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    Plugin category: Economy

    Suggested name: gTokens

    What I want: I would like a plugin with pretty much a tokens currency. Yes, I do use Essentials economy and vault (obviously), but I'd like tokens to be a part of the server's currency as well. The only way you will be able to get tokens on my server will be by voting, so a command to give tokens is needed. I would also like a shop gui to open when you enter the appropriate command. There, you can purchase items using your tokens. The config must consist of "slot number", "icon", "amount of the icon", "name", "enchantments" and, "lore". The lore will just consist of the cost of tokens.

    Example GUI: [CLICK HERE]

    Ideas for commands:
    Default Player Commands:
    -/gt [base command, shows the default player commands, listed below]
    -/gt balance <alias, /tokens bal> [check your tokens balance]
    -/gt shop [opens GUI shop]
    -/gt send (player) (amount) [pays, or sends, tokens to another player]

    Administrative Commands:
    -/gt add (player) (amount) [gives player desired amount of tokens]
    -/gt take (player) (amount) [removes desired amount of tokens from player]
    -/gt reload [reloads plugin configuration file]

    Ideas for permissions:
    - gt.send
    - gt.add
    - gt.take
    - gt.reload
    (All other commands don't need permissions)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    (Edit) NOTE: This is only for in game items.
    (Edit 2) Please make it so when you click on these icons in the GUI, defined commands are run through the console.
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    Other plugins already exist for this, please search for already existing plugins before asking here.
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    I've searched for time and time on end. None of these plugins fit my needs. Please don't comment here unless its a comment on the plugin. If there is one, link it here. I've most likely saw it, and tested it on my server already, and it wasn't what I was desiring.
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    Try this :

    EDIT : sorry, wrong url...

    If you REALLY want a custom plugin, I could possibly do that for you but I'm buisy now so maybe tomorrow if I've got time.

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    I would like a plugin that is completely in game. These are for ingame items only.
    That would be great! PM me your skype so we can discuss this more.
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  8. Sadly, i've been looking for this plugin as well, but the plugin has discontinued and i've been looking for it for a two months.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Houls_ TokenShop seems to get very close to this.
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    I would like the shop to open in the form of a shop gui.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Im pretty sure it has the kit feature. I would just rather have a custon one made.
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    I am :p.
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    Thanks :)
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    Since this plugin has been successfully been created, please mark this as filled.
    If I helped you, like me, follow me and donate!

    This plugin stayed private, sorry :p

    Houls_ asked me to keep this private so I will respect his choice.
    But if you want, I can put another plugin that basically does the same thing, just a different way.
    But I would need the permission oh Houls_ to do that...

    I'll modify my plugin so that your happy and evrything is fine.
    Just tell me what's wrong! Is it the command names? Or is it /gt send and /gt reload???
    I can implement all that if you want!
    EDIT : And sorry Houls_, this plugin will have to go public

    I just added permissions, colors and the commands /tk send and /tk reload, do you want anything else?

    Download still with the same link, and click on TokensMaster.
    This is 300 lines of code (or 7.2KB) so please download it and if you don't like it, I redo it until you're happy.
    I want everything to end well and I want you to have the plugin you wanted.

    Thanx for your help on this Thread :p

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    Well done, You have put hard work into this!
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    Thanks!! Looks great!
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    Removed some posts as a user requested them.
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    Much appreciated!
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    Locked per OP request.
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