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    PA Minecraft

    Plugin category: Economy / Fun

    Suggested name: TokenShop

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that inserts a chest-based shop with configurable items. The items should be configurable to the following extent (along with anything else you can think of):
    Item name: This will be the name that appears in the shop. Allow for spaces!
    Commands: What the command(s) is/are that will be executed.
    1: First command
    Command type: Whether the console (console would be entered here) or the player (player here) executes the command
    2: Second command, etc
    Command type: Whether the console (console would be entered here) or the player (player here) executes the command
    Item lore: The lore that would appear in the chest shop

    Ideas for commands:
    /shop - opens the shop
    /givetoken {name} {amount} - admin command to give players tokens.
    /deltoken {name} {amount} - admin command to remove players' tokens.
    /sendtoken {name} {amount} - player command to share tokens with other players
    /tokens - command to view your token balance. Separate permissions should be added (as described below) for /tokens {name} and /tokens to view another player's tokens.
    /earntokens - not necessary at all, but could be used to tell players how to earn tokens. Might be easier to configure this with another plugin, like BetterAlias.
    /openkit - A configurable (in config) command to open your rank's kit. This kit includes a certain amount of tokens. Should be set to a timer, much like Essentials' kits system.

    Ideas for permissions:
    tokenshop.use - regular user commands, such as /shop, /tokens, /earntokens
    tokenshop.admin - alias for all admin commands, including:
    tokenshop.viewother - view another player's tokens
    tokenshop.give - give a player tokens
    tokenshop.take - take a player's tokens

    When I'd like it by: No real deadline. I'd like it sooner than later, though.
  2. There's already a plugin that does this, TokenShop
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    PA Minecraft

    Incorrect. There is a plugin with the same idea as this. I would like command functionality & more diverse options than what the current one provides, that's why I ask for it.
  4. And what is wrong with the TokenShop plugin that is already created? Does it not have the things you want in to it? Well its not my job to add those things, go whine to the developer to add these instead of wasting other peoples time creating a plugin thats already created. Or you know, you could use BossShop and PlayerPoints.
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    PA Minecraft

    There is a large difference between whining to a developer of an already-made plugin and wanting things the way you want them. I am not going to go beg someone who already made a plugin to add functionality I want in my own spin-off of it. If you don't want to help me, don't. I don't need your negativity haunting my thread.
  6. But there is no point of asking for a plugin that has been made, i have repeated my self for the third time, if there isn't any features you don't want or you want, then just make a ticket and, if he declines it, then come back here? Isn't that simple enough? And I'm not bringing negativity, I'm just trying to help developers not waste their time for plugins that has been made but without the right features, so i suggest you too, go and request it to the developer of TokenShop, there are also plenty ways to solve this, get a developer for yourself or request it from the developer, or learn how to code java, like most of the plugin developers here did.
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    PA Minecraft

    I know HTML, CSS, PHP & lots of Java. I just can't efficiently, effectively create projects that aren't ugly & poorly coded. I say, once again, that I am not going to ask the current developer. I do have features I want that aren't there. I don't want TokenShop's /kit system either. It's useless to me.
  8. That is why i said, request the DEVELOPER to remove those features and add features of your own.
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    PA Minecraft Wait, I don't understand you said "I know HTML, CSS, PHP & lots of Java." I'm not saying anything bad, just looking at information.
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    PA Minecraft

    I know Java & can develop. It's not like I can't do this myself.
    My code is terribly compressed, long & resource intensive. I do things incorrectly. I would, rather than improving those skills (since I am entering an AP Computer Programming course that revolves around Java), just spend less time having this type of thing created for me (more timely manor).

    I'm not asking the current developer, for the last time. Please stop asking me/telling me to do so. I don't want that. This is a plugin request forum, where you request plugins.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    PA Minecraft

    Among other things, it's not starting up now (:confused:).
    It lacks functionality that I would like to see. The reasons I would prefer to have a different developer create a version include the fact that having everything I want added to a highly-used public plugin such as Warreo 's would be excessive for other users who don't want those features. It's easier to have one made for you so that if you want something added / removed, there is no need to cater to other people's requests/demands.
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    PA Minecraft Can't you just get a GUI plugin, get an economy, call the economy's currency "tokens", and then just add the kits/whatever, and use MyCommand for the commands?
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    I might have a plugin for this
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    PA Minecraft

    I've decided to stick to the TokenShop plugin. It's not worth dealing with this thread any more

    Any mods can feel free to close this thread at any time.

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