONLY
    - /tokens reload [Reload the plugin] (tokens.admin) ADMINS ONLY
    - /tokens pay <player> <amount> [Pays an amount of tokens to a player] (tokens.access)
    - /tokens top [A List with the top 10 players with the most tokens] (Tokens.access)
    - /tokens shoplist [List with all the current shops] (tokens.access)
    - /tokens help [List of all commands except admins commands] (tokens.access)

    MVdWPlaceholderAPI (For featherboard, If this is so hard to do just leave it)
    {tokens_balance} [1.000]
    {tokens_balance_formatted} [1k]
    {tokens_topplayer_1} [1-10]

    Messages.yml (Customizable)
    &6&lTokens &f:
    (Show current tokens)
    &6&lTokens &f:&7You have current &c%tokens%&7.
    (Show player's current tokens)
    &6&lTokens &f:&c%player% &7has &c%tokens%&7.
    (Withdraw tokens)
    &6&lTokens &f:&7You have deposit &c%amount% &7tokens.
    (Gives tokens to a specific player)
    &6&lTokens &f:&7You gave &c%amount% &7of tokens to &c%player%&7.
    (Gives tokens to everyone online)
    &6&lTokens &f:&7You gave &c%amount% &7of tokens to everyone online.
    (Takes tokens from a player)
    &6&lTokens &f:&7You took &c%amount% &7of tokens from &c%player%&7.
    (Reload the plugin)
    &6&lTokens &f:&aReloaded.
    (Pay the specific player)
    &c%amount% &7have been sent to &c%player%&7.
    (No permission)
    &6&lTokens &f:&cYou don't have permission to do this.
    (No permission for the specific shop)
    &6&lTokens &f:&cYou don't have permission to enter this shop.
    (Not enough tokens)[send tokens or withdraw]
    &6&lTokens &f:&cYou don't have enough tokens to do this.
    (Not enough tokens to buy something from the shop)
    &6&lTokens &f:&cYou don't have enought tokens to buy this.

    (Tokens received from a player)
    &6&lTokens &f:&aYou received %amount% of tokens from %player%.
    (Tokens received from console)
    &6&lTokens &f:&a%amount% tokens has been added to your balance.
    (Not existing shop)
    &6&lTokens &f:&cThis shop doesn't exists. /tokens shoplist.
    (InvalidArguments)(like if i type /tokens helpxd)
    &6&lTokens &f:&cThis is not a command
    &6&lTokens &f:&cPlayer not found)
    (Withdraw amount)
    &6&lTokens &f: &cYou can't withdraw less than 1 token.
    &6&lTokens &f: &cYou can't send less than 1 token
    (Received tokens from farming)
    &6&lTokens &f: &aYou received %amount% from farming.
    (Bought something from shop)
    &6&lTokens &f: &7You bought %item% for %amount%. Current tokens %amount%.
    (Inventory full)
    &6&lTokens &f: &cInventory is full.
    (List of shops) [Customizable]
    - '&7&m------------------------'
    - '&f1. &7Example - This is an example'
    - '&f2. &7Example2 - This is an example'
    - '&7&m------------------------'

    (List of top 10 players)
    - '&7&m------------------------'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&f%count% %player% %tokens%'
    - '&7&m------------------------'

    (List of commands)
    - '&7&m------------------------'
    - '&a/tokens &7: &fShows your current tokens'
    - '&a/tokens <player> &7: &fShows player's tokens'
    - '&a/tokens pay <player> <amount> &7: &fPay the specific player'
    - '&a/tokens shop <shop> &7: &fOpens the specific shop'
    - '&a/tokens shoplist &7: &flist of all the tokens shops'
    - '&a/tokens withdraw <amount> &7: &fWithdraw an amount of tokens to an item'
    - '&a/tokens top &7: &fList of top 10 players'
    - '&a/tokens help &7: &fList of commands'
    - '&7&m------------------------'


    #the number of tokens a player will start.
    StartingAmount: 0

    #chance and how many tokens will drop when you farming
    Chance: 20%
    Enabled: true
    Amount: 1

    #Tokens top update, delay in seconds.
    Update: 120

    #Withdraw item, works with the name of item or id.
    Item: BOOK
    glow: true
    name: 'Tokens'
    - 'Right-Click to receive'
    - 'the tokens.'
    - ''
    - 'Value: %amount%'
    - 'Signer: %player%'

    #Console withdraw.
    Item: BOOK
    glow: true
    name: 'Tokens'
    - 'Right-Click to receive'
    - 'the tokens.'
    - ''
    - 'Value: %amount%'
    - 'Signer: Console'

    #When a player clicks on an item he wants to buy, he will move to a new GUI
    #to accept or deny the purchase

    name: 'Are you sure?'
    size: 9
    panels: (decorating items)
    name: '&f'
    item: 160
    data: 15
    - 0
    - 1
    - 2

    name: '&aAccept'
    data: 0
    slot: 4

    name: '&cDeny'
    data: 0
    slot: 3

    #After accepting the GUI will close and you will receive ur item.
    #After denying you will go back to the shop you were before

    That's all, I think :3
    Be sure to check the file i uploaded about the shops.
    Please fix my grammar!!

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    Not exactly what i want..
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    I can make this for you it will take a while tough
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    Thank you! No problem take your time
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    Could you please explain in detail how the obtaining of these tokens would go, you mention they will be obtained by farming but, like when a player places a crop or breaks a crop or both and should it have some kind of chance calculation?, also should the tokens physicaly drop or just go into some kind of balance?. thanks in advance
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    Tokens can be obtained from crates, vote and farming, Only when you break the crops
    chance as i said is like 20%
    I forgot about this ^^ tokens should go in balance and receive a message
    You received %amount% of tokens from farming
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    Hey @Invenstory i have finished your request, making this plugin took quite a while
    so i definitely hope you are happy with the result, i did also fix your grammar in the messages as best as i could

    Keep in mind: my plugin requires NbtAPI

    You can check out the Source Code Here

    You can find the download under the releases tab

    If you find any errors/bugs you can tell me by adding an "Issue" on GitHub, You can do this by going to the tab issues at the source code, it will speak for itself.

    Cheers, EpicGodMC
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    Thanks you so much I appreciate it!

    Everything seems so good as I checked!
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