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  1. Hello Bukkit Community! :)

    /TOGGLES Plugin:

    Plugin category: I do not know..

    Suggested name: SettingsToggle

    What I want: I would like to see in this plugin an item that spawns in your inventory. Its
    a Redstone Comparator. When you right click the Redstone Comparator, its like a Large Chest
    inventory. Its covered in black stained glass. But somewhere in the GUI, somewhere possibly in
    the middle, can be a few paper items for each specific setting. The items are, enabling or disabling
    Private Messaging (Essentials), Parties, Friend Invites, and Player Visibility. The Item also spawns
    in the 6th Slot!

    Ideas for commands: /open - Opens the GUI but is open with the item in your inventory

    Ideas for permissions: - Open the GUI

    When I'd like it by: As long as it is being made, I am Patient! But a date that I would like it
    would be at the End of the week.

    Thankyou so much Bukkit Community!
    Have a great day!

    Another command is /st item - Gives you the item in your inventory
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    Please dont double post. You can edit your Thread.
    And try out ChestCommands and CustomJoinItems.

    And for the private messaging and parties, we also need to know which Plugins you use to accomplish these Fratures.
  3. Sorry about that by the way. Well, Chest Commands can work and Custom Join Items! Thank you so much!
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    No problem. Please mark this Thread as Filled then.

    EDIT by Timtower: Marked thread as filled
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