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    I've been using this plugin for over 6 months now, and it's a great plugin.

    I've ran into a problem, because the developer of this plugin hasn't updated it for 8 months and I'm affraid it's going to lose compatibillity with newer versions soon.

    The plugin still works fine on 1.6.2, but I doubt it would keep doing that for much longer.
    Our server really can't work without this plugin.

    Could anyone keep this project active?

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    It would be helpful if you told us what was broken.
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    "The plugin still works fine on 1.6.2, but I doubt it would keep doing that for much longer."
    Its all working, but I'm affraid it won't work next minecraft update.

    Also there's 1 feature I'd want really to be added.
    Selecting a regio and making it togglable, instead of having to build it by hand again with the command on.
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    I think in order for someone to update the plugin using the developer's source code, they need to have permission from whoever owns the plugin.
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    I suggest you upload another request when the plugin actually stops working because at the moment there would be no point in updating it. (There would be nothing to update)
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    Hmm, Okay. I'll look into it then.

    The problem is that the developer doesn't respond to anything. Not even PMs.
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    CraftBook can ToggleBlocks in many ways. Large areas through the ToggleAreas feature, specific blocks or cubes of the same block using the Block Setting IC's, and more ways too.
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